Best Featherboard For Table Saw: In 2021 – [9 Top Picks]

It was mid-2019 when we first thought to publish a post on the best featherboard for table saw. After then, very frequently, we kept pace for editing this post, and today is its last edition. We found two more deserving featherboards to add to our list.

Featherboards work great to retain the workpiece securely in place when you feed them to the blade. The traditional featherboard does not have a deep concern about safety and security. They couldn’t create an effective coupling on the workpiece to protect you from kickback.

We found some best table saw featherboard that features innovative high-tech specialties to reduce chattering and kickback. Some famous power tool producers with direct experiments invented some noteworthy featherboard features to make woodworking life better. Let’s have a look at them right here.

9 Best Table Saw Featherboard Reviews

Find the list of best featherboard for table saw right here.


Magswitch Feather Board Pro – Model 8110328

Key Points
  • Magswitch, the best featherboard for table saw

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    If you think, “Ah, it’s meaningless to spend more penny for a simple featherboard, when I can easily get one for only 10 or 15 bucks from any nearby store” then, I’m sure you are doing wrong. It’s not a joke; I collected a few so-called non-branded featherboards, which gave me nothing but zero. It was a completely wasting of time.

    Magswitch introduces featherboard pro exceeding the industry standard. Keeping in mind ‘no slightest slippery mistakes’ in woodworking and 100% accuracy in craftwork, Magswitch comes with a featherboard pro version. If you use an ordinary featherboard for your table saw and compare to this one, you’ll realize the time you spent for such tiny mistakes.

    This one is ideal for clenching wood pieces securely against the table and the fence. So, cutting wood pieces becomes easy, secure, and precise. It is compatible with the table saw, the router table, the jointers with cast iron table. It has an excellent option to feed woods from both the right and the left sides of the blade.

    The 3 in 1 pack, this pro table featherboard, will give you better holding power for safety and quality cuts. You can use this tool anywhere you want it to hold. Furthermore, it comes with a vertical attachment so you can hold down your wood pieces in work.

    It is a versatile tool and performs better with strong holding power. It comes with 30 mm Magswitch magnets, which have a strong holding power of 150 lbs. The two switches come with a strong force to keep things in place. You’ll be happy to learn that it is applicable for both infeed and outfeed applications.


  • Fast, accurate, and secure
  • Versatile tool with strong holding power
  • Focus both for infeed/outfeed application
  • Anywhere acceptable; no miter slot
  • Two magnetic Magswitches with a strong holding force
  • Cons

  • Productive, but pricey
  • Not for hobbyist

  • 2.

    BI-DTOOL Double Featherboards – Best Value

    Key Points
  • BI-DTOOL Double Featherboards

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    BI-DTOOL introduces 2 packs double featherboards to help you for precision cuts of woods on the saw tables and ensure adjustability with the table saw fence or router table fences. Unlike other featherboards, it comes with two separate featherboard in a pack to make it available at a reduced rate and ensure better productivity. The high-tech polymer technology introduces this featherboard with distinctive fingers.

    These angled fingers of the featherboard hold steadily for clean cuts. They produce strong holding pressure, so no kickback or lifting while sawing.

    It comes with a knob system with a miter gauge slot so you can easily set up with the t-slot. Not so struggling with its set up. The featherboard is ergonomic, easy, and secure to cut wood pieces with safety.

    The double table featherboards are a budget-friendly featherboard, triangular in design, and strong for holding securely. You can use this device on both sides of the blade.

    Each of the featherboards is like a flying bird with angled fingers. Unlike other featherboards, it has fingers on one side only. It has miter bars to fit with a 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch miter slot or t-slot.

    Overall, the product is efficient and serves maximum support. It is compatible with a miter gauge and table saws. You can use a wedge-lock to produce strong force.

    Finally, though it is an affordable and comparatively lightweight featherboard, you’ll see no compromise of its performance. You will also find its multiple user experience, which might be missed in some other costly items as well. It is simple in look but effectual in delivering output. It is also a versatile and user-friendly featherboard you can rely on.


  • Reliable and affordable
  • Easy installation system
  • Versatile, lightweight but productive
  • Safe and secure; no kickback and chattering
  • Cons

  • Complicated accessories
  • May not compatible with fence

  • 3.

    Magswitch Table Feather Board Universal Model

    Key Points
  • Magswitch Universal Feather Board

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    A table saw, or a router produces kickback during cutting on the router tables, and you deeply think of something to prevent it for smooth operation. Magswitch introduces universal feather board to give you ease from such troubles.

    Magswitch table feather board aims at providing you maximum security and ease of use. The magnetic feather board is designed to perform on the cast-iron fence. It means that it holds down your work on the table with its magnet and you do not have to do it by your hands.

    It has two switches on the 20 mm magnetic points so you can tighten them on the table to ensure accurate measurement. So, it improves cutting results on both sides of the blade.

    It’s versatile, and you’ll find no limitation of the miter slot. You can apply for both infeed and outfeed applications for better and perfect cutting results. The versatile unit features fingers on both sides to facilitate the preceding facilities.

    Magswitch feather board comes with two switches for easy on/off operation. Moreover, it’s super easy, precise, and fast to set up, allowing exact tensioning and positioning.

    This one is a comprehensive feather board perfect for a small table for both routing and sawing, ensuring possible years of use for its durable construction.


  • Strong magnetic system
  • Two on/off switches
  • Includes fingers on both sides
  • Versatile, precise, fast, and easy to set up
  • Improved and accurate cutting results
  • Applicable for both infeed and outfeed applications
  • Cons

  • Magnet fails on the non-iron-cast table
  • May be pricy for beginners

  • 4.

    Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard – Twin Pack

    Key Points
  • Kreg True-FLEX Featherboard

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    Consistent and optimum pressure to the workpiece results in perfect cuts while a few other brands are imperfect due to heavy or insufficient pressure applied to the workpiece. The Kreg True-FLEX is offering you a heavy-duty and long-lasting plastic composite with a unique wedge-lock system to secure cutting the workpiece.

    Safety and accuracy are higher attention operating table saw or router table. True-FLEX is designed to operate from the table fence or on the T-slot. It has a wedge-lock security arrangement that allows a miter slot or a T-slot operating any woodworking machines.

    The True-FLEX includes twin pack, each of which has durable fingers to provide optimum pressure. Screws and knobs are included to make it adjustable on the fence or T-slot.

    Also, you know that it’s manufactured by the renowned Kreg Company in the United States which means there’s no doubt of its quality.

    The most striking comment about this product is that it is compatible with most of the power tools like a table saw, band saw, routers, and many more.

    It is a two units pack meaning that you can use one of them from the top of the fence, and another from the side on the table to make an equal pressure to the workpiece. It will ensure no kickback and secure your job.


  • Safe and secure
  • Twin pack
  • Heavy-duty plastic composite
  • Allowed on miter slot or a T-slot
  • Wedge-lock security system
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Cons

  • Not magnetic
  • Can’t use on the plane top beyond T-slot

  • 5.

    Magswitch Reversible Featherboard with Starter Kit

    Key Points
  • Magswitch Reversible Featherboard

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    In terms of feather board, Magswitch is second to none, and no expertise woodworker will disagree. You’ll also agree with me when you’ll get in touch with the features that bring forth the task with ease.

    The reversible woodworking feather board works as left and right-hand feeds; you can set up it anywhere on the steel table top or iron fence for its magnetic features.

    It is intentionally designed with a low profile so you can use it on small size tables and fence. It is reversible for infeed/outfeed applications and introduces vertical feather board to get protection against kickback.

    The magnetic switches keep them hold firmly in place. No question of its sturdiness though it’s lightweight and it is not limited to the only miter slot but accept T-slot or any other options.

    You can add attachments when you think it’s necessary. Otherwise, it’s simple and easy to use and safe. No worry about set up, it’s super easy.


  • Completely reversible
  • Magnetic Version
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Great protection against kickbacks
  • Reversible for infeed/outfeed applications
  • Keep firmly anywhere on a steel or cast iron table or fence
  • Cons

  • Work worse on hardwood table top
  • A low profile featherboard

  • 6.

    DRILLPRO Feather Boards For Table Saw, Band Saw And Router Table

    Key Points
  • DRILLPRO Feather Boards For Table Saw

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    DRILLPRO multipurpose featherboard serves you with some key features and applications. The featherboard includes unique miter gauge slot to protect your hands, holds the stock against the guide fence firmly, and prevent kickback and blades twisted.

    The high-tech polymer is the main ingredient of this featherboard, so it’s original, and employs steady pressure to ensure less chattering.

    The featherboard is the best suited with miter-gauge slot and t-slot. You can fix it on a router table fence, band saw or on a table saw. It comes with two knobs which allow the board to lock in place. So, no kickback while cutting on a saw.

    Besides, the angle-shaped knob circuit allows the featherboard to move forward or backward while setting up on the t-slot to adjust with the stock. The advanced design ensures no chattering and a kickback effect, rather allows smooth operations of the wood being cut.

    It features with 4 universal miter bar designs to fit with the standard miter slots-3/8″ x 3/4″. The miter gauge slot ensures quick release, and it is super easy to install.


  • High-tech polymer design
  • Quick access to release and set up
  • Works in both t-slot and miter slot
  • Includes two knobs along with necessary screws
  • The angle fingers hold the stocks firmly against the fence
  • Cons

  • No magnets
  • Not fit with iron cast table

  • 7.

    Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and Fences

    Key Points
  • Milescraft FeatherBoard for Table Saws

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    When you work with some fast revolving router or table saw at your workshop, it means that you are working with some risky tools. Anytime, you might face an accident for a careless motion. A featherboard will ensure the security of your hands while turning wood on a table saw. A small investment on Milescraft 1406 featherboard will solve your life risk.

    We reviewed here a few more featherboards, but we think Milescraft 1406 may be your deserving model since it is affordable compared to other products. Besides, it will give you maximum benefits as well.

    The innovative design reduces kickback because it applies consistent tension between the fence and the stocks. This versatile featherboard is perfect to use in any router application, table saw, and table fence.

    The handy device features with miter slots, and T-slot bolts that allow maximum tension. It keeps things in place and produces strong holding power to reduce kickback.

    It possesses a split rail design that maximizes holding power.

    However, there are some jig joinery system to protect your hands from the dangerous saw blades and router bits.


  • Innovative design
  • Includes miter bar and T-slot bolts
  • Affordable and easy to set-up
  • Maximizes holding pressure
  • Perfect for any application on the router table and table saw
  • The miter bar fits with the most common standard miter-slots
  • Cons

  • Uncomfortable on small worktable
  • Beginner-freindly

  • 8.

    The Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Band Saws, Table Saws and Router Tables

    Key Points
  • Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

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    We thought to exclude this one, but it will be unjust if our readers miss it. Hedgehog spiral featherboard comes with some specialty which is missing in other featherboards. The producer figures it out in such a design that the users will find it different. Any other featherboards in the market can’t provide user-friendly features as the Hedgehog provided.

    This one is an industry standard featherboard, well made and includes so many safety devices to introduce simplicity in operation. The spiral shape reduces kickback, and the single pivot point quickly adjusts to different board widths.

    It is constructed from the high-impact nylon to support maximum pressure. The spiral shape makes it more user-friendly while providing you over 5 inches of adjustability. The cast aluminum miter clamp and the comfort grip knob will support you for work smarter, while spiral shape to work safer and faster.

    What makes HH-100 Hedgehog spiral featherboard different is its single knob with single pivot point. Usually, other featherboards come with two knobs, which I think is slow to use and difficult to adjust. The Hedgehog brings you a single knob featherboard for easy and fast adjustment and set up.

    The Hedgehog is undoubtedly a great invention which is easier to use than any ordinary featherboard and provides you an easy and safe woodworking experience. It simplifies your workflow and improves productivity.


  • Spiral shape
  • Reduces kickback
  • Single pivot point
  • Cast aluminum miter clamp
  • A single comfort grip knob
  • Quick and easy to adjust for faster productivity
  • Cons

  • No magnets
  • New users may feel uncomfortable for its spiral shape

  • 9.

    Bow FP1 Products Featherpro Feather Board

    Key Points
  • Bow Featherpro Feather Board

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    While the most other featherboard on the market introduces plastic materials in the featherboard component, Bow Featherpro invented unique kickback resistant foam featherboard, which is an innovative breakthrough considering safety and performance.

    The unique design is the best and smooth for unparallel kickback protection from both sides- infeed and outfeed. It’ll also drastically reduce chatter with the soft foam material and end up your jobs with better cuts. The hi-tech hinge comes with the flexibility in operation that ultimately reduces the chance of harm made by the drastic kickback.

    The versatile and non-marring featherboard will assist you from different angles. It can produce lots of pressure when needed. Otherwise, a little pressure may accomplish the job with the softwood. Not only it creates pressure, but it’s reversible, you can use it reversing the hardware. It’s also perfect for the vertical and horizontal position.

    The FeatherPro fits with a 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch miter slot the most common sizes on the tabletop.

    Don’t worry if you ruin the feathers running into the blade; you have options to replace the feathers easily. The durable high-density foam absorbs energy to protect your featherboard from kickback.

    One downfall is there’s no magnetic version. Of course, there’s a valid reason to avoid the magnetic version. When the magnetic version is implemented, it creates the weakest link and limits the kickback protection energy. So, it’s better to avoid the magnetic version.

    Overall, Featherpro featherboard is an excellent option for you to use it as a safeguard from kickback.


  • Powerful feed control
  • High-density foam and non-marring
  • Increases the surface area on woods
  • Less vibration; the foam absorbs vibrations
  • Perfect for both infeed/outfeed protection
  • Replaceable and interchangeable feathers
  • Easy and smooth glide to produce high and low pressure
  • Cons

  • Featherpro avoids the magnetic version
  • Not effective like Magswitch

  • Final Verdict

    So, you are now well aware of every component of a powerful, and the best featherboard for table saw or a router table. Most of the best pieces online capture this list above. Besides, we can suggest as the best picks here the Magswitch Universal Model, DRILLPRO Feather boards, and the Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard. These three products are enriched with the most useful features and design that any woodworker feels it’s helpful.

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