Best Aftermarket Table Saw Fence: In 2021 – (5 Top Picks)

You know table saw fence is a vital tool to make your woodworking a step ahead. Considering its importance and productivity, every carpenter deems it to own. Expert carpenters can, of course, make one themselves, but in most cases, users like to have branded tools. Moreover, users are no longer satisfied with what they have used already. And that is why I’m here with the best aftermarket table saw fence for a win-win message to those who are enthusiasts to have a new one.

A table saw fence assists users for multiple purposes. It enhances productivity and ensures the safety and security of your hands during operation. Not only it does that, but it also makes sure of precision cuts with accuracy. Faster woodworking operations and limitless output of the table fences have been praised by all the levels of woodworkers now a day.

So, let’s have a look into what makes them praiseworthy tools. Also, let’s dive in to find the top-class aftermarket fences available right now.

5 Best Aftermarket Table Saw Fences to Check Out!

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Shop Fox W1716 – 57 Inches Classic Fence

Key Points
  • Shop Fox Classic Fence

    Universally standard and fits almost all the table saws, its name is Shop Fox W1716. It is sturdy and durable because of its steel and aluminum construction. The fence will provide you maximum strength at a reduced weight. So, it is easy to handle and ensures maximum accuracy.

    When most other fence system comes with the complex installation process, this Shop Fox fence system is awesome for smooth and hassle-free operation. It moves smoothly and maintains desired position while allowing you to work accurately without hassle. Again, the fence is compatible with most table saws on the market right now. Thus, it proves itself as a versatile tool kit as well.

    The steel mixed aluminum built rail of the fence is durable and lightweight. Never, ever, we found it bends like an ordinary saw fence. Also, the single locking cam lever enables swift changes and keeps straight and parallel alignment. The single-handed locking system allows easy and smooth operation. Besides, it ensures maximum accuracy and precision cuts within a second.

    Moreover, a magnified cursor above the measuring scale allows a quick placement of the fence that makes excellent precision cuts possible. The sticky adhesive measuring tape mounts on the table with a clear view of numbers. Also, the circular lens help make precision cuts.

    T-square fence features standard 57-inch rails and a 30-inch rip. So, it has a good length to work with a larger table saw. The adjustable points are widely spaced to promote accurate setup and cut.

    However, due to the 30-inch max rip capacity, the fence does not support ripping beyond 30 inches. Again, the installation might require the drilling of new mounting holes on some table saw models. It is pricey for those on a lower budget plan.


  • Highly rugged and durable
  • Compatible with most table saws
  • Adjustable and visible measuring tape for accuracy
  • Cons

  • Requires drilling of mounting holes
  • No straight instructions

  • 2.

    Delta Biesemeyer Fence Head 78-919B

    Key Points
  • Delta Biesemeyer Fence Head

    Here comes another fantastic T-square design fence with a fantastic rail system. A highly durable .083 gauge steel construction fence is suitable as a squire fence set without needing you to use tape to measure square. It’s easy and compatible with most saw blades ensuring repeated accuracy in each cut.

    The three-point locking system enables a parallel setting to the rail for smooth operation. It also provides secure fastening during cutting at different angles.

    The sturdy construction makes it ideal for long-term usage; without letting you purchase the same tool year after year. Besides, the plastic layer covering the wood-based panel walls ensures longevity. It features a steel tube fence body for quick handling and continuous cutting experience. The easy-gliding feature enables effortless back and forth movement.

    The fence has a magnified cursor that helps you get an accurate measurement for precision cuts. The rip capacity comes with 16 inches to the left and 30 inches to the right. It is a nice option for adjustability, and you’ll find cutting options with exact precision.

    The excellent design and the user-friendly structure are solid platforms for regular wood projects. The supporting bracket guides the rails for stability. It’s a versatile fence system most commonly compatible with an older Delta table saw in the yard. If you are looking for a quick and budget-friendly replacement, this one is a perfect option to choose from.

    However, the fence is compatible with the Delta table saw only. It might be a big deal if you intend to have some modifications to make it a universal fence system. Of course, without modification, it works nicely as usual.


  • Features three locking system
  • Sturdy construction & durable
  • Adjustable for precision cuts
  • Excellent rip capacity
  • Cons

  • Not compatible with all the table saws
  • Needs modification during installation

  • 3.

    Shop Fox W1410 Fence System with Standard Rails

    Key Points
  • Shop Fox Fence System with Rails

    Featuring the ball-bearing guides, this Shop Fox model is well designed and compatible with 27″ tables and the most popular branded table saws. The standard rails are compatible for smooth operation, and the locking options on both ends are added values for easiness. If you carefully look at its features and operating opportunity, you’ll find that this model is unique, sturdy, and accurate for sawing on a table saw.

    The fence is equally popular among professionals and beginners. It moves smoothly, and you will feel secure while trimming wood on a table saw. And due to its fine positioning knobs, you’ll find it’s user-friendly for both left-handed operation or right-handed.

    The lightweight, sturdy aluminum is its main construction material that makes this fence sturdy and more durable. The ball bearing guides enhance the performance for easy sliding and adjustment. It features knobs on both sides for easy adjustment when mounted on either the right or left side of the blade. Also, the rails can ride back and forth without obstruction.

    A sturdy, large locking lever it comes with holds the front and rear sides at a time, giving you stability and accurate results. If it doesn’t split your eyesight, you will notice a locking mechanism that keeps aligned to the blade. It’s a unique feature to ensure safety and security for sawing. Keep an eye on how the locking lever works here.

    Out of the box, you’ll find a clear instructional manual for an easy assembling process. It helps to install the fence on a table saw without drilling and hassle-free.

    Compared to other similar products, this model is affordable and serves the same level of performance. Hence, it is a bang for the buck for some users looking for affordable fences.

    The backside is that the parts it comes with are in segregation, so it takes extra time for setup. Moreover, it is compatible with only a 27-inch table saw model.

    However, some adjustments may help fit with the most popular branded table saws as well. Overall, it is an excellent fence system to choose from for a table saw.


  • The rolling ball-bearing guides
  • Adjustment knobs on both ends
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Cons

  • Incompatible with tables over 27-inches
  • May require some adjustment

  • 4.

    Vega U26 Table Saw Fence with 36-Inch Fence Bar

    Key Points
  • Vega Table Saw Fence

    Steel construction U26 Vega saw fence is compatible with a variety of saws. Its large fence bar, micro adjuster, and auxiliary table support have made it a useful kit on a table.

    Quality steel material and sturdy construction have brought this tool to a superior level, and it’s now capable to withstand anything. The sturdy but lightweight fence is a perfect option for professionals for easy handling. It comes with a universal design to fit a variety of saw blades.

    The thick and sturdy front rail firmly holds the wood pieces on the table saw to allow you to cut with precision. The coated finish of the rail rods protects it from traction and ensures longevity. The parallel movement of the saw fence aligns to give you smooth, precision cuts. The micro adjuster also ensures 100% accuracy.

    It has a large 36-inch fence bar. The rip capacity is 26 inches to the right and 8 inches towards the left side of the blade. So, it is suitable for enough space, and you can cut on it at any range without the stress of changing sides.

    The adjustable knob provides its users a pinpoint accuracy and securely holds the lock in place.

    The fence comes with an easy setup option. The slide mechanism allows it to move without hassle. Besides, the pre-existing drilled bolt holes it comes with help keep things in place. You need not make any changes. The mounting system makes provision for easy adjustment.

    Did you know, you can save a huge amount of bulks when you can make a saw fence at home? See it’s how?


  • Sturdy, durable for steel construction
  • A measuring scale for accuracy
  • Perfect for a variety of table saws
  • Corrosion-free large rail bar
  • Cons

  • A fragile locking mechanism
  • Not clear installation instructions

  • 5.

    Delta 36-T30T3 T3 Fence System

    Key Points
  • Delta T3 Fence System

    If you spend maximum hours on the workbench, you need a rugged fence to withstand all forms of abuse. Delta fence is an ideal option for a professional woodworker. It comes with a square tabular cross-section to keep balances. The manufacturer has kept sharp eyes while producing this fence, thinking of users’ does and don’ts.

    The steel and aluminum construction of this fence has a guarantee of long-lasting service.

    Also, the fence bar is 60-inch long and, the measurement scale is bold and easy to read. The sturdy frame always stays rigid so that it doesn’t bend and allows straight cuts. Moreover, the three-way locking system works actively to align the fence with the saw blade. It helps straight cuts with precision and accuracy.

    An easy-gliding steel body is always supportive to adjust fast and accurately to fasten up the work. The railing bar it comes with is compatible on either side of the saw blade. The measuring scale is an added advantage to measure the length of the workpiece on the table.

    The fence comes with pre-drilled holes for fast and easy installation.  Another turning point to mention is that this Delta fence is compatible with a variety of table combos (you can, of course, build a table combo yourself as Rob Robillard does). So, it earns a universal demand from former users for the features.

    If you carefully look at it, you’ll notice that the front tube is closely attached, and it hooks over the rear rail. What it does is that with other factors, it allows fence attachments as well. It will still be stable when you’ll using featherboards, push blocks, and the jigs over it.

    Finally, if you compare this fence system with its similar models, you might halt for a second to find that it is relatively expensive. But when you experience its performance, those models will go no match with it.

    The twin hairline pointers are the mentionable features that ensure 0.4mm accuracy, which you’ll notice absent in ordinary fences. So, it worths the price. However, the plastic handle is too inferior for the overall quality it comes with the saw fence.

    Overall, it’s an excellent fence system that you’ll never lose your money buying this accessory kit.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Precision cuts with accuracy
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Stable, straight, and never bend
  • Cons

  • Relatively expensive
  • May need extra drilling for mounting

  • 6.

    Vega PRO 50 Table Saw Fence

    Key Points
  • Vega PRO Saw Fence

    Vega PRO is compatible with most common saws, including Delta Unisaw, Powermatic 66, and similar saws. It is fully adjustable and allows 10-inch on the left side of the blade and 50-inch on the right side moving facilities. Also, the micro adjuster ensures precision and accuracy while sawing on woods.

    The fence aligns in a parallel form to the saw blade to produce clean and professional cuts and perfectly shapes the grooves with precision.

    The aircraft-quality aluminum is its construction material that is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. So, no obstacles to operating when you are bothered using the heavy, loaded table saw. You are now free to use the heavy-duty woodworks with ease and smoothness.

    For its protection measures, the producer has used black anodized finishing preventing excessive frictions, which ultimately helps improve its longevity.

    The fence has almost 50-inch vacant space on the right side to move when necessary. It also maintains a gap between the saw blade and the fence on the left side so that you can move the workpiece smoothly for a better experience. You can fix the deserving gap with the micro adjuster for accurate cutting application. You are ultimately availing diversified cutting opportunities on the table saw.

    The fence has another feature of guide rails. The brackets provide support to the guide rails to hold in place. It is great to support for you to ensure the workpiece is straight while cutting. It makes sure no movement, so the workpiece becomes straight, accurate, and smooth.

    The installation is easy. Within a few seconds, the whole process is completely done. The fence is compatible with the most common table saws, so no worries if it fits your saw. It also comes with some pre-drilled holes. So, no hassle of drilling holes for installation. It is a sliding type of fence that allows right or left movement.

    The only issue is that the fence is expensive for some purchasers. You may also notice an imperfection in its finishing. However, the fence is an excellent option to use on a workhorse. In short, you’ll find more benefits from it if you can ignore the slightest discomfort.


  • 100% precision and accuracy
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Compatible with most common saws
  • Easy movement on right and left sides
  • Cons

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Not a clear manual for installation

  • Aftermarket Table Saw Fence – FAQ

    Below are some answers to the questions on your mind

    Q. How to select the most accurate table saw fence?

    You can choose the most accurate table saw fence when you find it comes with,

    a) Sturdy, durable and lightweight structure,

    b) The ability to produce accurate and straight cuts,

    c) Easy to operate and hassle-free installation,

    d) Compatible with most of the saw brands, 


    e) The essential features like an adjustable knob

    Q. Why do you need a table saw fence?

    You need a table saw fence because a fence will ensure accurate cuts, allows no bending of the workpieces, easy and fast operation of wood shaping. It also helps to make your handwork faster. 

    Q. How many types of table saw fences are out there?

    There are two types of table saw fences – the T-Square fence and the Uni-Fence.

    T-Square allows jig attachment, a 3-point locking system, and it has a square style. Delta, HTC, and Vega are the most popular T-Square fences.

    Uni-Fence has a unique design that comes with a miter gauge and compatible with a sliding table. It allows you to slide it back with ease and slide forth if needed.

    Final Verdict

    If you click on the mouse, available table saw fences appear on your screen. In this review article, we have picked some best aftermarket table saw fences that are not available everywhere. We have selected those considering different factors and finding the top ranking motion near future.

    In our list, we found Shop Fox W1716 & W1410 are the top-ranking fences right now. However, Delta 78-919B is another growing fence to pick. But it is a bit expensive. So, decide if you need it.

    Overall, each of the options here is suitable for any table saw. You can rely on them.

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