Best 3HP Router Reviews: In 2021 – [5 Top Picks & Pro Tips]

Both the fixed base and plunge motorized routers can help you produce a variety of cuts on woods. Maybe they are from a high-end class for professionals or lower grades for novices. But in this article, we’ll focus on the best 3hp router in the 3-1/4 hp range for professionals.

The 3hp routers are a kind of ‘do-anything’ player and powerful to spin larger bits. It’s nice to have a 3hp router mounted on a table for a variety of tough jobs. We’ve selected some models from multiple price ranges. We found some indispensable features in these models, which are useful to the users.

Let’s dive in.

The Shopping Chart of 3-HP Routers

ImageBottom LineProduct NameShipping WeightClick Here to
Triton 3-1/4 HP RouterCellTriton 3-1/4 HP Router
Makita 3-1/4 HP RouterCellMakita 3-1/4 HP Router
DEWALT DW625 3-HP Router CellDEWALT 3-HP Router
PORTER-CABLE 3-1/4-HP RouterCellPORTER-CABLE 3-1/4 HP Router
Metabo HPT 3-1/4 HP RouterCellMetabo HPT 3-1/4 HP Router

5 Best 3HP Router Reviews

Here’s the list of the best 3hp routers on the market.

 1. Triton 3-1/4 HP Router – Top Notch

Best 3HP Router

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While a router like Hitachi 12VC fails to provide you complete satisfaction on your high-end router table, I suggest the most influential Triton router, a real workhorse, to accompany you. Its plunge and fixed-base operating system is an attraction for user intent since it is controllable with only a single button switch.

It is considered one of the most advanced router kits because its operating system is innovative and thoughtfully installed. Single wrench bit change, automatic locking system, micro winder for fine-tuning, and depth adjustment are the most striking weapon to lead it to the top.

Moreover, the soft start and the variable speed control is a nice thing you’ll like. It enables you to fix the perfect speed for the cutter types you need.

Furthermore, the built-in lift makes sure to turn it up and down with ease, which ultimately makes it effortless to change the bits.

Finally, Triton is a safe and perfect router kit for its modern and technologically sound and enriched features. Engineers thought over the fault lines and recapped through a close observation on what users were lacking and what made them happy.


Triton aims to give you a powerful routing experience at a reasonable price range. While Bosch or Powermatic is a highly expensive router, Triton is comparatively cheap. It comes with a plastic handle to cut the production cost so that anyone can reach the price range. You might notice it snaps off flying out the springs during operation.


There are still a few more details to highlight.

The dust collection bucket is very elaborate and works with the threaded port, so no dust extractor is required, and it is compatible with any other brands.

The multi-function fence and the template guide it comes with are easy to set up, and you can quickly take them on and off with no tools.

Besides, a lot of essential accessories are included in the box to make the way smooth.


There’re some key features to consider when choosing a powerful router. For a 3hp Triton router, look at carefully if it has a soft start and variable speed control so you can turn it at whichever speed level you want.

An ideal 3hp router should be both plunge-based and fixed-based. The operating system will be modern and user-friendly. So, check if it comes with an automatic locking system. The fine tuner will give you extra benefits for depth adjustment tool-free.


  • Features enriched
  • Both plunge and fixed-based
  • Auto-lock and micro-adjuster
  • A single wrench bit change
  • Variable speed control


  • Plastic handles
  • No ergonomic

2. Makita 3-1/4 HP Router – Runner-Up

Makita 3hp Router

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More reviews on tools & accessories.


This time we are going to focus on Makita, a Japanese router, so no doubt about its quality performance. A Japanese ball bearing technology has implied its durability and user-friendliness. The rubber finished ergonomic handle comes with a built-in switch to control during operation.

The twin LED light is an added value to this kit. While running, it illuminates the working area, so it becomes easier for precision cuts.

Besides, an automatic shaft lock actively works for bit changes. It reduces the time for the users, not allowing the whole mechanism to reinstall. It includes a tool-less template guide for quick installation.

Furthermore, the tool kit has an electric brake along with variable speed control for smooth plunge action. The 22,000 RPM, 15 amp motor generates strong power and increased plunge capacity, so it can cut whichever thrown over it.

Besides, the router has a 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collet and a wrench with a micro-adjusting knob making it a complete set for routing.


It happens that the largest brands sometimes fail to keep everything in a perfect line. Makita itself is not an exception. If you carefully look at it, you’ll notice that a wing nut and a cap nut it comes with for the plunge mechanism are fragile and made up of plastic.

Moreover, you’ll find the dust collector missing from it, and you have to collect it separately.

The router is made in Japan and extremely well-built, but the problem is that the replacement parts are rare.


This router is made up of reinforced composite materials, so it is sturdy and lasts for a long time.

The corded-electric power is its origin of the source of energy. And since it works in a professional workshop, users don’t feel the scarcity of power supply.

It also includes a two-finger switch, a locking trigger, and a turn-off brake to make it a complete set.


It is a piece of general advice to the newbie when they come to choose it. This router is a mighty workhorse with a 15 AMP motor. So, it may require you to be expertise when getting in touch with its operation.


  • Powerful, durable, and sturdy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable speed control
  • Tool-free bit change option
  • LED lighting facility


  • Missing of dust collector
  • Rare parts

3. DEWALT DW625 3-HP Router – Indispensible Kit

DEWALT DW625 3HP Router

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If you do not have a ‘go-to tool’ choice, my personal opinion is to go for the DEWALT router. It is because DEWALT is a renowned brand, and I’ve never seen the lack of its quality.

In terms of the 3-HP Router, it is a mighty workhorse for smooth running, which comes with a 15 amp motor. The motor revolves up to 22,000 RPM max, starting from 8,000. It permits constant speed even at the heavy load, so it’s easy to undertake any jobs into it.

The ergonomic design of this model makes it comfortable and super easy to operate. The soft grip with a rubber mold gives you a comfortable feel, and users find it convenient while working on the router table.

Since it generates maximum revolution, a soft start and variable speed control are essential for its operations. It offers a soft-start and variable speeds to control at any level its users want. So, don’t worry about safety use on the table.

The model has a rack and pinion depth adjuster along with a micro adjuster on a spring-loaded scale. What it does is that it assures 100% accuracy of depth adjustment.

Overall, it is evidently a high-quality built router, no doubt. Most users are happy when they first use this router in their workshop. No troubles with the machine, not for cutting edges as well.


The beginners or novices may find it a bit heavy while operating on a single hand. It may also produce little torque at the handheld mode. The base opening may prohibit comparatively larger bits. You might have to take some manual action for rearranging the plunge mode.


This model also comes with some extra features you’ll like. Unlike Makita, DeWalt comes with a dust-extraction adapter to clean the debris produced from the router. Also, you’ll find there 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets, wrench, and guide bushing adapter, and an instructional manual.


The model performs better when it is handheld, but for table mounting, it’s not the right choice. Beginners are always encouraged to avoid such a giant router.


  • A powerful, smooth, and constant speed
  • The soft-start and variable speed
  • The ergonomic design
  • Convenient and accurate


  • An inappropriate switch for rearranging plunge mode
  • Permits no larger bits

4. PORTER-CABLE 3-1/4-HP Fixed Base Router

PORTER-CABLE Fixed Base Router

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If you want a real warrior, we have evidence with the PORTER-CABLE 3hp router. Anyone can identify from his first look at the machine that nothing can defeat this workhorse.

The aluminum motor housing, ball-bearing construction, and base have made this router unrivaled and more durable.

This router is superior in terms of some similar but higher-level features. With advanced technological engineering, sturdy construction, and a powerful motor, it is an ideal router for the toughest applications.

Since it comes with a powerful motor, by nature, it will produce torque, no doubt. But the torque can’t be stable because the router is well-built with a soft-start feature. At the start-up, it reduces the torque and keeps running with constant speed even during heavy load.

The most amazing thing it comes with is its handles. The integrated cast handles on the base provide enhanced stability and comfort. So, if there are tough jobs under heavy load, users don’t feel massive jerks in the arms.

The router is well-built and completely automatic. The advanced technology introduces an auto-release collet system. When it cools down after a constant speed under load, you do not need to separate the router to replace bits. The collet system will allow removing the bits with ease.

It will give you variable speed at five different levels, and the sealed ball-bearing actively works to through the dust out of its main component. It keeps the router in good health.


A vital point to note for this monster is that it lacks the plunge base operation. Moreover, the price is so high that users will find alternative solutions for the same jobs it does. The giant figure seems to be unnecessary for most users.


In the box, you will also get some accessories along with the router. You will get a fixed base, a 1/2″ collet, a soft-start mechanism, a wrench, and a manual.


Porter-Cable 7518 is a powerful router for professionals and high-end woodworkers. It can keep constant speed under pressure, so it is an ideal tool to finish your jobs fast. If you need to cope with the jobs fast, which level woodworker you are, you can choose it for your job site. Of course, it may be a cause of discomfort for the novices.

However, necessity will teach you to be in the habit of using this tool.


  • Versatile, sturdy, and durable
  • Compatible on the most router table
  • Technologically sound
  • A well-built, soft-start mechanism and reduced torque


  • Pricey
  • Lacks of plunge base option

5. Metabo HPT M12V2 3-1/4 Peak HP Router

Metabo HPT 3Hp Router

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Metabo HPT M12V2 is another 3hp router you can try. It will provide you routing speed like the top-level routers on the market to cut through hardwoods and a wide range of applications. It will also give you comfort while routing, reducing the torque at a tolerable level.

A powerful 15 amp motor is its main strength. It produces up to 22,000 RPMs, which most of the 3hp routers do. However, compared to Festool or Powermatic 3hp routers, you might feel it’s weaker, but in terms of quality and price range, Metabo offers you more than you can expect.

Click here to learn more about the 15 amp motor.

Most of the powerful routers produce a high revolution, so it is essential to control the torque while working. Metabo is well equipped with the quintessential features to offer you the most welcoming and comfortable routing experience.

The soft-start and variable speed dial are vital features to control speed and torque. During start-up, the soft-start helps to keep the routing speed under control at users’ comfort level so that the operator can place the bit to the target point accurately to make precision cuts.

The variable speed dial is located near your fingers on the handle, so it becomes easier to handle without moving your concentration from the workpiece. Moreover, it has a quick fine tuner to ensure 100% accuracy of the depth adjustment.

Furthermore, the 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch collet chuck is set 6mm up from the table, so it makes bit-change super easy. Overall, this is an ideal router for high-end routing applications at a reasonable price.


To some operators, it may be overweight and bulky. Also, the collet is tight and not handy for not making the perfect placement. It also lacks a brake to support sudden stops.


The router includes a dust guide that drives away dust and debris, making sure the workpiece is clear and visible. It comes with an ergonomic design, and the handle is covered with an elastic cover, so no slippage of hands while operating.


If your working experience is from plunge action and you want a heavy-duty high revolution router for routing on hardwoods, this one is an ideal option.

When you purchase it, make sure you have 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collets.


  • Large, powerful, and smooth for plunge action
  • Soft-start and variable speed
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Comes with collets and a guide fence


  • The lock gets unfix frequently
  • The collets are too tight
  • Lacks a brake

The Final Cut

When I’ve finished writing this article, it becomes a riddle to choose among the Triton, Makita, and Dewalt. Each of these models has quality features and worth having one. In spite, considering their extra features, price range, and the need of an individual user, we made a chronological order.

When it comes to the best 3hp router, Triton comes first to my brain. But the Japanese technology of Makita and the USA-made Dewalt routers will give you long-lasting features.

However, from a variety of options online, this list indicates a short-cut path to get in the right decision.

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