Best Mobile Base for Table Saw: In 2021 – (10 Top Picks)

Professional woodworking shops or any shops have a collection of power tools and heavy machinery for their regular jobs. It’s vital to have a caster base for those who are working with such heavy-duty tools. The best mobile base for table saws, planers, jointers, or any benchtop machinery can make the way easy. Its easy-moving caster wheels, low profile base, sturdy steel frame and rails, all-steel corner brackets, and perfect dimension are ready to move with ease ensuring maneuverability and mobility.

So, it’s now a big deal to have a mobile base to get maximum benefits carrying heavy-loaded machine tools.

In this post, we have dealt with multiple bases of different capacities and price ranges. Based on the nature of your jobs, you can pick the right ones that best fit.

10 Best Mobile Base for Table Saw Reviews

Here’s the best mobile base for table saw, planers, benchtop jointers, and many more tools.


Shop Fox D2058A Large Mobile Base

Key Points
  • Shop Fox Large Mobile Base

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    The Shop Fox D2058A is our top pick for its performance, quick maneuverability & price range. A pair of casters come with the swivel at the end, keeping the other side fixed. What the benefits it gives are that it enables close-fitting in the constricted areas resulting in easy maneuverability.

    Two adjustable foot pads help get the machine leveled and provide the platform allowing large equipment to maneuver with ease. It is a heavy-duty mobile base to support heavy-weighted machinery and different base sizes.

    It is a low-profile steel platform, sturdy enough to support heavy machinery on it at a lower level possible, with extreme stability.

    In Detail

    The mobile base design has been built to last with trouble-free service for years to come. The rigid quality of the parts and the mobility provide you reliable and safe operation, so it lasts long without losing efficiency.

    The useful thing it comes with is that the lightweight frame and the two casters are sturdy and durable enough to carry heavy machinery on them with bending or breaking. The rolling casters allow rolling out the whole base system to carry a load of benchtop or jointer around the floor. So, you have no worries about the maneuverability at all.

    The shallow frame keeps it almost touching the floor though it doesn’t get fixed. This lower level gives you an extra benefit. You no longer need to reset heavy machinery like wood joiners here and there. It saves you time and labor.

    If you carefully look at it, you will see that the machine on the mobile base is not so high beyond your expectation. What it does is a nice thing to work from a comfortable height. It is suitable especially for planers and jointers.

    Another excellent feature it includes is its wide dimensions. The base has 18-1/4-by-24-1/2 inches of minimum width, while the 28-1/2-by-33-1/2 inches wide area covers large machinery. It is sturdy enough to cover up to 1300 lb. of its maximum capacity. So, don’t worry about its low profile design.

    Buying Advice

    For buying a mobile base, you need to learn about two things. One thing is how far sturdy it is and the carrying capacity it has. Number two is its mobility. Both two points are vital to consider before you go for this.

    Moreover, look into the inside dimensions of the base and find if it has replaceable extension bars. Overall, sturdy construction, low design, and smooth mobility are the main components to take care of.

    Key Features

  • A low profile platform for heavy machines
  • Steel frame for stability
  • Large inside and outside dimensions
  • Durable metal casters
  • Loading capacity up to 1300 lbs
  • Perfect for planners and jointers

  • 2.

    DEWALT DW7350 Mobile Base for Planer Stand

    Key Points
  • DEWALT Planer Stand Mobile Base

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    While most other models come with a traditional mobile base framework, Dewalt introduces an innovative mobile base system that comes with a planer stand integrated. From my personal experience, it is evident that Dewalt produces things from the perspective of users’ benefits. It may cost you a bit more compared to other products, but in the day end, users get an extra benefit from Dewalt products.

    In terms of the mobile base system, Dewalt has provided maximum facilities. The mobile base is versatile, stable, and easy to maneuver. It has a wide dimension that gives you sufficient space to hold a planner on it.

    It is a two parts tool system. The base is low and maneuverable so, easy to move from one place to another. Moreover, the planer stands on it with an MDF top and sturdy steel frame that carries heavy loads and lasts long.

    In Detail

    The planer stands with an integrated base that is superior, giving you dependable support and mobility. The sturdy base and frame constructed from heavy-gauge steel support heavy loads. It is capable of carrying loads of bulky benchtop planers on it.

    The mobile stand is customizable. If you find it’s unfit to line up with the holes, don’t worry – you can drill holes and customize it to accommodate the planer on it. However, it comes with a wide dimension consisting of 24-by-22-by-30-inches to support massive size tools on it.

    The most important fact is that the size of the whole base is wide but not so bulky compared to a similar base system. So, it is easy to move and set up anywhere you like it to place. It is a heavy-duty base system weighing only 59 pounds.

    It comes with a stand, mobile bases, an MDF top, hardware, and a shelf to ensure maximum facilities. The versatile planer stand is ideal for smooth movement. The wheel casters it comes with are sturdy enough to support heavy loads that never bend or break down. The steel construction rails and frame are also sturdy and durable that last for a long time.

    Buying Advice

    The sturdy and durable construction of the mobile base is welcoming. Unlike other mobile bases, it has a stand with an MDF top for the planer, which will be an added value to pick it.

    Smooth mobility and heavy-load capacity are vital concerns about a mobile base system. This versatile base system has all these facilities. Moreover, it gives you a low height to support bulky tools on it.

    The casters and the lower portion of the frame are durable and support heavy loads without bending. All these features will worth the penny you’ll spend on it.

    Key Features

  • Versatile for maximum facilities
  • Easy and smooth mobility
  • Comes with a planer stand along with the base
  • Capable of carrying heavy loads
  • Customizable and comes with assembly parts like hardware, MDF top, etc.

  • 3.

    Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base System

    Key Points
  • Rockler Mobile Base for All Terrain

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    Rockler gives you a caster system to roll over any ground with cracks, pebbles, threads, or any uneven and small odds on the floor. The urethane wheels roll over the floor without creating any spots or dashes while maneuvering from place to place.

    The expendable frame comes with wheel locks to stop rigidity. The heavy-duty base is capable of carrying almost any heavy-loaded tools.

    The simple assembly process with all necessary hardware is an excellent option for many users. All in its four corners, the wheels include brakes to stop it at any specified position.

    In Detail

    Rockler introduces an all-terrain mobile base that doesn’t stumble at any uneven and small odds. You can maneuver it with no obstacles carrying a heavy-loaded stationary tool on its back. You will like it for its strong loading capacity and smooth mobility.

    The sturdy frames and urethane casters are as heavy and durable as to carry a heavy load of up to 800 pounds. Its extendable steel frame can turn it into a portable mobile base when necessary. It has a large carrying space on it, and you can extend it from 18 x 18 to 28 x 28 inches, which ensures the carrying capacity of a large size benchtop jointer or a planer.

    Most users like it because it allows only a 1-inch gap from the floor. Among the four casters, two from the front side swivel freely, so that it moves left or right easily. The corners are so sturdy and reinforced with joints that ensure strong holding power.

    Overall, it is an excellent weapon to carry a large tool to give you portability in the workstation.

    Buying Advice

    Its sturdy construction, versatility, easy and smooth maneuverability are its attraction to the users. You’ll find no tools that can carry a heavy load as it can do.

    However, compare with other similar items and your job nature before you finally decide to pick it. It may be expensive for some users.

    Key Features

  • Maneuverable on any surfaces
  • Heavy-duty; 800 pounds loading capacity
  • Large urethane wheels with brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expendable and sturdy steel frame

  • 4.

    SAWSTOP Industrial Mobile Base – Best Table Saw Mobile Base

    Key Points
  • Industrial Mobile Base

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    The SawStop is one of the top-level mobile bases you can trust. Some key features it includes are innovative, useful, and very effective for modern technologies. It has a hydraulic pistol and quick pump foot pedal to support fast and smooth operations. These features are very uncommon to users, and they bring benefits for them.

    It is highly capable of carrying loads up to 1000 lbs. The wheel is sturdy, and the base technically supports the wheels from breaking or twisting.

    The base comes with multiple assembly kits proving it a professional-grade tool.

    In Detail

    If you are looking for a mobile base for a table saw, this SawStop base may be an ideal mobile base for you. You’ll get some innovative and modern technological support from this tool.

    Its quick pump foot pedal is an excellent feature to help you when you try to set up the large cabinet table saw. The base allows setting up the large table saw directly on the ground inside the four wheels. When needed, you can use the hydraulic pistol to lift the saw from the ground, and it moves upward for mobility. It protects the wheels and allows smooth operation.

    Moreover, the casters move to turn 360-degree angles to ensure smooth maneuverability and easy movement. Disengagement of the wheels allows the saw to rest firmly on the ground, so no extra pressure on the wheel. The wheel does not twist because they are heavy-duty and capable of carrying massive loads up to 1000 lbs.

    It is a complete set, and no extension handle is required. It comes with sufficient assembly kits, so no additional accessories you need to buy separately. Overall, it’s an excellent professional-grade mobile base system though a bit pricey.

    A solution to the problem: if the foot pedal doesn’t work right away – click here.

    Buying Advice

    If you are highly professional and used to handling a benchtop table saw, this kit will be a perfect choice for you. Otherwise, it may be the reason for wasting your money.

    Of course, its innovative technological features always attract users to have one.

    Before you buy, carefully took at the casters, steel frames, and some assembly kits if missing or in disorder. Usually, it arrives in a box with a solid pack.

    Key Features

  • Highly professional mobile base for a table saw
  • Includes full ball bearing casters
  • Quick pump for foot pedal
  • Easily maneuverable with full turning casters
  • Hydraulic pistol for lifting the base

  • 5.

    Woodstock Universal Mobile Base – Model D3757

    Key Points
  • Woodstock Universal Base

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    Woodstock/Shop Fox D3757 is a universal mobile base system that is customizable to fit any machine base and a variety of materials. The sturdy brackets on each corner and low profile ensure stability and smooth movement.

    The mobile base has two wheels at the back end fixed, and on the other part in front, there are two kick-stand casters for easy mobility.

    Its large dimension accommodates thick plywood, and the adjustable feet give you more stability.

    See what size does plywood comes in here.

    In Detail

    It is vital to have a low-level mobile base system for shallow passing and smooth maneuverability. Shop Fox mobile base is a perfect option to choose for mobility carrying large machinery on the back.

    This universal mobile base is customizable and carries a lot of materials. Its carrying capacity is up to 600 lbs. The low-profile mobile base allows 3/4-inch thickness plywood. Of course, it is adaptable with other thicknesses as well.

    You will like its swivel casters. Two fixed caster brackets are attached at the end, and two swivel caster brackets are attached to kick-stand the casters when you need to maneuver the base. Also, two adjustable leveling feet are out there to allow stability.

    This low-profile base is sturdy enough to carry the load up to 600 lbs. For smooth maneuverability and stability, it comes with useful features. The whole base system keeps it low near the ground carrying a large machine on work. Pressing the kick-stand, you can lift the base a bit that allows the mobile base to roll out.

    Overall, this one is an ideal choice for beginners to mid-level users. It will give you easy and smooth operation and maneuverability.

    Buying Advice

    Woodstock provides its customers with a quality product so far. The mobile base is not an exception since they assure quality checking. However, check out the main features it comes with when you finally decide to buy.

    Its carrying capacity is up to 600 lbs. So, be sure if it is fit for the job you are going to buy it for.

    To me, its casters and swivel casters, sturdy corner brackets, and frame are the nice inclusion you’ll like.

    Key Features

  • Low but sturdy profile mobile base
  • Ensures 100% mobility
  • Comes with Casters, Swivel Casters, and adjustable leveling feet
  • Nice collection of kick-stand Casters
  • Excellent carrying capacity up to 600 lbs

  • 6.

    Jet – JMB-UMB Universal Mobile Base (708118)

    Key Points
  • Jet Universal Mobile Base

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    Jet is another mobile base option for some users to pick. Jet introduces it with a new dimension of flexibility and mobility though it was once a kind of immovable mobile base system.

    Did you know the difference between caster and wheels? Which one is better for mobile bases? Let’s get the answer here first. Most mobile bases have casters. You may also find some mobile bases that come with plastic wheels.

    With 2 fixed and 2 swivel casters, the Jet mobile base is adjustable and expandable in its dimension to support bulky tools.

    The sturdy construction of the frame, yet lightweight, can hold a heavy load weighing max 600 lbs. Though it carries heavy loads, it is lightweight and portable.

    Overall, it is an ideal option to choose at an affordable rate. The low level and easy movement rank it to the top.

    Key Features

  • Lightweight, portable and adjustable
  • Smooth mobility with its fixed and swivel casters
  • Allows tool-free assembly
  • Large and expandable dimensions
  • Sturdy frame with rails and solid corner brackets

  • 7.

    Bora Portamate Mobile Base Kit

    Key Points
  • Bora Portamate Kit

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    Bora Portamate is an affordable, heavy-duty, low-level, and universal mobile base system. You can easily push it underneath a table saw without any obstacle.

    It comes with durable dolly roller casters that can carry up to 400 lbs. It is customizable for any size machine.

    This mobile base can carry heavy machinery and a wide variety of items. What you need is to measure the footprint and customize it accordingly. It is perfect for woodshops, garages, or anywhere you want to maneuver.

    Usually, it mounts table saws, workbenches, planers, jointers, and many more. Its low profile keeps the machine shallow and rigid to work on with smoothness.

    More detail about the Portamate base is right here.

    Key Features

  • Affordable and smooth mobility
  • Customizable for the right machine tools
  • The 3-inch plastic wheels skate smoothly, carrying up to 400 lbs.
  • Low profile that let the machine keep at a lower level; it allows only 1-inch height
  • Accommodate any sizes of machine tools
  • Allows up to 3/4-inch thick plywood

  • 8.

    HTC HTC2000 Mobile Base for Power Tools

    Key Points
  • HTC Base System

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    Another lightweight and affordable mobile base is available for you to make your heavy machines mobile. It is the HTC-2000 adjustable mobile base system that is easy to use and maneuver, giving you rock-solid stability.

    It provides you more mobility and stability, so the equipment or tools are now reliably manageable. The four-casters design and the mobile base come with locking levers and adjustable rails that allow easy and smooth movement.

    The expandable kit is rock-solid and low profile with its slightest height level possible. It lifts only 1-inch high, raising the machine from the ground so that you feel not so high working on it.

    The mobile base allows almost any machine from small to large. You can maneuver carrying large machines like a drill press, table saw, jointers, planers, sanders, etc.

    Key Features

  • Affordable base system
  • Enriched with useful features
  • Easy to lock and unlock the rubber wheels for more stability
  • Low profile allows only 1 inch high from the ground
  • Heavy-duty 3 inch rubber wheels

  • 9.

    Bora Portamate PM-3750 T Extension Combo & Mobile Base

    Key Points
  • Bora Portamate with T Extension

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    PM-3750 is one of the best well-thought mobile bases from Bora Portamate. It comes with a T-extension combo to help you move a large extension table. It was an obstacle to push the large table when loaded since there was no means to push or pull. The T-extension is the right kit to help easy movement.

    This base is a heavy-duty mobile base system that can carry a huge load of up to 1500 pounds. It has 3 floor-locks for strong stability, and you can operate those by your feet with ease.

    You’ll find benefits from this mobile base while it allows a 1-inch increase or decrease in its size. The solid corner brackets and casters give you stability, and the foot control locking levers keep it in place.

    This mobile base is perfect for carrying giant cabinets, a table saw, planners, and many more.

    Key Features

  • Comes with all-steel corner brackets and casters
  • The T-extension for smooth mobility
  • Foot control locking levers for stability
  • Heavy load carrying capacity up to 1500 lbs
  • Adjustable in 1-inch increase or decrease
  • Heavy-duty and durable

  • 10.

    Oasis Machinery MB800 Mobile Base

    Key Points
  • Oasis Machinery Tool Career

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    Oasis Machinery comes with the MB800 model with multiple configurations. The heavy-duty metal frame is sturdy and durable and capable of carrying up to 1000 lbs.

    The mobile base is compact and small so, it’s easy to go beneath the tools hiding. However, you will be able to enlarge or decrease it up to 1 inch when needed.

    The steel construction wheels and integrated hand locks provide sufficient stability while carrying heavy loads.

    Overall, it is a small but useful mobile base in your workshop.

    Key Features

  • Expandable up to 1 inch
  • Compact, small and portable
  • Sturdy steel construction frame and wheels
  • Comes with integrated hand locks
  • Heavy-duty and stable

  • Final Verdict

    In our list of the best mobile base for a table saw, you’ll find multiple models with their capacity. You can choose any of them to find it useful for your jobs.

    In spite, we can recommend Shop Fox, DEWALT, and Rockler all-terrain mobile base for maximum benefits to the users.

    Finally, we want to say that look at the rail system, casters, and wheels that work for mobility. I hope these mobile bases on our list will be the right choice so far.

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