Best Rolling Tool Bag: In 2021 – (10 Top Picks & Reviews)

The best rolling tool bag is, now a day, very nifty carrying “go-to” tools and accessories to the Jobsite. The rolling tool bag helps to organize the essential tools in one place and allows carrying them to the right place as well.

A perfect tool organizer or storage bag is one that meets your needs and matches the applications. I’ve noticed so many people using bags, totes, or organizer for storing tools for better mobilization. In recent years, rolling totes, or toolboxes are much more popular to the mechanics and carpenters for mobilizing their everyday used tools and accessories.

In this article, I’ve enlisted 10 from a lot of tool bags, rolling tote, and boxes, and I think my visitors will hardly fail to pick they need. I’ve picked the best from the top to meet your needs.

Shopping Chart – Best Tool Bag For HVAC

ImageProduct NameBottom LineShipping WeightClick Here to
Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool BagKlein Tools 55452RTBDimensions: 19.9″ x 16.3″ x 11″Weight: 19 pounds

25 pounds

DEWALT Deep BoxDEWALT DWST17820Dimensions: 20.2″ x 39″ x 17″Weight: 4.88 pounds

10.4 pounds

CLC Custom Leathercraft L258CLC Custom Leathercraft L258Dimensions: 18.5″ x 13″ x 17″Weight: 9.35 pounds

11.2 pounds

Husky 18" Tool ToteHusky Rolling Tool ToteDimensions: 19″ x 10″ x 20″Weight: 13.6 pounds

13.6 pounds

XtremepowerUS 18" Tool BagXtremepowerUS 18” Tool BagDimensions: 18″ x 10″ x 15″Weight: 13.25 pounds

13.65 pounds

Milwaukee Rolling BagMilwaukee 48-22-8220Dimensions: 16″ x 24″ x 21″Weight: 27 pounds

35.9 pounds

Keter Masterloader Tool OrganizerKeter Masterloader Tool BoxDimensions: 24.2″ x 14.9″ x 16.3″Weight: 13 pounds

16.01 pounds

Husky GP-44449N13 Pro ToteHusky GP-44449N13 ProDimensions: 22″ x 12″ x 15″Weight: 32 pounds

32 pounds

Milwaukee 22-in Tool toteMilwaukee 22 in. Tool BoxDimensions: 33.4″ x 22.8″ x 21.9″Weight: 45.4 pounds

45.4 pounds

DEWALT DGL571 Tool BagDEWALT DGL571 18″ Tool BagDimensions: 19.5″ x 13″ x 16.5″Weight: 10.1 pounds

10.1 pounds


10 Best Rolling Tool Bag Reviews

Here’s the best rolling tool bag. See our list of 10 top picks.

1. Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro Rollling Tool Bag

best rolling tool bag

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When constant movement with heavy tools is an arduous job, Klein Tools comes with a wheel tool bag to reduce handyman’s pain. If you are in need of a rolling tool bag, Klein Tools 55452RTB may be the right choice for you. This one is the top pick in our list since it comes with a reinforced metal casing; not so heavy or lightweight.

Its sturdy construction, loading capacity, and easy carrying option provide necessary clues to consider it as the strongest model on the market. We found it can carry up to 200 pounds of load confined to every space it can accommodate.

The metal kickplate, it comes with, protects from bumps and debris produced in the job sites. Moreover, the bag comes with a metal frame inside that means it protects the thin part from being torn early. We found most other tool bags come with plastic frames instead of metal. It means the bag is more durable compared to other similar models.

The inside of the tool bag is like a tool organizer. You’ll find there a number of pockets to store tools organized as you can do that in a tool organizer. It allows keeping things in order so that you can store more tools in a tight space. Not only does this, but it also allows the mouth opened wide so that it becomes easy moves of tools for loading and unloading.

The inside of the tool bag is wrapped with a bright orange interior to ensure it’s visible, so it becomes easy and clear to find any tools when needed.

The six inches wheels can handle crossing any rough and debris-mixed terrains. You can walk way alone, and the wheels will support overcoming any loose concrete in footsteps. You’ll no longer be afraid to carry it on the neck or something like this.

You’ll also find there a kick plate at the bottom. It will protect the bag from being touched with any elements and cracked. Another notable feature it includes is its handle with the concentric tubular part. The handle is a bit longer than the rolling bag, so it becomes easy to handle along the rough rain-slicked terrain.

The only issue we find is its small outer pocket. It might unfit to store more tools. If stored, the bag size may be unusual. However, the bag is super handy for users.


  • Metal frame, durable and handy
  • Long carrying handle
  • Perfect 6-inches wheel
  • The kick plate to support cracking
  • Almost 200 pounds loading capacity


  • The outer pocket is small

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2. DEWALT DWST17820 Tool Box – Maximum Storage


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If you have more tools to gear them in one place, you may find it’s useful having the DEWALT TSTAK, Deep Box. It is because the box has a maximum storage capacity, and the 7-inches wheelers with push-button will be your dream.

The TSTAK organizer is an easy storage system, and it’s popular among the users, for it allows them to customize it the way they like. To be honest, DeWalt ToughSystem is another best alternative for the tough jobholders. On the contrary, TSTAK is comparatively affordable, and it can fill up the dream.

The TSTAK Mobile Storage Deep Box deserves its demand for its wheel system and telescopic handle.

The TSTAK system comes with removable storage boxes. The deep boxes have a tower attached. It also encompasses a large container and a removable organizer tray inside to hold whatever things you need to carry. It is a perfect storage system to keep tools like saws and drills and the similar tools to work with for the whole day.

The deep box possesses a large storage capacity. Compared to the deep box on the wheel, this one is a bit compact of about 6-gallons. It also comes with an organizer tray measuring the height of about 11-7/8 inch, and in length, it is 17-1/4 inch wide.

The TSTAK Open Tote is another excellent thing to possess. It combines storage vertically to keep things in order so you can store more tools in one place. You can store inside the open tote different handy tools and accessories like the hammer drill, impact gun, batteries, extension cord, and many more. Still, you’ll find plenty of room there for bits.

Anyone would love Dewalt ToughSystem for its easy gripping system and the winch. The metal parts of the ToughSystem are rust-resistant and sturdy. What you need is a smart investment.


  • Sturdy, durable and rust-resistant
  • Ensure maximum storage capacity
  • The telescopic handle
  • A quick push button to set the handle in the right position
  • The large size wheels almost 7-inches
  • The metal latches with no corrosion


  • Heavy to carry when portable
  • Need big investment

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 – Best TechGear

CLC Leathercraft L258

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The CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 tool bag boasts multiple inside and outside tool storage pockets. It also comes with a large compartment to keep things well organized. The tool bag is a durable roller storage bag that comes with a few innovative features, but you’ll discern some significant issues as well.

Firstly, the tool storage bag is super handy because of its rolling wheel system, and the LED light will always help you reach in the work station event in dark condition.

It’s not finished here, but you can use it for multiple environments.

For example, you’ve just reached before the garage but found that there’re no lighting facilities out there at that particular moment. Don’t worry – the handle comes with a LED light to lit up the doorway. You can also turn and roll out the LED light to light up from one corner to another. It can help you lit up the tight space while you are using a wrench to tighten up any bolts.

Most people like this telescoping LED Light Handle.

The tool bag comes with plenty of pockets inside and outside of the pack. You’ll find 6 multi-purpose pockets inside the bag and 11 more outside to organize a wide range of handy tools. But, definitely, the insider pockets are not useful for large tools like hammer drills, cap nailer, or cap staplers; they are good to keep things like screwdrivers there.

However, the hope is that there are plenty of vacant spaces inside to keep things free.

Heavy-duty wheels will help you carry the bag over the rough ways. But, overall, you can’t consider the bag as a super durable. Rather you’ll notice a flimsy feeling while carrying the handle.

The magnetic folding zipper system will give you full access to keep things safe and secure. You can use the spacious interior to hold large power tools for convenient transport.

Despite its pros, we noticed some issues to consider. Though it has a good lighting facility, the LED light can’t lit up brightly to continue jobs.

However, the CLC Tech Gear may win much praise for innovation.

Thanks for the roller bag – L258


  • The CLC Tech Gear system
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets
  • Durable wheels for transportation
  • LED Light
  • The Telescoping LED Light Handle


  • LED light can’t enlighten brightly
  • Flimsy carrying handle
  • Plenty of pockets but not for large tools

4. Husky 18″ 600-Denier Rolling Tool Tote

Husky 18" Rolling Tool Bag

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The Husky rolling tool tote bag may be the right choice for the users who like to manage everything easier, not in a huge tool bag, but organize everything on it. This rolling tote works really well, carrying tools and taking things on the Jobsite.

The tool bag comes with some pockets for the tools outside.

So, first, you’ll get there a big zipper; actually two zippers. And everything you’ll see so rolling well. You’ll get two nice big zippers at the end together. So, you can hold one and tab that to open the zipper easily.

This one is also made up of 600 deniers. So, this is a polyester type material. When you can get it of 1000 deniers, it might be of nylon. But you see it’s polyester type material.

Husky introduces the tool bag with a strong carrying handle with Bartec stitching. The 600 denier polyester has been used to make sure it’s sturdy and capable of carrying the heavy load.

You’ll see there a cross on the stitching. The cross x stitching has been maintained so that it can provide extra protection from being torn out easily.

Also, you can open this bag unusually wider than you expect from any other tool bags. Sometimes you’ll find some zipper bag. That does not open quite as big as it opens.

This is how it opens fully, giving you a full space inside.

You’ll get a 17 inches tall and 18 inches wide. So, you’ll get a nice pick bag here.

Now come to its inside to find 7 interior pockets out there. The pockets are well designed to keep things easy. These pockets are basically useful for screwdrivers. Whenever you work with busy hands, you can keep screwdrivers there and close the bag to get them all secured.

When you closely look on the back, you’ll see 2 loops out there for the tape measure. A business card holder is also found there, which is an additional port tucked.

And there’s the telescoping handle, which is smooth and balanced over the wheels. This one is very well and smooth to operate.

What thing I noticed is the wheels here don’t take beyond and reinforce a vacant here. So when you get that in the stairs, it can only drag in the back. You can, of course, make it fold up.

This tool bag can carry 100 pounds, so it’s built very well. I can tell you that it has a solid structure.

It’s not a big organizer for you, but it keeps everything well.


  • Not so big but capture so many tools
  • Well built zipper system
  • Polyester material, 600 deniers
  • The cross x stitching
  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • 2 tape measure loops


  • Not perfect wheels
  • May drag on the stair
  • A bit wide

5. XtremepowerUS 18” Rolling Tool Bag

XtremepowerUS Tool Bag

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XtremepowerUS is a sleek, smart, and easy carry tool bag to serve you with sufficient space for your handy tool kit. This rolling tool bag comes with extremely helpful features, keeping in mind to make your life easy. You’ll find quality built features, safety measurements, and definitely, it’ll be the bang for your buck.

The kit is an ideal tool bag for a plumber, mechanic, contractor, or any woodworkers, and handyman at the workstation who need to carry useful tools always.

This bag is essential for the individuals we mentioned because it carries a huge load of tools, which is almost impossible for those who are thinking about the alternatives. You can’t carry the load at hand, and among the most alternatives, the tool bag is the perfect option for you.

The XtremepowerUS 90700-XP comes with a long handle of about 41 inches length. It also comes with a lot of pockets both inside and outside. The tiny pockets are designed to store a lot of small size tool kits and parts.

Users find it’s helpful and bring value to their jobs. The reason they like it is its price. For a similar tool bag, you have to pay more compared to this one. Moreover, it provides the same facility as the other similar tool bag does.

XtremepowerUS tool bag is made up of highly durable ballistic material, and water-resistant Polyester, so it’s durable. Its dual-zipper system allows you to pull strings and open wide for the easy storage facility. You’d find plastic feet on the bottom that secure it from scratching with soil while moving.

The bag is large enough, and the wheels it possesses will help you move it smooth without letting you carry on the shoulder.

So, it’s a perfect roller bag at a reasonable price. Anyone will find it to get value for the investment.

However, we didn’t find its 100% perfection. Most users find issues with its seams that fail. Besides, it’s not a long time durable as we expected. A few more options are out there to consider for quality, space, and durability. But for the buck, there’s no way but to appreciate.


  • Affordable and worthy of the price
  • The 41 inches long handle
  • The interior and outer pockets
  • Durable and water-resistant


  • No pockets specified for screwdrivers
  • Found some shallow pockets inside
  • Failure of seams is an issue

6. Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag – Model 48-22-8220

Milwaukee Hardtop Rolling Tool Bag

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Milwaukee’s one of the best models is 48-22-8220, and the hardtop lid is its attraction. Milwaukee 48-22-8220 comes with almost all the essential features, but the hardtop lid comes to handy for most users. Usually, the top lid is found as a clothing cover, not providing sufficient space of mouth opening. This 6 inches lid can provide you space to organize your tools when it opens the mouth of the bag.

Not only does this, but you also can keep large things on it while working or carrying it to the workstation.

It’s a 24-inch tidy rolling tool bag providing you plenty of space to organize more tools and accessories. It has sufficient space inside to carry a huge load. 250 lbs load with heavy metal tools is not so hard to carry for the bag.

Keeping in mind, the versatility of the bag, it comes with a sturdy extendable handle, and metal rim wheels that allow users’ comfort, while carrying things over the terrain. You can easily change your hands and extend the handle when you need it.

The metal sliding plates and ballistic construction have become the reason for its enhanced durability. You can fold down the front panel and keep everything in decent order so that the tools and parts are accessible to the users.

You’ll also find there a tablet sleeve inside the bag, which means it’s a safe place to keep your job site internal tablet.

Overall, this tool bag is an awesome option for you with its enriched features. The fact is that it deserves the second position in our list if it doesn’t lack a kickplate, which means a protective plate. We found its shaft, and the handle is weak and unsafe for the bag. But, without these drawbacks, it is an excellent option for you guys.


  • Comes with hardtop lid
  • Plenty of space inside
  • Versatile and durable
  • Extendable handle and other useful features
  • A tablet sleeve inside


  • Lacks a protective plate

7. Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

Keter Masterloader Rolling Organizer

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When most famous brands have brought traditional tool bags, Keter introduces Masterloader considering the need for nifty technicians, professional woodworkers, and mechanics, proving itself as the market leader in today’s market. High mobility resin organizer hardly fails to satisfy its users who first get introduced with this toolbox.

This rolling toolbox comes with removable bins and a lockable compartment so that the users can store hardware and small parts separately. It has positive feedback from the users. The separated compartments keep things separate, so the users get the right tools at the right time without pondering to find that from the things mixed up.

It helps workers save their time and increase efficiency and productivity. Besides, there are no possibilities to lose any accessories or small parts at the end of the busy working days. Moreover, it ensures workshop jobs secure and satisfying.

Unlike most other tool bags on the market, Keter doesn’t have any issue with mouth opening. In most cases, it is an issue whether the bag’s mouth is big enough to organize tools inside.

Keter has a box design, and its mouth is open. What you need to do is to keep on the floor, and you’ll get access. It comes with two-compartment slides on the top, which you can open from the opposite directions. It allows access to all the tools right in front.

The toolbox features 7-inches wide rubber wheels and an extendable handle that is helpful for easy mobility and transportation. It is constructed from resin plastic, allowing no rust or denting.

Seemingly the toolbox is good to think, but we have some issues with its hinges. As the box is large, the hinge is not perfect to go for it. Moreover, the box is gigantic to travel. It is awkward for you, and you’ll be unable to carry that on the stair.


  • Perfect for professionals at the workshop
  • Locking system for security
  • Enough space to organize tools
  • Two sliding compartments


  • Not portable especially on stairs
  • Plastic toolbox

8. Husky GP-44449N13 Pro Grade Rolling Tote

Husky GP-44449N13 22-Inch Pro Tool Tote

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Husky Pro Grade Rolling Tote is one that I wanted to have to judge the wrestling move. What I found was not disheartening at all; rather I noticed the tote is large, water-resistant, heavy-duty, and durable.

This tote is well made and constructed from 1680-Denier materials to make sure it’s sturdy and durable. The heavy-duty tote is capable of holding all the storage for professional needs. It is a complete set with all the ideal features to assist a mechanic in the workshop.

The bag is an ideal gift for the professional, and as an expert, you’ll notice the tote is beefy and comes with an extendable handle and reinforced bottom, ensuring its sturdiness. You’ll also find it’s useful for its augmented back, if full of tools and accessories, it may be heavy, but won’t be torn out for a couple of years.

The Husky 22-inch tool tote is a pro-graded tool organizer. Anyone will like it from its first look because it has an excellent design. It comes with an extendable telescoping handle and 3 ball-bearing wheels. The heavy-duty wheels and the handle help you carry the tote around the workshop, even when it is loaded with tools and parts.

Its tactful design with rain flap keeps the main compartment out of the rainwater. The zipper keeps that more secure when it’s raining. See here a guide to bag and totes.

The tote is big enough to store things inside up to 150 lbs weight capacity, and it has almost 38 pockets to organize tools and parts, providing you flexible storage opportunities.

The issue I found with its pockets. The pockets are a bit tight to get the parts out of them. And it’s not the right fit for the rough terrain.


  • Large, heavy-duty and durable
  • The beefy materials, and reinforced back and the bottom
  • The telescoping handle is extendable
  • A water-resistant zipper bag


  • Pockets are a bit tight to release tools
  • Not perfect on rough terrains

9. Milwaukee 22 in. Rolling Tool Box

Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box

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This time I have listed a large size industry leader, a durable and versatile Milwaukee 22″ toolbox right here. It is a tool storage system; you can use rough and tough on harsh conditions too.

When most other tool totes and organizers were thriving on the market, Milwaukee 22″ toolbox came with a big splash. While other tool bags were covering the weight limit of only 150 lbs and were very much concerned about the rough conditions of the surrounding, it came with the capacity of 250 lbs and didn’t care about mood with rough terrains.

The impact-resistant polymer is its main material, and it is IP65 rated, meaning that it is dust-tight even in the rough weather condition. Moreover, the huge size of the toolbox has 250 lbs of storage capacity, which is quite rare.

Unlike other tools, it comes with a long extendable handle and metal reinforced corners to protect from any unexpected hit.

What you’ll like most is its modular system and sliding system that connect one box to another. You’ll also find there a quick release system to release each box from the slide.

There is a strong metal locking system. The metal latches are sturdy enough to lock it down with complete security. Additionally, there’s a metal corner for extra protection.


  • Huge space 250 lbs for a lot of tools storage
  • No issues with rough workshop conditions
  • IP65 enclosure as dust-tight
  • Metal-reinforced locking system and corners
  • The modular and sliding system


  • Huge size, too heavy to carry
  • Little bit pricey

10. DEWALT DGL571 Rolling Tool Bag

DEWALT DGL571 18-Inch Rolling Tool Bag

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I cannot end up here without reviewing the DEWALT DGL571 Tool Bag. I don’t want to give you guys an incomplete write-up missing such an excellent lighted roller bag. What I got in this tool bag are lightweight, compact size, and capacity to carry a lot of tools and accessories at a time.

Let’s introduce the DeWalt DGL571 18-inch lighted tool bag.

It features a sturdy and large telescoping handle that stretches for fast and secure transport with a heavy load. The heavy-duty wheels allow bag movement with ease over the uneven and rough terrain. With a zipper top that is foldable and magnetic, you can conveniently attach to the handle to get full access to the bag’s department.

The DGL571 Roller Bag has enough space inside. Most power tools are accessible in 6 large main compartments inside and the 11 outside. They help to organize a wide variety of hand tools.

The handy integrated 3-levels LED lighting system is located on the handle. It is located there, so it is easily directed to the working area or into the bag.

The LED light is powered by two AAA batteries, and if you look into the bag’s inside, you’ll be notified that there is a battery attached in a small compartment. The battery is attached, clinging tightly to avoid the possibility of missing. Moreover, inside the outer pocket, you’ll notice a device with USB ports for recharging facilities.

The bottom line is that it is an excellent tool bag, and you’ll lose no money. Criticism is there that the bag is a bit costly compared to its size and portability. But you’ll be happy to learn that DeWalt product never fails to win one’s heart for its quality and durability.

Hopefully, DeWalt DGL571 18-inch roller bag won’t disappoint you.


  • Sturdy, portable, compact, and durable
  • LED light and 3-stages telescoping handle
  • Rechargeable battery to support visibility
  • Comfortable and can move on the rough terrain


  • Costly for its size and portability
  • Insufficient pockets inside to organize more small tools

Final Thoughts

It is hard to beat the Klein Tools 55452RTB for its metal frame, molded kickplate, and the rough and tough movement over the terrains, and that’s why we placed it in the top position. DEWALT DWST17820 is the second choice for its sturdiness and maximum storage capacity. CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 is another tool bag we choose for its innovative features. I believe you’ll also like it. XtremepowerUS Rolling Bag may be the deserving bag for those who are brooding over budgetary planning. It is affordable and can carry a huge load. On the other hand, a lot more tiny pockets are out there to organize tons of small tools.

Hopefully, finding the best rolling tool bag is now much easier. The information on each product composed will help you finally pick the right decision.

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