Best Box Joint Jig for Router Table 2021 – [5 Top Picks]

The box joint is a renovation in the jig joinery system and this skill is to be adapted for exquisitely furnishing the furniture projects. Dados, Dovetails, and Box joints are some mentionable joinery techniques that have brought changes in the carpentry world. Anyone can make them by using only a hammer and chisels. But to make it easy, smooth, and fast, joinery jig works great. The best box joint jig is the fastest way to make beautiful box joints.

In our list, we have focused on 5 top-rated box joint jigs you can choose from them. They are from popular brands and their excellent performance will never be the cause of your regret.

However, a careful reading of their benefits, drawbacks, features, and performance will provide you skillful learning to pick the best ones. We have tried to focus all these things in our reviews.

Let’s dive in.

5 Best Box Joint Jig Reviews

  1. Rockler box joint jig
  2. Incra I-box jig
  3. Leigh beehive jig
  4. Rockler XL jig
  5. Woodhaven box joint jig

Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig – Best Overall

Key Points
  • Rockler Jig System


    Box joint jig is a perfect solution to the wood joinery system whether you run a small or a large-scale project. Rockler, which is one of the top brands, has brought to you a more productive box joinery system to bring excellent finishing on woods.

    Rockler box joint jig allows you complete control on the router table. Using the knobs you can secure the base into the miter slot that allows control over the bits for precision cuts.

    The aluminum indexing keys can serve you for precision-machined airtight box joints. The vertical sled will provide more security and support for not tearing out. Moreover, it is easy to set up and more productive for large-scale projects.

    In Detail

    If you intend to build a cabinet or a large size chest, you might stumble to make perfect bigger box joints. Rockler jig is an easy and effective solution to make such joinery in minutes. It’s because the Rockler jig comes with some key features to help you do such things.

    The MDF base securely holds the miter slot on the router table so that you get complete control over the bit on the workpiece.

    It comes with a sturdy steel sled that features two MDF boards to provide a favorable position of the wood pieces on the table. It gives you two-sided benefits – not allowing movement of the workpiece while working and the backup support. It controls splitting on the surface.

    The jig is extendable for additional support for large wood pieces. To do this, what you need is to add 1/2 inch additional materials on both sides.

    Moreover, the jig works better for precision cuts. It comes with micro-fine indexing keys for precision adjustment. You can now use 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch fingers to make air-tight precision joints.

    This one is a good weapon to help you cut precision-making box joints into a 3/4 inch miter slot as well. The measurement of the edge of the miter track from the bit tip is between 4-1/2 inches to 6-1/4 inches. It allows you tight-fitting and full control over the bits and ensures a neat finish.

    Furthermore, the jig system includes an instructional manual for easy setup, which will take time not more than a few minutes.

    Buying Advice

    Its MDF board, steel sled, and locking knobs are excellent to help you make joinery. It is easy to set up and customizable for large projects. All these benefits encourage me to use this jig joinery system for large-scale box joints.

    However, if you want, you can compare with similar products like Incra or Leigh, which may give you something extra benefits. Incra comes with their exceptional fence system while Leigh comes with a router as well.

    But Rockler gives you the simplest possible solution on your router table.


  • Compact design, simple and easy to setup
  • Allows small to large scale box joints
  • Perfect for precision cuts and tight finish
  • MDF board securely holds the workpiece
  • Supports for reduced tearing out
  • Cons

  • Not an advanced tool kit
  • You may require an additional fence and router table

  • 2.

    INCRA I-BOX Jig for Box Joints – (Runner Up)

    Key Points
  • INCRA I-BOX Jig System


    Incra is a renowned brand you know for producing a wide variety of power tools and accessories. When most other companies produce tools at a reasonable rate without concern for quality and efficiency, Incra intends to give you an advanced option of any models.

    The new Incra I-Box is an innovation and an improved tool for safety and efficiency. Its reversible design is an advanced option to give you both sides cutting experience for exquisite box joints.

    Like most other traditional box joint jigs, it also comes with a micro-adjuster for precision cutting and an MDF fence for eliminating back through. It’s easy to use and set up faster than you expect.

    In Detail

    If you want to experience the most advanced tool for box joint, I’ll highly recommend you to test the new Incra I-Box joint jig. Its advanced features and radical design will provide a versatile user experience, the safety of your hands, and a super fast and easy setup.

    This micro-adjustment I-Box jig comes with a dual pitch lead screw to ensure complete tightness of the micro-adjustment. Not only does it, but it also allows wider pin width ranging from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch. It is also capable to cut through the thick woods. The basic measurement of the thickness of the wood pieces may range from 1/4 inch to a full 1 inch thick.

    You’ll like the exclusive box joints it produces. Unlike other traditional jig joinery systems, the Incra I-Box jig cuts symmetrically requiring you no pins to join at the ending. Read what pins are

    Moreover, it helps to produce an excellent solid hinge for clean craftsmanship. It may be an excellent inclusion in your wood workshop for producing a variety of decorative box joints, wooden hinges of 10-inch length. It is compatible with your table saw and router table and comes with greater features and productivity.

    However, it may be cost-effective for some users while it has powerful, expensive features for fast, easy exposer.

    Buying Advice

    Incra jig also comes with a video guide and a complete instructional manual. So, it’s easy to set up. However, the cost is a bit high for some users.

    If you don’t care about the price and want an advanced, fast, and easy way of box joinery, this tool is right for you.

    The entrance woodworker can also have it, no problem because if you be used to handling the jig, it will be helpful for you in the future.


  • Innovative, advanced & useful box joinery tool
  • Versatile, fast & safe
  • Compatible with the table saw and router table
  • Cuts both sides of the cutter
  • Micro-adjustment for precision cuts
  • Comes with an MDF sub-fence
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Cons

  • Seems too complex for beginners
  • Higher price range

  • 3.

    LEIGH Box Joint & Beehive Router Jig

    Key Points
  • LEIGH Router Jig


    Leigh is one of the top brands for the Jig joinery system. It produces beautiful jigs for dovetails, dadoes, and box jointing.

    However, the Leigh box joint jig is a superior model that is compatible with routers. It’s simple and easy to use to produce excellent joinery for box joints, beehives, drawers, etc. Here’s how a beehive is created.

    It can cut thick boards that may come with a maximum width. It also comes with a guide bushing, cams & adjustable side stops so that the whole things come together to create perfect joinery.

    Moreover, the template it comes with will make the whole way fast and smooth.

    In Detail

    Leigh box joint and beehive jig is a multi-purpose joinery system. It is easy to use and fast to create a model curved joint with the least stress. The jig is versatile and user-friendly to produce exquisite joinery for beehive, drawers, or box joints.

    Any level of users will like it because of its simple, plane jig system that is compatible with a router. You’ll just run the router over the template and it’ll automatically create beautiful joinery. The measurement is also accurate to adjust both two parts of MDF for the box joints.

    The Leigh jig is also capable to create from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch joinery on boards. It can cover the thickness of the boards up to 13/16 inches thick. It also covers the maximum width of about 2-inch to 17-13/16 inch. It’s a massive turnover.

    The glass-reinforced Nylon template is super to the user even by the novices. It’s simple, easy, and accurate for creating perfect measurement.

    The e10 elliptical guide bushing is another feature to help you create precise cuts on woods. The 1/2 inch straight bit will reach the straight point to ensure precision joinery.

    Buying Advice

    Leigh jig is compatible with a router. So, keep in mind whether you use a router table. Moreover, the jig can cut up to 13/16 inch thick boards. You can cut a board up to 17-13/16-inch wide using this jig. It’s vital to measure your jobs to use this tool.

    As a conscious user, you should also check the warranty if any, before you buy it. Also, be sure of its return policy, courier facilities, etc. Some shoppers may charge courier fees, and some others may not.


  • Versatile, compact, and portable
  • Cuts wide boards with sufficient thickness
  • Perfect for box joints, drawers & beehives
  • Compatible with routers
  • Nylon template for fast and precise cuts
  • Cons

  • No fence included like Incra Jig
  • Beginner-friendly

  • 4.

    Rockler XL Router Table Box Joint Jig

    Key Points
  • Rockler XL Jig


    A rocking box joinery kit is Rockler XL. The jig will support you in making an excellent box joint to furnish a complete box and things like boxes.

    Rockler jig is the easiest way of box joint solution, and you can make a box joint in the shortest possible time with perfect fitting joints.

    You have the option to use this jig on any router table with a standard miter slot. The indexing keys it comes with will provide you air-tight joinery solution even on thick boards. Though bits are not included in the box, it is a perfect joinery jig at a low rate.

    In Detail

    The Rockler box joint jig allows tight-fitting joints and compatible with routers. You can set it up on any standard router table with a 3/4 inch miter slot. It comes with a sliding sled and three indexing keys. The aluminum indexing keys are adjustable and produce air-tight joints.

    The adjustable keys maintain the slightest spacing possible so that no gaps take place between the boards of the joints. You might notice a small space where you can use glues to connect the boards tight. The joint will be so strong when you’ll use glue that a sudden fall of hard things can’t break it.

    The versatile joinery jig allows you to use router bits for both up-cuts and down-cuts. It also allows your workpiece to hold straight against the fence and slide over the bit. What it does is excellent tight-fitting joints, anyone will like to make box joints.

    It permits 3/4 inch thick stocks and can create 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch spacing while cutting over the boards. However, it doesn’t include bits with the package.

    Buying Advice

    If you want easy, fast, and tight-fitting jig joinery, this one is a good option for you. It is low-priced, smooth fitting, and compatible with routers. So, if you have a router table, it will be an extra benefit.

    Before you go, carefully look at its features and compare them with other jigs. You will, of course, find some high-priced jigs online with more features and advanced options. Decide if you like them.

    Keep in mind that this tool is compatible with a router but not the bits it includes with the package.


  • Easy, fast, and smooth for small projects
  • Cuts thick MDF boards up to 3/4 inch
  • Produces tight-fitting box joints
  • Compatible with any routers
  • Allows bits for up-cuts and down-cuts
  • Cons

  • Low-priced and not compatible with a table saw
  • Bits are not included

  • 5.

    Woodhaven Box-Joint Jig – (Model 4555)

    Key Points
  • Woodhaven Box-Jointing Jig


    Dados, dovetails are great examples of modern techniques in the furniture world. If the magic of dovetails fails to appeal in the jig joinery, box joints may be an excellent option for greater recognition.

    Woodhaven jig comes to cut the surface of woods, allowing a gap between pins and slots for glue so that the joint becomes strong enough not to break down.

    The jig is closely similar to the fences you might have made from the scraps. It comes with an aluminum fence that you can mount on a router table. It is compatible with a table saw as well. See how to make a router table and fence from the scraps.

    It produces less tear-out, and its double indexing pins ensure precision cuts.

    In Detail

    The easiest way to cut the box joints is the Woodhaven jig. Woodhaven offers solid structure and precise cuts of box joinery. Because of the double indexing pins working from both the side of the edges, the jig can cut accurately.

    The pins can accommodate maximum width aligning it to the up and down. The tool is a great example of versatility.

    You’ll notice two T-knobs to connect the fence with the miter gauge. It helps to tighten up for more rigid joinery.

    The jig is compatible with any miter gauge. But ensure if no slop can create errors in the pattern. Its simplicity and ability to cut a variety of patterns make this tool a versatile kit. It is capable of shaping up to 1/8 inch slot cuts. Moreover, up to 13/16 inch width pattern is not out of its reach.

    Buying Advice

    Woodhaven 4555 is an ideal option for all users at a reasonable price. Its double indexing pins are excellent to me for precision joinery cuts. However, more options are available right on the list. But to the best part, this kit is great to have at a low rate.

    As I always do, keep an eye on its warranty facilities, reviews of past purchasers, and finally compare the price online.


  • Affordable, portable, and versatile
  • Solid and smooth for precision cuts
  • Comes with a fence for more tight joinery
  • Compatible with both table saw and router kit
  • Comes with an indexing knob for fine adjustment
  • Allows a slight gap for glues
  • Cons

  • A bit shaky
  • Not perfect for high professionals

  • 6.

    Woodhaven 4556 Portable Box Joint Jig

    Key Points
  • Woodhaven Portable Jig

    Features & Benefits

    Unlike the standard 4555 jig, the Woodhaven 4556 is portable and works great by hop-scotching the jig. It is fast, easy, and safe to cut the large box joints with precision.

    It is more secure and works fast because it comes with an MDF fence and built-in clamps. The replaceable MDF fence and the 12-inch Ultra Track fence work together allowing the workpieces to come close to the fence.

    You can clamp the workpiece in a vise that allows vertical cuts of joints. Moreover, a 6-inch clamp will provide finishing on the final cuts if the built-in clamps can’t reach out.

    It also comes with adjustable aluminum stops to enable indexing keys to get them precise. It also prevents the movement of the jig from side by side.

    The jig is compatible with routers and needs 1/2 inch shank, 3/4 inch bushing and 1/2 inch bits to bring results.

    Overall, the Woodhaven introduces model 4556 as an innovative, easy to operate and precision cuts jig joinery for box joints.


  • Easy, fast, and safe
  • Portable and comes with an MDF fence
  • The aluminum stops to prevent jig movement
  • Adjustable indexing for tight spacing
  • Cons

  • It may not be perfect on the table saw
  • Doesn’t pass through thick woods like Rockler or Leigh

  • Final Verdict

    So, it’s now easy for you to conclude the buying decision. You now know, which features are the right fit for a box joint jig and what’s their performance.

    To me, Rockler is the best box joint jig in terms of performance, user-friendliness, and quality. Most of its features are performing better compared to similar products. We picked the Incra box joint as our second pick since it is a feature enriched joinery system.

    However, LEIGH box joint jig is a versatile kit to help you making beehives as well. Leigh also has brought to you the dovetail jigs that got many praises from the users. These three jig joineries will assist you with easy, fast, and smooth operations.

    I hope this write-up will help you with picking exactly what you deserve.

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