Best Cap Nailer & Stapler Reviews: [In 2021 – 5 Top Picks]

Air nailer has revolutionized the construction business. You might not realize how useful construction by the air nailer can be. The old method of hammering to holding on the wrapping is now a day outdated, an alternative way to use the best cap nailer or a stapler may be the perfect option.

Here you’ll see two types of roofing tools. One is a cap nailer, and the second one is a cap stapler.

They get their names from the ways they are being used by the nail fastener through the plastic caps. They are perfect for holding on building rough.

I want to give you a complete idea of how they work and want to describe their features, pros & cons, so you can easily come to a quick conclusion and take your final buying decision.

You’ll find there a row of plastic caps and a stapler. The plastic caps are installed in the vertical magazine of the gun and the stapler in the horizontal magazine, and they come together when you start nailing on the rough.

Tools like these can increase the applications by almost 70% of the construction jobs. So, if you are a contractor looking for these guns, or a home user at the weekend, these tools can help you efficiently to make your job done.

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The 5 Best Cap Nailers & Cap Staplers Review

Here’s the best cap nailer on the market at present.


Bostitch Cap Nailer N66BC-1 – (The Top Pick)

Key Points
  • Bostitch Cap Nailer

    Bostitch Cap Nailer is our first choice. It’s because we found it performs better compared to other similar tools. Besides, its lightweight design and durability are much more legit reasons.

    The cap nailer is quick and easy to load caps and nails in its flexible magazines.

    It is a tool-free cap nailer, always fast in action, and users get benefitted reducing their times. You can easily fix your desired depths tool-free and conveniently.

    Bostitch N66BC-1 Coil Cap Nailer is superior in performance and productive for users. It comes with some significant features anyone will like to possess.

    We got this cap nailer at the top of our list considering its secure and confident fastening on most construction fabircs. No issues we found even when used for foam insulation to the sheathing. You may like this cap nailer for its exceptional holding and enhanced productivity. You may also like its tool-free option to adjust the depth during application. It is safe and secure; and won’t be the cause of the exhaust away from your face. The comfort gripping will always assist you to use it in the right angle on the wall position or deck position. It is user-friendly for the roofing position as well.

    Quick and convenient depth adjustment is a desire for every user. This magnesium lightweight coil cap nailer comes with a “Dial-A-Depth” adjustment option with it. It allows users to set the nails to the desired depths easily and quickly.

    The quick-load magazine allows you a fast and easy load of nails and caps. It will save you time and give you release from the arduous jobs to get caps and nails loaded.

    This coil nailer is a powerful tool and comes with a 500 strike force. With its 70-120 PSI operating pressure, it can shoot up to 2 to 1/2 inch nails on hardwoods. Compared to a stick nailer, it can carry double the amount of fastener load. The firing contact trigger is included for sequential performance.

    It will ensure increased productivity since it is 10x faster than nailing manually by hands. Moreover, the nailer is fast, easy to use, and lightweight. So it’s comfortable to use with its comfort grip.

    Overall, it may be an ideal option for OSB sheathing, Tyvek house wrap, or nailing on the 4 x 8 hardy panel as well.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Tool-free, a “Dial-A-Depth” adjustment option
  • Quick-load magazine
  • Superior hold power
  • Enhanced productivity than manual jobs
  • Cons

  • May find issues with flushing nails
  • An expensive tool

  • 2.

    Cn100 Stinger Cap Nailer

    Key Points
  • Stinger Nailer

    The international builders arranged a show of Nail Corp’s Cn100 Stinger Cap Nailer, where a preview has been checked out for its review. It impressed me much to bring forth with its pros & cons right here. The Cn100 Stinger Nailer was their breakthrough, though, in the later years, they invented Stinger CN100B Cap Nailer for sidewall applications and high-production roofing.

    If you carefully look at the Stinger CN100, you’ll notice a couple of remarkable things that may be absent in some other nailers. It is an electro-galvanized nail, which is superior to traditional nailers. A proprietary cap it uses is another option to distinguish this cap nailer. Stinger CN100 is a powerful cap nailing tool and the latest innovation to speed up the fastening opportunities, also performs in replace of a cap stapler.

    If comparison arises, it must win because it is small and compact compared to similar products on the market. Since it is compact, it weighs less than other similar nailers or staplers as well. You can accommodate within half the spaces undoubtedly. Carrying it on the roof is now not a tough and laborious job at all.

    But it is a lightweight and somewhat flimsy, and you might feel sometimes uncomfortable using it when finding faults with its sturdiness. Of course, it is durable if carefully handled.

    However, you will get flexible options to use this tool. It is lightweight, innovative, and a high-tech nailer to support you for home wrapping, underlayment, and sidewall applications. The Stinger CN100 Cap Nailer comes with some powerful options to manufacture high-quality fasteners. You can use this tool for both residential and commercial purposes.

    It is a powerful Nailer with a 125 mm sting nail pack. It works fast as it has 3 cap nails (200 caps and 200 nails) at a time. It has 25 mm plastic caps and full round-head latches.

    Overall, the nailer is recommended for professionals to work with underlayment, roofing, and sidewall applications or home molds.


  • Caps stinger nailer
  • Comfortable, easy, flexible, and faster
  • Perfect for multiple purposes- roofing to sidewall applications
  • Cons

  • Somewhat flimsy
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty application

  • 3.

    Hitachi N3808AP Cap Stapler

    Key Points
  • Hitachi Cap Stapler

    When the ordinary Cap Nailer fails to support you for home wrapping and roofing, the Hitachi Cap Stapler appears to bring convenience, precision, and power to provide you maximum efficiency in the industry. This pneumatic cap stapler is an exceptional and powerful tool bringing you efficiency in the applications. With its strong efficiency, it can handle operations for insulated house wrapping, the underlayment of synthetic roofing, and the similar jobs in the industry.

    It is worthy of mention that Hitachi renamed it as the Metabo HPT N3808APM. This lightweight cap stapler weighs not exceeding 4.8lbs, so it’s easy to maneuver on the roof of wherever you need.

    Like its similar tool kit, it also capable of loading 200 caps and nails at a time. It drives 10 gauge 7/16 inch crown staples with 1-inch diameter caps. The magazine it has can easily reload caps and nails. The translucent side allows you to identify the number of caps in the magazine at present.

    It also comes with a 360 adjustable exhaust deflector and a tool-free depth adjustment option. So, no tools are required to adjust the depth at operations and can redirect air exhaust in a suitable direction keeping users safe and secure.

    The Metabo Stapler has a jam release (tool-less) and an integrated belt hook to ensure smooth operation. It allows the left or the right-handed users to mount from either side. Moreover, the ergonomic soft grip provides users with comfort and safety to grip the stapler at operation.

    It ranges from 70 PSI to 120 when it comes to operations. It is supposed to be super-fast and smooth while driving the staples for roofing, insulation, or house wrapping. It also comes with a black contact trigger along with a standard red trigger. The triggers allow the stapler for sequential firing at the right time. So, users can run fast on cap stapling, and ultimately, got the jobs done in time.


  • Accepts 200 caps at a time
  • Well balanced, lightweight, and fast
  • Partially clear and translucent magazine
  • The tool-free depth adjustment option
  • A quick tool-less jam release
  • Both right-handed and left-handed operating system
  • Soft and ergonomic gripping
  • Cons

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Extremely professional cap stapler

  • 4.

    DEWALT DWSL18CAP Plastic Cap Stapler

    Key Points
  • DEWALT Stapler

    This one we selected from a renowned brand Dewalt it means no compromise of quality. People have trustworthiness for the quality and productivity of Dewalt products from generations. Its prices, multi-level users’ expectations, and a few more things have been taken into consideration before keeping it to our list. As a professional, you can rely on its performance; you’ll never lose.

    It is a powerful tool and can drive 1 inch to 1 – 1/2 inch 18 gauge cap stapler. It has come up with 5/16 inch staples and operates with plastic cap staplers in tandem. So, when any other nailers fail to perform cap stapling, this air-powered cap stapler is right at your hand for smooth operation.

    When you are in nailing operation, the placement of fasteners becomes a critical point for triggering on nails. The perfect depth adjustment ensures precise placement of the fasteners. This pneumatic cap stapler comes with a depth of drive adjustment (completely tool-free) and a powerful trigger to ensure scrupulous fastening.

    The stapler has two modes of operation. You can drive it as a contact mode or sequential mode whatever you feel free. The whole mechanism is designed to keep all the dirt away when the stapler is running.

    The noteworthy features the users like are its low maintenance and oil-free design. It allows the stapler lockout of the low-nails to prevent dry firing. It uses 5/16 inch crown style staples with plastic caps. So, it’s faster and easy to operate.

    It can hold 160, 5/16 inch, staples in its straight magazine for easy, smooth, and fast operation. It is a compact and lightweight tool, not weighing more than 5.4 lbs.

    Along with these components, it also comes with sample caps and fasteners and a carrying case.


  • Easy, fast, and smooth operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A tool-free depth adjustment
  • Oil-free and low maintenance
  • The sequential and contact modes of operation
  • Cons

  • Overall; not extraordinary performance
  • Pricey

  • 5.

    NATIONAL NAIL Stinger 136010 Pneumatic Cap Stapler

    Key Points

    Hammering with a cap nailer, and if it is cordless, then it will likely be an old method of house wrapping or roofing. The alternative means with a pneumatic cap stapler may be a more productive solution for your house roofing or wall wrapping. National™, now a day, is offering you an upgraded version of the pneumatic cap stapler, which will offer you more durable, productive, and faster result.

    We have picked it to our top list for its quality performance compared to its closest competitors. It is lightweight, compact, and it comes with a soft, comfortable, and ergonomic design. Like other users, you’ll also find it easy to maneuver.

    With its pneumatic 200 staples and caps capacity, the National nail stinger will give you comfort and faster solution. This versatile tool can shoot up to 1-1/2 inch lengths staples and weighs only 6.6 lbs. No matter, it also permits 1-1/4 inch staples to ensure it is a versatile tool.

    The renowned National brand from Taiwan has originated this product. It can drive 7/16 inch crown caps of 18 gauges consisting of 1-inch plastic caps. This fast tool can deliver 5 (1-inch) plastic cap staples per second.

    The magazine holds up to 200 cap staples, which is the most common in other similar tools. The dual firing modes will give you a flexible user-experience. Additionally, the belt hook will be pretty good at hand.

    With this Stinger pneumatic staple pack, you can accomplish versatile jobs at home or Jobsite, including foam boards, house wraps, fastening roof underlayment, and similar jobs. It is a quite faster, lighter, and efficient tool to boost your single-hand performance.


  • Compact, lightweight, and faster fastener
  • Versatile tools for fastening jobs
  • Ergonomic design and easy to maneuver
  • 200 Caps and Staples capacity
  • Cons

  • Awkwardly wrapped
  • Reloading issue
  • Originated from China (Taiwan)

  • Conclusion

    In our list, we have tried our best to figure out the top-rated cap nailers, ensuring their performance in operations. We found Bostitch N66BC-1 is superior in quality and performance. DEWALT DWSL18CAP Cap Stapler is another option for those who want to pick a quality stapler at an affordable price. It is our best value pick. Cn100 Stinger is the one that you want because it performs faster than its similar tools. Of course, you can also go for its sister tool, Cn100B Cap Nailer, an updated version of Cn100. These nailers have brought about a big change in the construction business and have taken the modern construction technology to the next level.

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