Best Router Bits Set: In 2021 – [10 Top Picks & Reviews]

As the wood router plays a vital role in job sites, every handyman knows how a crucial part of the router bit is. The best router bits are the secrets of carpenters to bring things in reality.

But winning the quality bits is a challenge. First time experience may bring you low-quality bits in hand. Besides, whether to buy separate pieces of bits or bits set will be beneficial for you is also a major question.

We found professionals always like to buy the best router bits set from the point of view, not losing the scope of winning some extra bucks. Moreover, multiple bit sizes and styles will be available out there near your hands.

However, for newbies, a few extra bits may be useless from the set.

In this list, we have focused on the top-rated router bits set considering quality materials, usefulness, multiple styles, and purposes. You can use them for cutting edges, V-grooves, mortising, cove boxing, dovetails, and many more. I hope these bits will come to your best use.

Top Rated Bits Set Compared!

Image Product Name Bottom Line Our Ratings Click Here to
Dremel 692 Router Bit Set Dremel 692 Bit Set
Whiteside Bits Whiteside 401 Router Bits
MLCS 6077 Bit Set MLCS 6077 Router Bit Set
Freud 1-3/4" Bit Set Freud 99-036 Bit Set
Hiltex 10100 Router Bits Hiltex 10100 Router Bits
Stalwart 24 Piece Router Bit Set Stalwart Router Bit Set
MLCS 8377 Bit Sets MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set
Freud 91-100 Bit Set Freud 91-100 Bit Set
Neiko 10115A Router Bits Neiko 10115A Tungsten Carbide Bits
Yonico 17702 Bits Yonico 17702 70 Bit Set

10 Best Router Bits Reviews

See our list of 10 best router bits review right here.

1. Dremel 692 Router Bit Set

Best Router Bits

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For inlaying wood pieces, or mortising wood, you’d need a valuable set to tackle your project hassle-free like Dremel 692 router bit set. It comes with six pieces ideal for any repair or renovation jobs. The set includes straight bits, a piloted beating, a quarter-inch core bit, and a chamfer bit.

The piloted bits come in handy when you want to customize the wood design. The straight ones are perfect for flexibility. You can apply them to different projects like when building furniture or miniature buildings.

The bits have high-grade steel to protect them from rust or corrosion, thus enhancing their durability. The high-quality construction also ensures that the cuts are accurate during tasks, thus saving you time and energy. Moreover, this set is ideal for rotary tools like a 231-shaper router and a 335-plunge router.

Another pro feature of this product is the easy insertion process since the items provide enough shank space for a better grip. Just place in the bit all the way to the tool, then slightly out before securing it in place.

The Dremel 692 router cutter set work charms on softer materials but not on hardwoods. We suggest this set for those looking for router bits of quality, durability, and perfect for small projects.


  • The high-grade steel construction
  • Easy & soft insertion system for a better and longer life
  • Quality construction and durable
  • Variety of bit specifications
  • Ideal for different soft projects


  • May face issues with hardwoods
  • Plastic case

2. Whiteside 401 Router Bits with 1/2-Inch Shank

Whiteside 401 Basic Bit

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Whiteside has been producing router bits for over 30 years. Their main aim is to provide customers with solving problems and quality products. And, that’s what you can expect from this set, which simplifies your woodworking projects.

Whiteside 401 possesses reliable tips, and it has a variety of shapes to meet the needs of hobbyists and professionals at work. The quality features and constructions found well-balanced to fit the tasks of beginners too.

Sometimes you only need a few cutter pieces that can be versatile in most projects. Whiteside router bit set is one flexible set that comes with only 7 of the most commonly used cutters. They include two straight bits that are ½ inches and ¼ inches, a cove bit, a depth rabbet cutter, a Round over and a beading bit, a half an inch flush trim cutter, and a 45-degree chamfer bit.

Thanks to its premium carbide construction, the cutters are very steady and long-lasting. Furthermore, they come with precision grinding for brilliant support and balance during even the highest RPM.

The bits come in a durable case with exact fittings for the items, thus easier storage. The only issue is that it comes in several pieces, which might be a turnoff to those who want a bigger set.

With just seven pieces and a solid carbide finish, we recommend this set to anyone that wants a small but very useful set.


  • Well-balanced and precision
  • A beautiful plastic-coated carrying case
  • Made in the USA
  • Premium router bits of carbide pulverized


  • Comparatively less variety of bits in the set
  • A bit pricey for the beginners

3. MLCS 6077 Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set

MLCS 6077 Carbide-tipped Bit Set

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MLCS 6077 bit set is the ideal starter set for newbie in woodworking. It offers 15 quality cutters to simplify inlaying or mortising processes.

The set includes 4 straight bits, one round over cutter, a roman ogee bit, a 45-degree chamfer bit, one rabbeting cutter, a flush-trim bit, one V-groove cutter, one dovetail cutter, one-panel piloting bit, a hinge mortising bit, an Allen wrench, and one round nose. The inches vary from item to item.

The tips ensure smooth and precise cuts in the woods. Additionally, you can easily insert the ¼ inch shank router cutters in your power tool.

These bits have a quality carbide construction to double up its life span. Moreover, it comes with a wooden box for proper and easier alignment. The storage box is also portable, making it easy to carry to the working site.

One drawback of this product is that it is not suitable for heavy-duty or non-commercial applications. Using them in such conditions might lead to damage to the cutters.

MLCS 6077 Carbide-tipped Bit Set is the best choice for starters. It is inclusive of excellent bit pieces with a high-temperature coating to prevent it from wearing out during use.


  • An ideal starter set
  • Versatile bit style
  • A standard bit to insert ¼ inch shank
  • Durable life span
  • The wooden bit organizer


  • Not best for non-commercial and heavy-duty jobs
  • A set of 15 pieces; a few may not come handy

4. Freud 99-036 Groove Bit Set

Freud 99-036 Bit Set

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For those projects that require perfect finished surfaces, then this groove bit set will do. The Freud 99-036 Groove Cutter Set is a two-piece set ideal for cutting all kinds of material from plywood, softwoods, to hardwood.

The tongue cutter features shear angles for a flawless finish. The bits adjust to .002 inches increments for groove widths of 3/8 inches and 7/32 inches.

Like many Freud router profiles, these two pieces have an exceptional quality TiCo Hi-Density carbide material. It maximizes its lifespan and also the cutting performance. The carbide is very helpful in terms of sharpness and preventing the coating from wearing off.

For the best results, use this set on a table-mounted router. Moreover, the profiles feature a ½-shank diameter.

Each bit in this Freud’s set comes with two cutters, an arbor, spacers, one ball bearing, a nut, and a flash washer. The spacers are helpful for adjustments for the precise groove and tongue measurements.

Setting up might be a little difficult, but you might get it right after a few tries. We recommend this set to any woodcutter that wants sharp and durable bits that can even cut hardwood without chipping off. It is excellent and easy to adjust.


  • TiCo tips for a longer lifespan
  • Unique box style
  • Applicable for a variety of materials
  • No chatter and vibration controllable
  • Flawless finish with shear angles
  • Easy to adjust


  • Difficult to set up
  • Light and weak case

5. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

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If you like clean and accurate cuts from a heat-resistant bit, then you will love the Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits. It is ideal for veining, trimming, grooving, or edging wood.

The bits have YGB tungsten carbide steel construction for precise and flawless cuts. They also have a hardened steel finish for maximum durability.

There are 15 pieces, including two straight bits, a cove box bit, a cove tail bit, a mortising bit, a 90 degree V grooving bit, a panel pilot, and a chamfer, among others. Each bit features a bearing roller for smooth operations. They also have a ¼-inch universal shank to attach easily on a variety of routers.

One thing that any woodworker will fall in love with is the storage box. It has labels and images of the bits that will direct you to the correct place to put them.

This makes it easy to identify and to store the items.

The only problem is that this package is not the best for hardwood or other heavy-duty projects. However, it is the perfect set for DIYers and beginners who want to work on multiple wood projects. Besides, the extra powder coat offers additional protection to the product allowing you to use the bits several times without wearing off.


  • YGB tungsten carbide blades for sharp cuts
  • Maximum durability with hardened steel finish
  • Several bits comprises 15 pieces
  • The bit storage box
  • An extra powder coat for maximum protection
  • Standard ¼ inch shanks


  • Not good for heavy-duty projects

6. Stalwart Router Bit Set

Stalwart 24 Piece Bit Set

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Those carpenters who want bits of all sizes and shapes Stalwart router bit set will be a good choice for them indeed. Stalwart is one of the best reliable manufacturers with some of the finest products in the market.

The set holds 24 pieces of bits of multiple sizes for different woodworking projects. Whether it is trimming, edging, veining, or grooving tasks, this set has your back.

The bits have premium construction materials and carbide tips to increase its sturdiness. The 15 bits also have a ¼-inch shank diameter to fit different router models. An Allen wrench is also in the set for removing bearings with no trouble.

The set comprises of a variety of items such as mortising bit, dovetail bit, round nose bit, 4 straight bits, chamfer bit, and four radiuses round over bits. In short, you will find several identical bits out of different sizes.

Moreover, the pieces fit into a sturdy wooden case, which has labels for each item. So you can organize and recognize missing pieces without difficulty. Just like the bits, the storage case can last a long time due to its high-quality material.

Both newbie and professionals will appreciate these quality and multipurpose bits. You will certainly feel confident whenever you use this set.


  • Sturdy, durable and affordable
  • ¼-inch standard shank diameter
  • The Allen wrench attached
  • Multiple identical bits available
  • The sturdy wooden organizer
  • 24 multi-type bits; perfect for multi-purpose use


  • The slotted container seems flimsy
  • Light jobs are ok but discouraged for heavy projects

7. MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set

MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set

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Like the MLCS bit set above, this one is also suitable for beginners. The set comprises 15 router bits with super carbide tips for cutting in almost all types of woods.

You’ll get there one round over cutter, 4 straight bits, cove bit, rabbeting cutter, panel pilot bit, a hinge mortising bit, flush-trim bit, a 45-degree chamfer cutter, and a round nose bit. There is also an Allen wrench and a bearing for converting the round over cutter to a beading bit. The cutters have a ½ inches shank for a proper hold to the tool.

The advantage of this product is that you are only limited to the 15 profiles. You can customize your own pieces by combining the different bits.

Additionally, the cutters come in an attractive wooden storage box. This makes organization and portability hassle-free. However, there is an issue with the finish, which tends to wear off after frequent use.

If you are in need of a comprehensive set to get started in carpentry, then we suggest you go for this one. We suggest this MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set for starters that want an array of router bits for light-duty projects.


  • 15 carbide bits
  • A half-inch diameter shank
  • Bits are customizable
  • A portable wooden box
  • Best for light-duty projects


  • Tends to wear off during heavy pressure
  • Seems to be weak meaning leaves dust

8. Freud 91-100 Super Router Bit Set

Freud 91-100 Super Bit Set

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Freud manufactured this superset with one thing in mind, satisfying the desires of every proficient woodworker. The 13-piece router set offers a mix of the most frequently used cutters, including chamfer cutter, dovetailing bits, a flush-trim cutter, and the V grooving bit. All bits have a ½-inch shank.

This super bit set features a MicroGrain carbide construction that ensures a long-lasting effect. Additionally, these cutters have a high shear angle that leaves a clean cut with no chatter marks. So you will have little to no time at all sanding the wood. The bits can also stand any vibration or the highest speeds of the standard 22,000 rpm.

The bits are sturdiest ones since they are made from the combination of cobalt and titanium, in short TiCo. The micro-grain carbide is the main ingredient, so it’s super performer set in any router tools.

The bits can cut any material, including softwood, plywood, and hardwood. Unlike other sets that come with a storage box, this one comes with a case that looks like a cabinet. The box also includes images of each item for easier recognition.

We highly recommend this high-class bit set, which will please most professional carpenters. It has every piece that you will need for your project. Lastly, the carbide and titanium bits can handle any router speeds making it fit for even the toughest jobs.


  • Micro grain carbide construction with cobalt and titanium
  • Strong coating to protect from heat
  • Applicable for a variety of applications
  • Performs with less vibration and chatters
  • Shear angle is strong to resist tear-outs


  • The case is not moderately designed
  • May have rust if left unused

9. Neiko 10115A Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

Neiko 10115A Router Bits

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If you require an ultimate router bit set that comes with a wide selection of bits, then go for Neiko 10115A. It has all the right profiles ideal for specific applications.

The pieces consist of solid alloy steel for longevity and maximum performance. In addition, the set is a bearing roller for smooth and precise operations. Each piece has a powder coating for powerful protection against wearing off. To top it up, the tungsten carbide steel ensures precise and clean cuts that require little or no sanding.

In terms of applications, these items can come handy during grooving, edging, and almost all types of woodworking projects. What is even better is that they have a ½ inch shank suitable for most router tables and router of all models.

The bit carrying case is a kind of organizer of heavy-duty aluminum. Here you’ll find the labels and images of each tool to organize them with ease and quick. The case is also durable and simple to carry around.

If you wish to possess a set of bits that lacks almost nothing to perform for almost all the carpentry projects, you can surely go for this bit set. It’s a complete package at all comprising bits of all kinds and has high-grade materials to serve you for a long time without chipping.


  • The wide varieties of bits in a single set
  • The bearing roller & no wearing off
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • Sharp and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Every bit is labeled clearly


  • It may require sharpening while first used
  • For any hobbyists, a few bits may be useless & unnecessary

10. Yonico 17702 70 Router Bit Set

Yonico 17702 70 Bit Set

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Yonico introduces another superset with 70 pieces, while Neiko 10115A has displayed 80 pieces. Hobbyists or professional carpenters who prefer doing things in the old style, Yonico 17702 70 bits set is best for their choice. You can use them on both handheld routers and power tools.

The pieces have impressive long shanks for more complex and precise cutting. Moreover, the tools consist of premium carbide blades for sharp edges. It also has a heat resistant coating to prevent resin building on the flawless surface. To eliminate vibrations, the manufacturer balanced the bits to .002 inches.

The bearings on the bits have lubricant and high-quality bearings to offer smooth operations. Besides, the main focus on this product is the plenty of router bits fit for all projects. Additionally, they come in a beautiful wooden storage case for the woodworkers that are always on the move.

One demerit is that the material is not as high-grade as compared to other brands. It tends to wear off easily when frequently used.

Yonico aims to give you both quantity and quality. The idea in mind, the set comprises 70 bits in the package. If your target is to get multiple bit sizes and styles to perform, you can surely go for the set.


  • The premium carbide blades
  • Heat protecting coats
  • Somewhat quiet
  • Plenty of router bits available
  • Wooden case for bits storage
  • Lubricated to perform smooth


  • May wear off when gets pressure
  • We found some essential bits are not available right here

Final Verdict

Among the best router bits listed above, Dremel 692 is our top pick. However, Freud 91-100 router bits have sufficient clues to be the industry leader. This router bit has a longer lifespan and performs for quality cuts.

The versatility of these tools is well-known to almost all the professional woodworkers. Users are happy working with these router bits.

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