Best Router Table: In 2020 – Ultimate Shopping Guide

Best Router Table for 2020 – Shopping Guide

The most important part of woodworking is to have a wood router table. The best router table enhances the functionality of the router and simplifies the process of wood crafting and curving. It works like sanding, cutting lumber, engraving wood and trimming the edges, sawing, and making furniture.

The most basic useful elements of the best benchtop router table are a fencing kit, a tabletop, and a plate where you can install your router. Once when your router is mounted on the table, you will find that using it will be more stable and safe as compared to using them only with your hands.

There is a wide variety of router tables available on the market, each with its own unique features. Yet, there are a few products that stand out and are worth the investment. Before buying one, I insist on reading up on the article to find the best router table on the market and to know which router table fits you best.

Comparison Chart: Best Router Table


Product Name

Bottom Line


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Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

​​​​​​​​Bosch Router Table RA1171

Dimensions: 4.8” x 27” x 24.2”

Style: Cabinet Style

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 44.7 p

Bosch Benchtop Router Table

Dimensions: 22.8” x 18” x 14.5”

Style: Benchtop Style

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 34.2 p

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop

Dimensions: 26.8” x 22.8” x 5.1”

Weight: 43.2 p

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

Dimensions: 18” x 29” x 4”

Weight: 60 p

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Dimensions: 28.1” x 18” x 9.4”

Weight: 32 p

Craftsman Router Table

Dimensions: 26.3” x 15.9” x 14.7”

Material: Plastic

Weight: 26.5 p

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

Dimensions: 9.1” x 9.1” x 9.1”

Style: Table Fencing Kit

Weight: 105 p

Trim Router Table wood turning

Dimensions: 17.5” x 12.6” x 3.8”

Weight: 6.72 p


Dimensions: 20” x 30.5” x 10”

Weight: 37 p

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Dimensions: 10.1” x 8.1” x 6.8”

Components: bare-tool

Material: Multi

Weight: 2.15 p

10 Best Router Tables Reviewed

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Best Router Table

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This router table possesses a special design with a cabinet-style functionality to make woodworking more convenient. It is equipped with a rigid mounting plate and other accessories that provide any woodworker with a premium work surface.

Versatility and Precision

Bosch router table ra1171 has a firm aluminum mounting plate that stays flat to make it easier to control the router. It also provides an added value of accuracy and better precision while cutting wood.

With regard to the particular aspect specified under its versatile designs, Bosch router table ra1171 was pre-drilled to fit with the routers. It allows you to handle things on the table top without compromising precision in your every piece of woodworking design.

Equipped with an aluminum-fencing kit height 4.875 inches and length 25.125 inches, the tall stocks won’t make any noise and trouble on the table. The fencing system also has adjustable medium-density fiberboard (MDF) plates for intensified support.

The feather boards attached to the table have made it simple and easy for using. It is adjustable to fit things on it.

Dust Collecting Port

The router table provides some extra protection and support while working on it. The cabinet-style design of this router table allows you to remove dust easily. It comes with two dust ports that collect job site dust and debris. Each of the two ports can fit a 2 ½-inch standard size vacuum hose.

Design and Functionality

The Bosch table RA1171 is just the right size (25 ½ x 14 ½ x 15 ⅞ inch-WxHxD) table that weighs about 42 pounds. It is designed to fit different stocks — its fencing system has an opening of up to 3.19 inches and the throat can open as wide as 3.63 inches.

The table’s accessory slots can hold additional feather-boards and allow you to add other optional ¾-inch accessories. A miter gauge that measures ¾ x ⅜ inches deep can also be installed in the slot.


  • Dual outlet switch
  • 6-ft. Power cord
  • 3 mounting plate rings
  • 2 out feed fencing shims
  • It includes starter-pin with guard
  • Adjustable feather-boards and clear guard


  • Can fit a variety of routers
  • Cabinet-style design allows more efficiency
  • Can be mounted on any workbench
  • Has better noise reduction and dust collection
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Some head bolts easily show signs of wear
  • Other parts are poorly designed and might need some modifications to work perfectly


The Bosch router table ra1171 is a versatile router table that can handle the basic tasks of any woodworker. It comes with a lot of good features for improved and better functionality. Still, its cabinet-style functionality makes it one of the most innovative router tables in the market.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table

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A simple benchtop router table, the Bosch RA1181 can provide you with all the basics needed for woodworking and routing. It is a portable router table that can give you the best work surface for DIY.

Versatility and Precision

When it comes to turning into versatility, we will definitely keep this piece of equipment in a special touch. This is because it can manage a variety of routers, making it an indispensable machine for woodworking. It is crafted with versatile work pieces that serve your DIY purpose with no question. The adjustable parts and pre-drilled slots help your smooth workforce and ensure precision.

An important feature is its firm mounting plate made of aluminum which keeps the router fit in place. What it does is an excellent thing. You can now design and shape a piece of wood with more accuracy and precision. It helps for accurate measurement.

Dust Collection and Accessory Slots

This bench-top table owns a 2 ½ -inch dust port which is an advanced dust collector system. It allows you to collect dust after DIY work and help your job site tidy. The port is fitted with a standard vacuum hose that is connected to a dust collector system. It collects the woodworking dust and keeps the place neat and clean.

It has also accessory slots that control other accessories like the miter gauge, and extra feather-boards. This one is ideally a diy router table for your workshop today.


Bosch RA1181 is a 27.5x22.75x18 (WxHxD) inch router table that is very much handy for your woodworking. It is designed with a tall aluminum fencing kit so you can work with tall stocks easily. The fencing system also includes adjustable MDF plates, so working with taller materials and jointing will be easy and smooth. It has two feather-boards attached to the router table. The fencing system provides additional support and protection against any kickback.

This table has an excellent outlet-switch and a lock on the front to keep it safe from any unauthorized use.


  • Three mounting plate rings that help adjust the openings
  • Adjustable clear guard
  • Outfeed fencing shims that are 1/16-inch thick
  • Starter pin and guard offer support for routing curved materials
  • Built-in cord wrap to make storage and transfer more convenient


  • It has a durable aluminum table top
  • Combines many useful features in one portable router table
  • An aluminum fencing system attached to the workbench
  • It is easy to move around and is stable to handle basic jobs


  • There were some reports of loosened e-rings if the router is pushed too far
  • Aluminum table top showed signs of discoloration after a few months of use


The RA1181 Bosch BenchTop Router Table is a handy woodworking tool. It is the perfect equipment for woodworkers who need to get a lot of work done in a small space.

Bench Dog ProTop Router Table

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This is a compact router table that provides you with all the necessary wood curving facilities. The only thing you have to consider about its size. It comprises a high-quality Profence and a forward offset router mount as its unique features. This will help you with enough work space as a regular router table.

Versatility and Precision

The Bench Dog ProTop Contractor will give you some extra-facility for its versatility. What you will get here is very simple and easy of your job operation. The handheld router is quite difficult to operate for wood carving. But it is simple and easy and you will get enough space on the table top.

In most cases, routers are mounted on the table, and the router plates are pre-drilled for installation. But it has a flexible setup with adjustable parts, so you can complete your jobs precisely.

Durable Design for Tough Jobs

The laminated table top has a design with a stress-skin structure to ensure durability. The top is about 24x16 inches in size having a right space for a compact work area. This table is engineered with solid panels, making it stronger and more durable than stamped steel or plastic stands. It has also the rubber feet to prevent slippage while doing tough jobs. The rubber serves as an isolation mount to reduce vibrations.

High-quality ProFence

The critical part of a router table is the fencing system which may affect its performance. The ProTop Contractor system has a top-quality ProFence equipment. The heavy-duty fencing kit is made from an aluminum frame. It is fully machined on both the top and bottom sections for a flat and square surface. It includes easily adjustable sub-fences and a bit guard.

Dust Collection Port

Since woodworking produces a lot of wood shavings and dust, this ProTop Table owns a built-in 2 ½ -inch dust collection port. It can fit most of the standard vacuum hoses to keep your job site clean and provide safety, better visibility, and comfort while you alum work.

Accessory track

Aluminum accessory track of the router table fits the most standard-sized miter gauges. The table is also equipped with T-slots on the fencing system and holds additional switches, stops, feather boards, and other accessories.

The router table is more customizable because of its accessory slots. So, you can install a wide range of tools if needed for the efficient and smooth working.


  • A 15-inch tall cabinet provides additional room for tools and accessories
  • Steel rails to provide support for your router
  • Dual fencing slots for easy control
  • Laminate top


  • Laminate table top that’s durable
  • The cabinet is made of high-quality birch plywood
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Steel rails support the router
  • The rubber feet ensure stability


  • Size is too small for heavy-duty projects
  • It can be difficult to work with long stocks


The bench dog 40-001 protop contractor benchtop router table is a compact and easy to move router table perfect for small workspaces. Despite its small size, the ProTop router table still has appeal to the woodworking hobbyists because of its safety and accuracy. 

Bench Dog Router Table

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If you have no large work space to fit a full-size router table, Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax might be the best one for you. Its special design attracts those people who are searching for a machine including all the features. But do not have large space to keep a regular size router table.

Design and Functions

The reason for the best choice of this router table is its portability to almost anywhere. This device is fully functional with a dust collection port. This port will help clean up the workplace after you finish your work. The table also comes with a heavy-duty bit guard.


The most attractive feature of the Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax is its ProFence – a fencing system made from a piece of aluminum frame. The ProFence is carefully constructed on its front and bottom sides to ensure that the product has a flat and square surface.

ProFence system works with MDF sub-fences. Altogether, they add support and alignment to the router table. The sub-fencing kits are adjustable and can function in a zero clearance setup.


The Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax router table can enhance your table saw’s functionality. ProMax can be installed in the extension wing and comes with a cast-iron tabletop. It can be used even in tight spaces. Its configuration for dual fencing slot allows you to move the fencing kit so you can work from both sides of the table for a wider work space.

Accessory Slots

With its additional miter slot, you can run the table saw with crosscut sleds. It will also provide you a ¼ inch T-slot used to mount other accessories including feather-boards.


  • Router top, mounting hardware, and fencing system
  • Plate opening which can fit an 8¼x11¾ inch plate
  • The table is easy to dismount and can be hung on the j-hooks


  • Perfect for small workshops
  • An easy and quick installation system
  • It's stable and sturdy for its cast iron material
  • Can handle multiple table saws


  • Does not include a router plate, you must buy it separately
  • Will need 2 steel rails to support T-square legs and the fencing system


The Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax router table is a portable machine with a table saw. It will serve you better if you require a table depth but have tight spaces.

Skil RAS900 Table for routing

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This router table is designed for both junior and mid-level woodworkers keeping in mind. It has an enforcing quality and can come in handy for those who constantly move to different workplaces.

Smart Design

Skil Router Table is easy to set up and store. Before designing this router table, one thing was considered to have a spacious storage for fencing and installing of routers and accessories. It has multiple feather boards, a miter gauge, and a starter pin to guard as an added support and accuracy.

It's easy for you to adjust the fencing system. Not only that you can use a jointer here. This table is compatible with some other router types. It comes with built-in vertical and horizontal guide to hold wood pieces during curving.

Router Mount

A unique feature of Skil Table is its Quick Clamp system. Installing a router into the table can be quite difficult especially for beginners. But it has been easy with this router table. The quick clamp allows to attach and release routers without using any router insert option. It also helps change bits.

Foldable Legs

Another portion of this router table is more attractive for woodworkers. This is its easy storage system. The table has foldable legs that make it easy for your storing. You can store it in small spaces and carry around when your work requires. To enfold and unfold the whole table system is very easy and efficient. You yourself can do this when needed.


This router table comes with two feather boards for better routing. The feather boards guide the wood piece to keep it stable and give you increased precision while you cut the wood. The table also includes a high-quality gauge which helps to create accurate cuts.

Side Dust Port

A dirty workplace may be the reason for your routers' malfunctioning. Skil RAS900 is secure because it has a side dust port. A large sawdust compartment attached with the dust port collects and stores the sawdust. Afterward, it slides down the dust into the dustbin. It keeps your workspace neat and clean without causing the reason of having to vacuum the dirt after every cut.


  • A laminated, MDF table top
  • Routing curved edges simplify it with its starter pin and guard
  • It's simple and easy to change bits for the height gauge


  • Can be folded to less than 10 inches in height
  • Side dust port keeps the workspace neat and clean
  • A quick clamp system
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle


  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • Foldable legs might bend for a heavy workload


The Skil, model RAS900, has some unique features that no other router tables can offer. It is portable, user-friendly, and very convenient to use for both amateur and professional woodworkers. It is innovative and handy as you can carry it wherever you want to work.

Craftsman Router

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If you are a woodworking craftsman and want an all-in-one machine which caters to all your needs, Craftsman Router Table Combo is then for you. The Combo has everything you need to start wood crafting. It has a router on a regular size table with other features including miter gauge and a dust port.

9.5 amps Router

You will get here an added value that a router has already been set up with the table. So, no additional router is required. You will find the necessary basics of wood routing in this 9.5 amp router. The 9.5 amp router is the best suit for the newbies. The attraction of the 9.5 amp router is its 1-3/4 HP motor that runs almost 27000 RPMs. The router has sealed ball bearings and lubricated. So it lasts longer.


The Craftsman Router Table is almost 334 sq inches spacious. You will get here enough spaces for moving wood logs to curve. The table top is thick and laminated. So, it's durable. It has an adjustable miter gauge. It can turn around about 60 degrees on either side.

Dust Collecting Port

The most important feature of a router table is its dust extraction system. The Router Table Combo has a dust extraction port which has three opening diameters of 1-1/4, 1-1/2 and 1-3/4 inches. You can use the port to collect woodworking dust in both wet and dry. It helps to keep your workplace clean and safe. You are now free from the worry of your debris you generate while working with woods.

Adjustable Fencing System

The Router Table includes extendable and adjustable fencing kits for better clearance. Both infeed and outfeed extend for up to two inches to provide support to all your working pieces. This makes easy to fit larger bits through the holes. Its jointing fencing system could offset for up to 9/16 inches.

Highlight Features

  • ¼ - inch collet to hold bits in place
  • 2 adjustable feather boards
  • Wrench for other woodworking tasks
  • Double power strip with a safety lock
  • 3 insert rings in 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 1 ¾ inches diameters


  • Adjustable features provide better precision
  • Provides a lot of space to work with longer wood pieces easily
  • Comes with its own router for more convenience
  • All-in-one machine


  • Table inserts, knobs, and tabs are made of plastic and can break easily
  • It is sometimes claimed that it's not a decent router as a package all-in-one


The Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo is an excellent choice for entry-level and amateur woodworkers. It has all the basics of woodworking. You can think of it as a woodworking package as it includes many things together - a wrench, feather boards, fencing system, dust ports, and other essentials.

Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table

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Kreg PRS1045 is a router table that might include almost everything a professional woodworker requires. It is a multi-purpose steel frame high-performance table top. No one will disagree with its quality and performance. The table fencing kit of Kreg is undoubtedly durable as it has the steel frame table. Beyond its feather boards, dust port or fencing system, it has some other features which are absent from other products.


It has a strong and durable steel frame under which movable wheels are attached. It includes a thick table surface so that it can stand without heavy vibration. Besides when it is locked in place, no unwanted movement found.

Insert Plate

The insert plate is a phenolic construction. The phenol plate differentiates it from the other tables. It keeps the router stick hard and protects from slipping when mounted on the table. You can easily insert the router into the plate.

T-square Fencing System

Another unique feature of this router table is its T-square fencing system. Inspired by the design of rip fencing for the table saw, Kreg PRS1045 has a T-square design. It keeps the fencing kits parallel to the miter slot. The sturdy aluminum fencing system can hold the big stock pieces firmly.

Work Space

Large work area facilitates woodworkers at their workplace. They don't feel cramped while working with a large piece. The 24x32 inches Kreg router table provides a lot of space so you can keep several things on it. Besides, it's durable and sturdy.

It is a noise reducing and vibrant resistant MDF table top. Anyone will find it an easy slide.


  • Level reducing rings that perfectly aligns the plate
  • 1-1/16-inch MDF
  • Adjustable steel stand
  • Durable, low friction insert place
  • 4 insert plate levelers for more precise and smooth operations
  • Dust collection port
  • Miter accessory slots


  • Versatile design
  • Adjustable feather boards
  • Full-length dust collection system
  • Durable and stable


  • Might take a bit more time to assemble due to its many accessories


Any of these you can buy but the one you want to buy as special is the Kreg PRS1045. Its versatile fencing system will shorten your time but an accurate cut. Its large workspace will let you work with ease. As a professional carpenter, you can never deny that Kreg is the best professional router table.

Trim Router Table for perfect cut

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If you want to utilize the full capacity of your compact router, this rugged Rockler Trim Router Table is a perfect choice. This user-friendly, versatile table top includes adjustable features. You will choose it for its compact size and streamlined design.


An exclusive feature of this router table is its pre-drilled holes at the back.

The holes are for a clamping strip. Besides, the vinyl-wrapped MDF has made it light-weight. So, it's movable to anywhere. You can use it on the bench or even at the truck's tailgate.

It is the perfect router for small projects. Routing small dadoes, chamfers, and round-overs will be the best fit for this table. It is easy to set up and no tools required for installation and detaching the router.

Insert Plate and Acrylic Base

As with all other best router tables, the Rocklar table also has an insert plate for table-routing. It does mean that you can easily switch your handheld router to a table-router. Aside from this, the insert plate is pre-drilled to fit a dust port. The plate is made from a ¼ -inch thick acrylic base to provide stability and durability.

Feather Boards and Adjustable Fencing System

Considering users' safety and security, it has been designed with a feather board and an adjustable fencing system. The system will protect the fingers from slipping right through the router. Feather boards will also support the wood so you can cut them in a right measurement. It has adjustable fencing system compatible with the dust port and other accessories.


  • A pre-drilled acrylic base that fits all the best routers
  • Includes T-knobs for easier fencing adjustments
  • Easy to attach clamping strip to keep the table secure wherever you work
  • High visibility bit guard


  • Can be set up easily
  • Pre-drilled holes are done cleanly and accurately
  • Routers can be installed and detached quickly


  • The newbie may face complexity installing the router
  • A large bit opening that may cause the small piece of wood fall into the bit


The Rockler Trim Router Table is innovative equipment that allows a multi-purpose use even if you are on the go. This compact router table is a great choice if you need to work anywhere.

PORTER-CABLE Bench Top Router Table

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If you are a beginner at wood trimming and looking for an easy and comfortable to use wood trimmer table, we would highly recommend this Porter-Cable 698 Router Table. It comes with a large table top and a confined tool-set. It is compatible with most routers and flexible for wood trimming. Besides, it has some quality features which are the added values.

Versatility of Its Aluminum Tabletop

The tabletop has an aluminum construction that's strong and stable for woodworking. It also features a cast-in lip so users can add a table extension that may be an extra support. The entire table is iron-casted, so it's strong and sturdy but light to move around.

Multiple Pin Locations

You will get here some helping hand tools. The table has some pin slots to ensure user-friendliness. You can install some small and large pins if you feel that will help you. It has a main gauge port that can fit any ¾- inch miter gauge and other accessories with the same size.

Split-Fencing Design

Unlike other router tables, it has some split fencing equipment. When other table tops use a single piece as a fencing system, Porter Cable brings a variation using fencing kit. What it means is that you can customize each side to adjust your fencing kit. It shows that the table is now more versatile and different. It makes your job easy and simple and flexible. You can now do your job the way you like best.


  • Adjustable with other router tables too
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable
  • Includes pre-drilled holes to adjust and mount router bits
  • Has 2 standard height legs for added support and stability
  • Comes with a dust collection port for 2½ - inch vacuum hoses
  • Has a ¾ -inch miter gauge slot, 2 starter pin locations, and 2 additional ports


  • Compatible with most routers between 1½ to 3¼ HP
  • Large workspace of about 16x19 inches measurement
  • Collects dust


  • The only problem that the two halves are loose and need to tighten to keep together


The Porter-Cable 698 Router Table is a flexible woodworking tool. Entry-level woodworkers find it best as it is user-friendly. However, it's not perfect for its split-fencing design. It may require a little tweak when you want to fix the split fencing kit together. But the large workspace and dust collection system among other features make it a good router table.

Dremel Router Table

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Dremel 231 Wood Shaper and Router Table is a compact router table fit for hobbyists and professionals alike. The small size makes it the perfect table for those who need to work in a limited space. It ensures precise and accurate cuts of wood pieces. At your workspace, Dremel will be your best woodworking solution.

Rotary Tools to Wood Shaper

The Dremel 231 can transform rotary tools into wood shapers conveniently.

What you have to do is to install the rotary tool on the table and craft and shape the wood pieces so simple. It is an all-in-one router table and wood shaper. You can also attach it to a workbench anytime when needed.

Versatility and Functionality

The router table will serve you for multifarious purposes of wood shaping. It has a compact size but powerful for trimming woods and sanding rough edges.

You have to do an additional setup for wood sanding. Before that, you have to mount a sanding drum on the table to fix the issues. If you now keep the materials against the drum, it will sand your wood pieces beautifully. You can also make slots and grooves with bits along with the table top.

Smooth Tabletop and Adjustable Fencing Kit

This router table comes with a smooth tabletop. You can attach it to a workbench easily. The adaptable fencing kit will support the wood pieces for accurate cuts.


  • Perfect for limited spaces
  • Fits most standard-sized routers
  • Includes dust ports and accessory slots
  • Easy grip plastic knobs
  • Comes with a screwdriver slot
  • Large, 8x6 inches tabletop


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ideal for model making, engraving, and light woodworking
  • Convenient size, storable in a cabinet
  • Small, light table
  • A versatile designs


  • Not fit for experts
  • Not for heavy-duty work


With the compact Dremel 231 Wood Router Table, woodworking becomes more convenient and user-friendly. Sanding and trimming wood is a simple and easy way for this tool. Since it is a small and light-weight table, intensive woodworking projects are not the best fit for it. It is a perfect choice for hobbyists and newbie who are in the initial wood turning stage.

What Things Should You Consider When You Buy A Router Table?

A router is a nice tool for woodworking but a router table gives you better flexibility. It ensures safe and accurate cut. However, it gives you the necessary space on the table. But before going for the best router table, a big decision is which one is best for you. To make your way easy, we have focused on some factors you must look into:

How important is a router table?

In the earlier stage, woodworkers used hand-held tools or bearing guided-cutters to shape the furniture. First of all, it was time-consuming and laborious. The most important fact is how good the finished job is.

A router table comes with scientific cutting tools. It has feather boards to cut the wood accurately. The fencing system is set to make an accurate depth of cuts. T-slots help to make all the ways of cut. The router bits make a hole and the jointer fixes.

What was quite impossible for hand-held cutters, router table makes it possible. You can turn a wood piece into every possible cut on a router table. So, a router table is a must for the professional woodworkers.

Which type of router table is the best suit for you?

It's a big deal to decide which one is best for you. You have options to find the bench top router table, the table with stands or separated routers and tables. Each of them serves its own purposes.

  • Standalone Router Table is a huge-size router table used for light and heavy-duty woodworking projects. It holds many amazing features and can be very stable even for tough jobs.
  • Benchtop Router Table is perfect for short space of workshop. Any table is fit to install it and perfect for small projects.
  • Router and Table Combo is a money-saving option. It is convenient because you need no other router to buy. You can say that it is the best router table combo and the best router table for the money.
  • Extended Router Table is a must if you already have a table saw in your workshop. It extends the working space to give room for you.

Important Components

A close concentration to the structure and components of router table will find you the best option. Look at the supporting framework and give importance to the durability and sturdiness.

As a professional woodworker, what you need to look is the surface of the tabletop. Router table must be flex free, wide and flat so that no stretching is found on the wood.

Aluminum frame and fibreboard (MDF) plates will be an added value for the table.


Tabletop plays a significant role in wood-turning. You have to look into the fact whether it is stable and flat. Be sure if there are no bumps or other irregularities. These bumps are the signs of low-quality materials.

Fencing System

The best router table must have a straight and firm fencing system to make precise cuts. It must be adjustable so you can change positions when you trim wood into a particular shape.

Dust Collection System

The clean environment is a must at the wood workshop. Make sure the table has a dust collection port. The port is necessary to carry out the wood chippings and sawdust.

Insert Plate

You must also check if the insert plate is straight and flat. It indicates and leads to accurate cuts of wood pieces. A wobbly insert plate may result to poor wood shaping.

Compatibility with Routers

The last thing you must look into about the compatibility with other routers. A good combination of different routing tools and adaptability will make your wood cutting easy and flexible. So, make sure the router table you plan to buy is compatible with the router and flexible for routing. It's important to make the best router table plans for any workshop.


We have reviewed here the best products of the market today. Any of the ten pieces are the nice option for you. But if you ask which the best is, the one that's the best router table is the Bosch router table ra1171. This one is a cabinet style-router table that includes almost all the modern components.

Of course, if you like to have one full-size and professional table, Kreg PRS1045 will be the best choice. Unlike Skil RAS900, Kreg model is best fit for its professional look and high-quality performance.