Best Router Lift: (Updated June 2021) – Reviews & Guide

When you make your purchasing decision, lot you need to think about the product you’ll use for years to come. We’ve reviewed here some best router lift accessories for the users’ editorial picks.

Sometimes, you tend to deviate from the mark a bit when you intend to do all the jobs by hand. And to make your way easy, faster and accurate, these router lifts come into action just like professional carpentry.

A router lift will give you a vantage viewpoint above the router table which will ultimately reduce your time and physical strains.

So, let’s have a look into the handpicked list of the top router lifts below.

8 Best Router Lift Reviews

Followings are the handpicked list of top-rated router lifts you need for your workshop. These lifts are compatible from above the table and work better with the height adjustment we tested.


INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II – (The Top Pick)

Key Points
  • INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II

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    As an expert woodworker, you need a skillful design of router lift that performs as a superior and versatile tool kit, and INCRA offers you the same quality and accuracy you want.

    The exclusive INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II comes with a fully-sealed, five ball-bearing mechanism that enables smooth adjustment and very low friction. So, use it in any professional wood workshop without the fear of losing your time and money. It ensures no wobble when once it’s locked in place.

    Ultimately, it reduces the chance of hand slip and finger cuts. Professional woodworkers always use push sticks to avoid accidents.

    However, it comes with the most common plate sizes and compatible with all the INCRA router tables and a few more brands, but it is a very high-priced router tool kit though.

    Most professional people like it because it performs for more accurate height adjustment and permits 0.001-inch precise height adjustment.

    It requires you no more hustle with having it out from the table when you intend to raise your router up and down. What you need is to lift the crank only to get the accurate measurement.

    This router lift also includes lift-screws and ball bearing with the cam lock which holds tight the tool kit in place, so it permits smooth operation with less effort.

    There you also find five magnetic steel reducing rings included for easy and instant ring change.

    The problem is that it’s not compatible with many other router tables and a bit pricey. Even the Kreg brand router tables are also inappropriate. You need an extra kit for that to make it compatible with the table. But an INCRA router table will be a great solution and may not be worse to buy.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Better quality and ensures durability
  • Comes with steel magnetic rings
  • Includes ball bearings that hold lock-in-place for better working experience
  • Also comes with magnetic steel reducing rings for an easygoing ring change
  • Cons

  • Limited to compatible with many other router and router tables
  • Not universally standared

  • 2.

    JessEm Rout-R-Lift II – (Best Overall)

    Key Points
  • JessEm Rout-R-Lift

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    JessEm aims to provide you a long time reliable service, so the Rout-R-Lift II is designed. The JessEm router lift 2 is a good offering for the budget minded carpenters or hobbyists out there. It is an entry-level router lift, so if you are a hobbyist or a beginner, then you are most welcome.

    Since it is the brother tool of Mast-R-Lift II, JessEm 02310 contains nearly the same quality parts the Master has. Compare to best router lifts on the market, you are getting the same craftsmanship and quality parts with it.

    The only downside is its compatibility with all most the low-grade of models.  It’s more popular to the newbies, and technically it uses a phenolic plate to achieve the lower budget. But its lighter construction never fails to satisfy it’s users at all.

    It comes with 5 different styles, you can adjust with most of the routers on the market. This particular router part is compatible, and best fits with Bosch 1617/1918, PC690/890, Dewalt 610/618/616 and so on.

    When you intend to raising or lowering your lift, a double sealed bearing to the spindle will help you for smooth operation. You can now operate the motor with just one finger push.

    The primary setup is quite fast and manageable; it takes only 45 minutes so far. You’ll find 10 grub screws with the phenolic plate, so it becomes easy to level it up.

    You’ll find some pre-drilled holes on the insert plate for the perfect placement of routers. An adapter may be an alternative if not available.

    It’s easy to mount and handle, and the locking system is excellent to be there.

    It’s light-weight and not more than 8.8 lbs. So, it’s portable.

    The bottom line is you’ll be pretty pleased with this thing, and I can ensure you’ll buy it again without any regret.


  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Raising and lowering the lift is easy for the sealed bearing
  • An easy-open packaging system
  • Includes tab-loc insert rings and CNC machined from solid aluminum for precision
  • Cons

  • It is compatible with some lower types of models
  • The light-weight phenolic design seems to be cheap to the professional craftsman

  • 3.

    JessEm Mast-R-Lift II – (02120 Router Lift)

    Key Points
  • JessEm Mast-R-Lift

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    Most router lifts can’t allow all sizes of routers to fit with the lift and require to buy a kind of sleeve to match with the motor-diameter. But Mast-R-Lift II holds the router with its four jaws to make a perfect adjustment. So, most fixed base router motor branded models are adjustable with JessEm Mast-R-Lift || right out of the box, and ready to exceed your expectations.

    It includes a double sealed bearing construction that allows you a rock solid stability, and you’ll enjoy its smooth operation without any obstacles.

    When it comes to an experiment, comparing to other router lifts and tools like nailguns, Mast-R-Lift is super easy to nudge the bits raising ups and downs. It is secure and easy to install and grips the router tight on vibrations.

    The lift also features with an added tension to the spindle, and it removes the backlash and vibration. So, it can work pretty good on the table as it can control the vibration of motors. What it does is that it doesn’t allow the spindle movement while the motor is running.

    The lift is hard anodized to ensure you many years of service from the first buy. The anodized treatment is a kind of thick resistant coating for extra protection which will wear off with time.

    The unique cam-lock will keep the lift stable and allow a perfect and accurate depth adjustment from the proper dial-up. It permits no movement of any parts in operation to readjust the cuts.

    The hydraulic pressure is imposed on the shaft to set-up on the lift. So, it’s unyielding and stable and withstands the robust routing operation.

    Overall, the quality of Mast-R-Lift II is acceptable to any manufacturing methods, and the use of hard anodized aluminum ensures durability and solid stability. The only criticism of JessEm Mast-R-Lift II is that it includes only one piece of 2″ insert plate that sometimes let you spend some additional buck to buy that.


  • Double sealed bearings included
  • Excellent cam-lock system
  • Hard anodized for strong protection
  • Bits are exchangeable above the table
  • Most stationary base routers are the best fit for the lift
  • Cons

  • A bit pricey
  • Seems lightweight for the professionals

  • 4.

    Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift

    Key Points
  • Kreg Precision Lift

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    Crawling underneath the table to setup router lift is a hustle and disgusting when Kreg is offering you a new improved model to make your way easy. Kreg PRS5000 precision router lift is the winner, and above the table, it takes less than ten minutes to complete the setup. This one is the best lineup of Kreg products collection and highly recommended.

    The lift is a precision router lift, and there is a rumor about PRS5000 that it accepts more than twenty router models without letting you buy any adapters. On it, you’ll get a sturdy plate that never sags. The anodized aluminum plate is pretty standard for routing without a fence.

    It’s superior to its brother tool Kreg prs3000 precision router table lift comparing to its new advanced features. The smooth and precise PRS5000 Kreg lift comes with the most critical component for up and down operation.

    Not ended here! You can improve further precision with the advanced integrated micro-adjust scale from the zero bit set to make the exact depth measurement. The zero scales quick turn ensures the pinpoint adjustment.

    With its solid aluminum lift plate, the lift uses bearing-guided carriage for stable and smooth operation. So, it’s impossible that Kreg router lift discontinued while routing.

    An objection is that it uses plastic insert rings for various router bit changes, which may start to shrink after a few weeks of usage. Since it is designed to fit with the Kreg plate levelers, you might miss essential leveling outfit to meet from the table top.

    Nevertheless, it works great! This Kreg router kit will surely let you spend more time on your projects, and accomplish all them with precision.


  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Precise to adjustment
  • Perfect for most of the router models
  • Improved micro-adjustment scale
  • Itself is compatible without any adapters
  • Cons

  • Can’t accommodate larger bit sizes
  • Compatible with standard size only

  • 5.

    Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift

    Key Points
  • Rockler Pro Router Lift

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    When you honestly need to upgrade your bench dog table or router table, Rockler is one step ahead with the Rockler Pro router lift. Rockler Pro lift is an incredible choice of hard-to-find tools that can assist you in chopping your wood for any DIY projects with precision.

    But it’s important to keep in mind that the product is appropriate for the average projects though, serious woodworkers may not receive comprehensive satisfaction.

    The hobbyists will find them awesome because they’re not so expensive and come with a DeWalt plate that never sags. Most people choose this plate since it suits almost all the tables, with a standard 8-1/4” x 11-3/4” plate.

    It has a nice lift housing that accepts a variety of medium to small size routers like Bosch, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and many more. More specifically to say, the lift accepts Bosch 1617/1618, Porter Cable 690-890 series, and DeWalt 610/616 &  618. The lift is compatible with large insert opening. You can adjust the bit height from above the table.

    Besides, the installing process is very swift and shortcut;  for safe and effective installation, what you need is a flip of a lever to set up with ease. The lift itself includes a wrench and a 1 1/2″ insert with a plug-in crank for height adjustment.

    You’ll find a clear setup instruction in PDF form and completely downloadable. You can also watch tons of YouTube video available for better understanding.


    The Pro lift comes with an excellent thread-tensioning design, which grips the router in position to adjust the cutting height. When bit height begins to drop during operation, you should re-adjust the thread-tensioning periodically.


  • Award winner from Wood Magazine
  • Find the complete guide to setup
  • A flexible and sturdy plate that never sags
  • Crank fits in hands
  • Built-in adjustable bit for height adjustment
  • Cons

  • If extendedly used, height may slip and require re-set
  • Not best for highly professionals

  • 6.

    Woodpeckers Precision PRL-V2-414 Router Lift

    Key Points
  • Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift

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    People want to spend money on the product that deserves. When different issues appear in front, they become confused. We tried to focus on this product in a nutshell so that you can come to a quick conclusion.

    Woodpeckers Precision PRL-V2-414 Router Lift is popular with hobbyists and professionals as well. You’ll find here multiple reasons for its being popular.

    Woodpeckers precision lift is a little bit pricey but worths your every penny. It comes with a spring-loaded mechanism for smooth operation of raising the router motor up and down in a second.

    PRL-V2-414 Router Lift comes with a spring assisted wrench that assists for instant quick-lift. Compared to similar models, PRL-V2-414 is much easier and quicker to adjust the bit height.

    Carpenters who find lift adjustment hard on the hands with ordinary routers, spring-assist makes it easier and time-saving dialing on the crank.

    Dialing on the crank, you can easily adjust the bit height from above the table. You don’t need to go underneath to reset bit adjustment manually.

    The most important feature it includes that will make your bit adjustment super perfect. It includes a thumb wheel micro-adjuster for perfection. In some other models, you might find a kind of black nut for fine tuning at the bottom. But the thumb wheel is set up near the plate so that you can use it with the thumb or fingers from the above.

    There you’ll also find the fine tuning measurement scale that revolves when you’ll move the thumb wheel. So, it’s easy, need less time to operate and clear to make the perfect height.

    Woodpecker router lift review aims to give you a clear concise and the real view of the tool kit. Wish it helps to come to a correct decision.


  • Smooth and precise to operate
  • Comes with spring-loaded mechanism
  • Adjustable from above the table
  • Instant quick-lift
  • Fine tuner for micro-adjustment
  • Thumb wheel micro-adjuster
  • Cons

  • Little bit expensive
  • Not a good fit for beginners

  • 7.

    JessEm Mast-R-Lift II – (02121 Router Lift)

    Key Points
  • JessEm 02121 Mast-R-Lift

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    You won’t go wrong with JessEm’s new Mast-R-Lift II 02121 model when you are looking for a one-stop solution with a fixed base router lift! It is one of the best production of JessEm with a pretty high standard, powerful mechanism ensuring you a long lasting service quality.

    In this particular review, we have brought to you JessEm’s three most powerful products intentionally. After researching the market, what we found is that JessEm designs three separate models with high principles that customers want. And each of the three pieces of models successfully defeats any other competitive models.

    So, let’s see what makes this piece of the particular product more powerful!

    JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02121 features a strong locking mechanism for the long term and heavy-duty routing operation and designed to adapt with most fixed base routers today. The manufacturer encompasses powerful hydraulic pressure to introduce a rigid and durable mount for the toughest routing.

    As far as quality goes, the model 02121 incurs the top quality materials during its production process with the highly powerful mechanism. The top plate is thickly coated with hard anodizing and consciously avoids sulphuric anodizing. So, it’s corrosion resistant and provides years of service.

    The sealed bearings on the spindle and on the cam lock will provide you smooth operation for raising and lowering the lift. The lift itself is produced from the solid bar stock and perfect for routing on CNC machine too.

    You’ll find a 2-inch insert ring with the plate and requires no insert installed.

    Best of all, it is compatible with your existing router kit at the workshop in the sense that it is user-friendly with most common and popular routers available in the market.

    So, it’s a highly recommended and an excellent addition to any workshop for better woodworking life.


  • Compatible with most common routers
  • A great cam lock system
  • Double sealed ball bearing construction
  • Anodized black coated top
  • Durable and provide years of service
  • Reduces or in other words, remove the backlash and vibration
  • Cons

  • An expensive tool kit
  • Discouraging for newcomers

  • 8.

    Dowelmax RTL Router Lift – Affordable & Useful

    Key Points
  • Dowelmax Router Lift

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    When you aim at a lowcost versatile router lift which is compatible with any router, Dowelmax is the best option for you.

    Dowelmax offers a compatible design that works with any size plunge based or fixed base router. It fits with the router top of a standard size 32 x 24″.

    It enables you to access to the bit change and height adjustment from above the table. It’s also handy for effortless cleaning. All adjustments are convenient from a favorable standing position.

    It allows faster bit changes that reduce your time at the workstation. The lift includes a CNC machined base plate and interface plate that works great.

    The Dowelmax comes with heavy-duty gas springs and brackets, and you’ll find there a stainless steel Piano hinge.


  • Quick bit change
  • Accepts any router model
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Easily adjustable
  • Accessible from above the table
  • Cons

  • Recommended or newbies only
  • Not perfect for high-end workhorse

  • Router Lift FAQs

    How to lift a router?

    You can lift a router dialing the handle through the hole of the router plate using a shaft for raising the bit and the collet. It is a built-in mechanism most routers possess.

    How do router lifts work?

    A router lift is a built-in mechanism attached with a carriage of a table mounting plate, which strongly upholds the router. A removable shank is used to impart a rotation for raising and lowering the carriage with precision.

    Who makes the best router lift?

    The best router lifts brands:
    a) INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II
    b) JessEm Rout-R-Lift II 02310
    c) Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift
    d) Woodpeckers Precision PRL-V2-414 Router Lift
    e) MLCS 9562 Router Lift

    Do I really need a router lift?

    To be honest it’s not necessary. But the hard reality is that if you ever get one for routing, I’m sure, you’ll never get back again. The fact is that it makes woodworking life easy and better.

    Why A Router Lift?

    What is a router lift? How important is it and why any woodworker should have? The answer to all these askings is here. So, let’s get started.

    Sometimes it seems – I would like you to know here shortly described – how you can spend money on yourself. Router table here is also not an exception. I get that installed all the time above the router lift on the table.

    Why do I want and what will it bring with the table for me? I want to make money and want woodworking life better.

    First, let’s have a look on a conventional router and find how it works. You see a set up on your table where a router base is fixed with the table plate. This base attached to the plate covers up the router so you can use hands over it. Underneath the plate covered with the router base, the motor runs to revolve bit. It’s the set up exactly what I want to show you up.

    When you reengage the motor into the plate, you can do all on this plate upside down on the table. Then on the base, you can use a high control mechanism built-in into the router to keep it uplifting high for the bit change. In this case, you can push the built-in button to grow the router up and down.

    At the bottom of the base, you’ll find a nut for fine adjustment with a small move up and down.

    Finally, you need to lock that in place.

    So now let’s have a look on the router lift on a table. You can do everything from the above.

    You can engage the crank into the hole – a mechanism. Through this mechanism, you turn the crank for raising the bit to the point you want to.

    You raise it to a point where the collet for the router comes up above the table.

    And you can do the bit changes from the above.

    When you set bit height, you’ll have very very fine control over the router on the table. In most cases, you need to turn the crank in 1/4 revolution.

    So, what amazing is happening here is that when you turn it at a quarter turn, it will be only 1/64 of the total turn of a hundred and twenty-eight.

    It’s very very fine control over the router.

    Moreover, you’ll find many tiny parts to set to show you whether it’s in a good fit or bad fit.

    And the most router lift, in addition, is able to control bit turn in a quarter turn.

    You can also execute some small turn to ensure an accurate and perfect turn to set bit changes at a perfect height.

    The cool thing is that you can dial the handle and don’t have to reach under the table. The mechanism itself is tight enough that once you’ve done the task and drop the crank out of the hole and you are ready to go.

    A couple of hundred dollars to cost for a router table depending on what kind of router’s body is handling the lift and how much money you want to spend on it.

    So, try to invest money considering the best router motor for router lift that’s easy to use and precision.

    Again as a general rule, I get a fine and adjustment from a router lift, and then the mechanism is built-in. In most cases for the router, you have to reach under the table.

    So, look for the router with a high control mechanism, above all, a router with built-in, easy to use and precision.


    In our reviews, one of the best all-around router lifts is JessEm Rout-R-Lift II because, considering the critical components of any routers, this product fits the best. Besides, it possesses the high-quality and powerful features, and it is compatible with most of the router brands on the market. Also, note that at a lower price you’ll get the higher solution from it.

    On the other hand, Dowelmax RTL Router Lift may be a bad buy for some users though we reviewed it because it is low-cost and compatible and perfect for some entry-level users.

    But which one is the best router lift? An answer to this question is quite harder because in most cases, it depends on user experience and their needs. To us, it seems that considering its numerous productivity, accuracy in jobs, and user satisfaction, INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II may be another excellent solution for you.

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