Best Router Planes: In 2021 – [5 Top Picks & Reviews]

It’s nice to have a woodworking plane in a carpentry workshop. It can help you bring a perfect shape on wood while making dados, tenons, inlays, grooves, hinge mortises, and similar things. But for you, it becomes a crucial factor to have the best router plane because some unworthy planes may waste your time and money.

Did you know that a tiny sharp chisel can help you with dado cutting or inlay making? You might know. But it is arduous and time consuming to use this miniature kit.

Router planes are the alternative to those chisels. The router planes have made your jobs short, smooth, and precise. You no longer need to struggle with those tiny sharp blades that any time may slip and cause a sharp swipe over your hands. These router planes are secure, sturdy, and operated by handheld handles.

They also come with a lot of features. Let’s dive in.

Product Name

Image Product Name Bottom Line Shipping Weight Click Here to
Cowryman Woodworking Plane Cowryman Handheld Plane
Admini Hand Plane Admini Hand Router Plane
Cowryman R022 Plane Cowryman R022 Handheld Plane
Woodstock D3830 Plane Woodstock Router Plane
Taytools 468334 Plane Taytools Router Plane

Product Name

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1. Cowryman Router Plane Handheld Woodworking Tool

The best router plane

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Cowryman introduces a handheld plane to bring perfect shape on workpieces while most other power tools fail. The stainless steel body with sturdy construction gives its operator full confidence to turn a wooden piece into a seamless shape.

When you use a power tool like a router or saw, it will cut on the specific markings on the table. But it can’t cut into the angle points of dadoes or clean out the areas after the first cut. You can easily turn those points using a router plane.

The plane is well designed with a comfortable grip for grooves making.

In Detail

The Cowryman router plane is ideal for cutting grooves, dados, and cleaning out the unwanted wooden straws while cutting out the joints with the right depth adjustment.

It comes with a large stainless steel body measuring 4.13 inches long and 2.75 inches wide. Inside the steel body, there’s sufficient vacant space to ensure it is visible so that the operator can conveniently place the blade at the right point and cut with accuracy.

The plane includes a depth adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the depth of the blade and keep it in place. It ensures precision and accuracy in the backward angles.

Moreover, it has two wooden handles on both sides for comfortable gripping. The whole body is a steel construction, so it is sturdy.

Buying Advice

When you decide to buy a plane, my suggestion is to compare it with similar products. It will give you an overall idea of what things are essential. Along with this plane set, it includes screws, bolts, etc. Be sure you have got them while receiving.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Comfort gripping with wooden handles
  • Adjustable blade
  • Large body to allow sufficient space
  • Visible working area
  • Sturdy and durable

2. Admini Hand Router Plane with High Configuration

Admini High Configuration Plane

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The Admini is another brand to offer woodworkers high configuration planes to help their projects with ease. It has some advanced features compared to Cowryman. Considering its productivity, ease of use, and price range, we pick it at second place on our list.

This one is perfect for inlaying, dado making, or for grooves on woods. You can use this tool in both the curve and straight position.

Ergonomic handles and the wide body allow ease of use. Perfect depth adjustment will give you efficiency for precise cuts.

In Detail

The Admini plane comes with an upgraded trapezoidal thread to give you easy handling opportunities, and the depth adjustment is more precise than before. The blade is 8mm wide and easily adjustable that allows precision and accuracy.

The plane features a ready to lend a hand with depth stop. It helps to adjust the depth in the right measurement, and when it gets fixed at the point, it allows stopping there. The depth stop will ensure no unmeasured crop. The trenches inside the holes become even, flat and accurate. It helps to make perfect joints of two disjoining wood pieces.

Moreover, the plane has 7mm holes for attaching a wide and flat base. On top, there is a screw for fine adjustment. It is easy to set up, and anyone can go for that.

The Admini plane has ergonomic handles on both sides for comfortable gripping. The whole structure is of a steel frame, so it becomes more durable and provides users the confidence to use it.

Overall, the plane is a perfect choice to get the dado technique efficient, while power tools are unable for such modus operandi.

Buying Advice

We suggest looking at carefully if any feature is missing. Install the handle and check if it is tight and never gets loose.

Key Features

  • Sturdy, durable, and wide-body structure
  • Adjustable and wide 8mm blade
  • Ergonomic handles for ease of use and comfortable grips
  • The 7mm holes for attaching the base
  • The trapezoidal thread for depth adjustment
  • A depth stop for accuracy

3. Cowryman R022 Handheld Woodworking Plane

Cowryman R022 Woodworking Plane

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This one is the second Cowryman model we are going to review in our list. Cowryman R022 model offers similar variants with somewhat different features. Unlike its previous model, it has a long and wide steel construction body with a perfect size blade. It also comes with a fence system.

It works better with making tenons and dados though other similar jobs are comparatively easy to go through. When simple hand planes can’t reach the angles and uneven cutting areas, it does them with smoothness and precision.

The blade it comes with is sharp, and the edge retains for a long duration without needing sharpening. However, regular sharpening of the blade will give you an excellent cutting experience.

In Detail

The model comes with a stainless steel body and wooden handles. It is quite large than its predecessor, measuring the length 7.87 inches, width 2.56 inches, and its blade size is 0.31 inches. Along with the sturdy body, it comes with a screw for depth adjustment. The screw is well known as the depth adjustment knob. The 1/4 inch thick and large base works great for bending so that you can reach unreachable places by the ordinary hand planes. It is a large base system for router planes that offers you flexibility. You can smoothly handle this plane for making rabbets and dados. You can also use it for making inlays, grooves, and similar things.

The blade is sharp enough to give you a smooth cutting experience. It allows the knife sharpener to get sharpen it up. When it gets sharpened, it works like a sword in the woods.

However, we found its handles are too small and not comfortable to hold. It may be problematic for tall people with outsized hands. The previous model, of course, comes with an ergonomic design and comfort gripping. If it doubles the size at present, it will be a nice thing for the users.

Overall, it is an ideal option to choose from the many. Its users will never be unhappy with the money they spend on such a plane and find it’s helpful for their woodworking projects at home or in workshop.

Buying Advice

Out in the box; check if you’ve missed anything with the pack. Compare it with similar products with other brands for the price.

Calculate the benefits comparing the drawbacks. Buy only when you think it is beneficial.

Key Features

  • Large base with stainless steel body
  • Easily adjustable with the screw
  • Perfect for smooth operation
  • A fence included with the pack
  • Sharp and durable blade

4. Woodstock D3830 Router Plane

Woodstock D3830 Plane

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We have another solid piece of router plane, which you may consider as one of the best dado cutters. Its cast-iron body will provide you long-lasting service with precision cuts. Besides, it allows more control over it into your grips.

The comfy and sturdy plane allows you to maneuver crisscrossing the low wall, so it cuts the way you want. Unlike the Cowryman models, it is a bit compact and easy to move.

The easily adjustable blade and comfortable grip it comes with are useful for the users. It will provide you safe, reliable, and trouble-free service for years to come. You can use this plane for dados and hinge mortises.

In Detail

Woodstock plane is a specialty tool to ensure the unsurpassed depth adjustment service to dados and hinge mortises. The cast iron gives it a solid construction, and users find it’s sturdy and lasts for a long time.

The base is comparatively compact that measures 4-1/8 inches by 2-3/16 inches. It also comes with an adjustable sharp blade of ¼ inch wide.

The comfort grip is large enough to provide you firm control over the plane. It includes a screw that on its locking position if you hit a few light strokes, you’ll be able to adjust the depth for dados or hinge mortising.

Keep in mind that it is a small and compact router plane. So, it is better to use this tool for somewhat small dados measuring at about 3/8 inches. It may not provide better results plowing on the large pieces of wood but applicable for tight space only.

Overall, it will be an ideal pick if you think to use it for small projects. It is suggested not to use this for large pieces of wood cutting. You might use a router, saw, or such power tools for woodworking projects. But those machines are unable to cut small angles or joinery like dados. This plane is perfect for those joinery systems.

But if you intend to make a box joint, I’ll highly recommend using box joint jigs instead of a plane only.

Buying Advice

Any of the router planes listed above may be fit to solve your dado tricks. Compared to other models, the Woodstock D3830 plane is compact, sturdy, and easy to maneuver. You can go for it, but my suggestion is to look into the features it comes with.

Key Features

  • Sturdy and durable cast iron body
  • Precise control for its comfort grips
  • Adjustable sharp blade
  • The wide blade of 1/4 inch
  • Compact base to easily maneuver

5. Taytools 468334 Router Plane

Taytools 468334 Handheld Plane

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It may be the last router plane on our list until we find a new router plane online and update this post. However, Taytools has brought another excellent router plane that may assist you with the perfect solution.

The model is a supreme and single body with precision ground. It comes with a square blade, and you can turn it to 25 degrees angle to make a perfect shape.

This handheld plane has a solid brass adjustment knob that helps to adjust the blade and lock that in place. So, while maneuvering the body over the wood, the blade never moves which helps cut with precision.

The cast iron body is compact, small, and easily maneuverable. You have, also, the option to retract the blade into the base when not in use. It has benefits in both protecting the blade from being blunt and its users indulging in an accident. It may be an ideal option in your tool kit set.

In Detail

Taytools introduces a small-size compact plane to furnish your joinery system. You might notice that there are some large body planes on our list. Taytools invented a small size plane for the benefit of some users. The large body may hinder rigid angle cuts of inlays or dados. Its compact size lets you turn it up to 25 degrees angles to turn the edges.

Moreover, the sturdy construction, cast iron body, and smoothly adjustable blade are the perfect combination to ensure precision cuts and accurate measurement. The 55 to 60 HRC hard-bitten blades never fail to cut accurately. The 1/4 inch wide blade allows angle cutting with ease, and users find it’s easy to handle.

Besides, an adjustable knob helps to adjust the blade’s depth and lock in place so that it can cut evenly on the wood pieces. The accuracy level is 100%, while 0.001” precision adjustment allowed over the whole length.

You will like its safety option. It allows retracting the blade into the base while not in use. It means that the plane is safe for the users, and it protects the blade from being blunt.

The compact base is 4.125 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, and it is lightweight that measures only 8 ounces.

The compact size may be an obstacle to use at the beginning. However, you may cope with that by practicing a lot if you are using this tool for the first time.

Buying Advice

If you are tall enough, its compact size and small grip handles may be uncomfortable for handling. However, a few day drills may help you to be familiar with this kit. We disclose this to you for your better decision-making.

Its sturdy cast iron body will give you long-lasting service. It’s also flexible for angle cutting that may be an added value to your job. So, before you go, think about whether it’s a perfect option for you.

Key Features

  • Sturdy construction and durable
  • Compact and small size
  • Lightweight and cuts with precision
  • Flexible to use from almost 25-degree angles
  • Retract blade for safety and security
  • The brass adjustment knob for smooth operation

Final Verdict

So, we found here some top-class planes to go. Taytools, Woodstock, or Admini introduce their most helpful hands for the woodworkers. However, as an intuitive buyer, you’ve already known their useful features. Based on your learning of their productivity and smoothness, you can finalize your right pick now. In spite, we have something to say.

We will suggest for Admini hand plane if you ask me for an honest recommendation. Its ergonomic handles, excellent productivity, and precision cuts will always be appreciating.

However, the best router plane comes from Cowryman. Cowryman handheld plane comes with a sturdy stainless steel body and perfect-sized blade to cut dados, inlays, and grooves. I hope this guide will help you choose the right pick for your woodworking shop.

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