Best Benchtop Jointer: In 2021 – [7 Top Picks & Reviews]

A benchtop jointer is indispensable for any woodworker or carpenter irrespective of their level of expertise. However, there are numerous jointer models out there, and finding the best benchtop jointers would be difficult making your final decision. Worse still, you could make an uninformed decision and take an unprecedented risk with your budget planning.

Therefore, we have researched for you the seven best quality benchtop jointers. They are the top-ranking jointers in terms of quality, durability, and reliability. Here you go:

The best benchtop jointers 2020 (Compared)

Before starting there is some important thing you should know about. The benchtop jointers are divided into 2 main categories. There are the high-grade, powerful, and sturdiest ones like Powermatic 1610086K or JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX and some affordable options.

The low-end jointers, Cutech 40160H-CT, cost you less than a similar class. But still, they can cover some irresistible fun. The review covers both types of jointers to meet the needs of professionals and the hobbyists as well.

So, enjoy the review and find the deserving jointer for you.

ProductsBottom LineShipping WeightClick Here to
Grizzly G0725 JointerGrizzly G0725 6Lifetime PlanDimensions: 15″ x 32.5″ x 11.2″Weight: 81.2 pounds

81.2 pounds

Powermatic 1610086KPowermatic 1610086K Model 60HH[Best for the Money]Dimensions: 25″ x 73″ x 46″Weight: 518 poundsHorsepower: 2 HP

518 pounds

Shop Fox W1829 JointerShop Fox W1829Dimensions: 29.5″ x 19.8″ x 12.5″Weight: 80 poundsMaterial: Metal

80 pounds

Cutech 40160h-Ct JointerCutech 40160H-CT 6" Bench Top Jointer[Top Pick]Dimensions: 32″ x 12.2″ x 11″Weight: 40 poundsVoltage: 115 volts

45 pounds

JET JJ-6HHDX 6-InchJET - JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch LongDimensions: 56″ x 21″ x 45″Weight: 240 poundsHorsepower: 1 HPVoltage: 115 volts

260 pounds

 JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 1 HPJET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDXDimensions: 56″ x 31.2″ x 7.4″Weight: 256 poundsHorsepower: 1 HPVoltage: 115 volts

256 pounds

Powermatic 1791317K 54HHPowermatic 1791317K Jointer Dimensions: 66″ x 24″ x 37.5″Weight: 328 poundsHorsepower: 1 HP

317 pounds


7 Best Benchtop Jointers Review –  You’ll Love To Read

In this review, you’ll find the seven best quality jointers ever! Though there are some rough and tough expensive jointers out there, you’ll find some are as cheap as well. The exclusive jointers will serve you for years to come. Let’s have a look at them.


Cutech 40160h-Ct Benchtop Spiral Jointer – Top Pick

Cutech 40160H-CT Spiral Cutterhead Jointer

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The Cutech 40160h Spiral Jointer is the best jointer today for any wood finishing, and the professionals would love to use them.

As the name implies, it has a spiral type cutter-head which has about 12 double-sided inserts and a dust port meaning that it ensures the wood finishing with minimal tear-out.

The fence is highly adjustable and movable along 90 to 135 degrees without much exertion. The fencing system of the table allows you to control the cutting depth accurately for multiple operations. Besides, you can adjust the cutter head guard and the spring tension with ease.

The cutter joint accommodates wood as full as 6 inches deep as 0.125 inches and provides longer boards up to 30 inches. Moreover, the jointer is easy to use in terms of operating for both the lightweight and heavy-duty jobs at hand. It is robust and yet easy to use -having a powerful motor of about 120V 10A and easily transferable from one place to another.

This jointer is excellent and comes with all the necessary outfits and tips for rotating or replacing the cutterhead and for proper maintenance.

The only issue we faced is that the hardwood piece. So, be careful with hardwood piece, it may slow down the engine and be the reason for crushing down the blades. But the careful handling the jointer will save your jointer from everything.


  • The great finishing by this tool on wood
  • Very easy to clean, operate and set up
  • Affordable price for the beginners


  • Easily transportable, and lightweight


  • Some flimsy kits require tightening
  • Not smooth with hardwood


Powermatic 1791317K54HH cutterhead Jointer Pro

Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer

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Are you looking for an impressive beast like Powermatic jointer? It is a great workhorse for example. The jointer comes with a helical cutter head equipped with carbide knife inserts. The four-sided knife inserts work like a blade. The inserts provide a quiet and smooth cutting experience.

Its helical cutter head orientation has about 40 four-sided knife inserts which are arranged in spiral-shaped rows. They are explicitly designed to deliver quick, efficient, and smooth finishing with ease at a reduced noise.

One incredible and unique feature it included is its power and stability, which ensures pinpoint accuracy and perfect finishing compared to conventional systems.

The steel base cabinet enhances efficiency at a strong level because of its 230v factory-mounted motor, which is adjustable with ease. Below the cutter head, a dust evacuation port is installed so to evacuate debris from underneath the cutter head.

The 54hh helical jointer can accommodate a huge size wood piece or board on its highly precision cast-iron table measuring almost 66 inches long. It is as long and sturdy as to support any wood workpieces. You can easily adjust both the outfeed and infeed table with the hand-held wheel.

The fence mechanism of this jointer measures about 38-inches long and four inches high and is adjustable at 45 to 90 degrees for added versatility and smooth work output.

This benchtop jointer is reliable, stable, and easy to use. With this pro jointer, you can ensure precise and accurate wood finishing.


  • Sturdy and durable for the cast-iron materials
  • Four-sided carbide knife inserts
  • Easy setting up reduces noise
  • Ensure perfect finishing


  • The fence is not as flat as it should be and requires to get adapted


JET 708457DXKJJ-6CSDX 1 HP Jointer – For Outdoor/Indoor Usage

JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX Jointer

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The JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX is excellent for any woodworker for its large working surface compared to other jointers in its class.

It features with a six-inch bed width, half-inch cutting depth, and a 1 HP motor to generate power to work on a variety of projects. You are going to find a powerful device at all though it seems a limited workspace.

All the enclosed steel base cabinet encompasses essential tab at each corner meaning it to fasten to the floor, whenever you want to make use of it. The cabinet has housing for a 115/230v motor that powers the cutterhead at a consistent 6000 rpm.

It has a rear door in the base cabinet anyone can adjust the engine through the base cabinet.

Moreover, the jointer has a smooth, incredibly flat, and long cast-iron table. It allows the large wood pieces to slide into small sizes with ease and accuracy. Anyone can adjust both the infeed and outfeed tables easily and quickly with its factory mounted handwheels. It will give you a higher level of control over the joinery system.

In addition to the handwheels, you’ll find an automatic depth limiter to prevent the woodworkers from taking accidental deep cuts than required.

It has three double-sided knives to fit the long-lasting cutterhead though you can use the knife cams attached to make a perfect adjustment.

The Jet jointer has an adjustable fence and an electronic push-button to control tilting up to 45 – 90 degrees.

This jointer is a great one for building both outdoor and indoor furniture, and other major in-house woodworking projects. It has an in-built dust chute that connects to a sizeable port to make chips and dust collection easy. 

Overall, this benchtop jointer is an excellent workhorse, and you’ll be happy to purchase and investing in it.


  • Sufficient work surface on it
  • Perfect to manipulate for multiple projects
  • Excellent tilting option
  • Easily adjustable; ensure accuracy in every step


  • Too much vibration


JET JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Helical Head Benchtop Jointer

JET - JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Jointer

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This one is another product from comes with a helical oriented cutterhead. It is made of solid carbide manages to deliver elegant, smooth work output without much noise. It stands aside to focus on heavy woodworking projects for you.

It has an extra-long outfeed and infeed cast iron table that can accommodate big longboards, and support to process without tipping. The table has factory-mounted front handwheels to get easily adjusted.

The helical cutterhead with its carbide inserts provides clean finish on wood without any chattering.  The inserts are relatively quiet.

The six-inch bed width and the adjustable fence are the best fit to match the 1/8 inch cutting depth. The adjustable fence tilts in two ways with positive stops at the highest level at 90 degrees.

The 1 HP motor runs fast, and the toughest jointing mechanism handles everything with ease. A built-in dust chute connected to a four-inch port collects the dust and chips during operations, meaning that the workshop is clean. 

We had a criticism with its dust collection chute. Overall, it is still a great benchtop jointer to buy.


  • Best for heavy projects
  • Extra-large cast-iron table


  • Sturdy, durable and never shift
  • Relatively quiet


  • Take care of the dust port


Powermatic 1610086KJointer with Helical Cutterhead

Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH Jointer

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This benchtop jointer hails from Powermatic – one of the best manufacturers, which has been marked down as a sturdy, durable and vibration-free jointer ever. The bed width is almost 8 inches large, and the infeed table includes a level means that it’s a great benchtop jointer.

The two horsepower powerful motor is a pretty good addition that ensures the higher levels of accuracy grinding or polishing things through the cutting head. The handle helps to obtain a precise adjustment, and the maximum half-inch cutting depth is moderately decent.

Along with its helical cutterhead, the jointer has a nice choice of fence tilted and operated by a simple handwheel. Besides, you’ll find extra long tables mounted for extended support.

The downfall, we found while testing is it’s overweight. It comes with a large package meaning that you need to spend some extra penny. However, the assembling is easy, and it requires some bolts to get everything appropriate.

The high mount operating switch is for easy access and placed in a distance to quick reach. The magnetic base for the push blocks is to secure them on a metal surface. 

Powermatic remains as one of the decent jointers out there. Though it’s heavy, weighty and stressful to unpack, it may be an ample choice, when it produces as less vibration as to cut with perfect finishing.

If you have space and a lot to work on, choose one. That will not be your wastage of money I promise.


  • Powerful motor with two horsepower
  • Extra-large tables to accommodate a large piece of wood
  • Three or four knife cutterhead


  • Heavy and large. You might need someone’s help to unpack and set up.


Grizzly G0725 6 By 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer

Grizzly Benchtop Jointer

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Grizzly is one of the best-engineered manufacturers, and G0725 is an exciting addition to their jointer collections. The Grizzly G0725 is a six-inch bed width benchtop jointer, which has got some mixed reviews from its customers.

When you decided to invest for anything costly, make sure you did it for the right thing. Besides, try to ensure finding every possible option to cut your costs.

The Grizzly is a heavy-duty benchtop jointer machine to ensure lifetime durability with a phenomenal finishing experience. Overall, the jointer is constructed from heavy metal covering the entire body. It comes with a large table and fence from cast-iron, ensuring the large boards on the cutterhead remain even and leveling against the table and the fence.

It has double-sided knife orientation powered by a two horsepower motor that generates up to 10,000 RPM cutterhead speed. With its 1/8 inch cutting depth and quick and powerful swipe, it can eliminate the deep layers of materials when passing through. The large jointer table is capable of handling the extra-large piece of wood on the plate. 

This Benchtop jointer also manages waste efficiently. It has a dust collection system, which features a dust chute connected to a 2.5-inch dust port. It helps to reduce dust soothe in the air for better breathable working experience.

The fence tilting from 45°, 90°, and 135° stops ensures easy adjustment. But the downfall is that you have to reach underneath the table to adjust the infeed board, meaning it’s uncomfortable to the most users.

However, the Grizzly jointer is perfect for those who are thinking for a lifetime and the permanent jointer solution. 


  • Fully cast-iron and steel frame
  • Long infeed table
  • Integrated dust port
  • 1/8 inch cutting depth


  • Adjusting the infeed board is a hassle


Shop Fox W1829 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

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When the job lacks the surface stock flat, square, and smooth, it becomes difficult to get along without a benchtop jointer. For ease of use and convenience, Shop Fox is now offering a precision-ground and cast-iron table that supports a 76-lb. and that can flatten wood stock up to 6-inches wide.

The W1829 Benchtop Jointer has a single-phase 1-1/2 hp universal motor that directly translates into 20,000 cuts per minute. The motor also powers a cutter-head with the double-sided helical knife cutters operating from the in house current at a max speed of 10,000 revolutions per minutes.

It also features with a fully-adjustable large aluminum fence with tilt stops from 45 to 135 degrees. Moreover, a 2-1/2 inch diameter inbuilt dust port with chute will assist you for cleaning debris. The dust port is perfectly fit over the trash can though you can use a standard shop vacuum hose to the port instead. An adjustable infeed table knob allows fine-tuning the cutting depth naturally. The overall size of the jointer is 28/1/2 inch length and 6-1/4 inch width.

The Shop Fox W1829 Jointer is designed to ensure the safe and sound operation and provide you years of trouble-free service. It is capable of handling surface planing, bevel cuts, edge jointing with ease that brings your ideas into reality. 

The jointer looks good, but the honest criticism is that it lacks the part that houses the router and the lift on the top of the center cabinet. You have more options to justify tools like these right here.


  • Standard rpm for the 2-hp motor
  • Durable, ease of use and years of satisfaction
  • A precision-ground and cast-iron table
  • The large aluminum fence


  • Standard dust port


  • Lackings of the router and lift housing

Final Verdict

It becomes harder to make a decision when things are expensive. Besides, in the competitive market, so many products are available right now. So, it’s crucial to pick the right things for the right place.

To the best of our knowledge, Cutech 40160h-Ct Spiral Jointer is the top-notch jointer for any wood workshop. This jointer comes with almost everything a professional jointer should have.

On the other hand, if you plan for lifetime durability, we’ll show you to pick the Powermatic 1610086K Jointer. The piece with a helical cutter head is the most durable jointer ever.

So, be the winner to make your woodworking projects turn into a reality with the best benchtop jointers. It will help you create beautiful joinery with woods. While the pre-shaped jig joinery system ensures the accuracy of cuts, jointers make sure the wood joints perfectly.

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