Bosch Ra1171 Review: In 2021 – Professional & Powerful

If you aim at the DIY projects / any woodworking projects at home, the Bosch will catch your attention at the first look. Though in the beginning, you might stumble by its plastic structure, the Bosch Ra1171 Review will give you a clear understanding of why the support structure is with plastic.

Product In Depth – Bosch RA1171 Review

Bosch Ra1171 Review

Bosch RA1171 is one of the most popular router tables, and the highest number of professionals work with this one compared to any other tables. So, it’s crucial to know why Bosch Ra1171 is so influential and popular; especially for the new users who intend to buy. Bosch RA1171 Review is designed to give you a detailed description with powerful features.

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RA1171 Cabinet-Style Table has enough work-surface which is the main reason for best buy. Versatile design and user-friendly workspace allow you to work with a variety of materials. The use of thick laminate MDF ensures that the table top is stable and slippery. The flat aluminum plate, dust collection system, adjustable feather boards, clear guard, fence are the main components of this router table. Combining all these features, Bosch Ra1171 offers you better and more efficient work-surface.

Features Specification & Evaluation

Three different diameter insert holes – 1 inch, 2 inches and 2 – 3/4 inch of Ra1171, allows any router to insert on the mounting plate. It includes a heavy-duty aluminum fence to support heavy torque router at high speed, but never warp or sag.

A Quick Look At The Cabinet Style Component

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table has an excellent combination of a routing system that allows both the high torque superpower router in a workshop and the small size compact router in the small workshop or at home. So, it simply attracts those who love to have a small workspace or regular workshop.

The front to back side of the cabinet is 13 inches long, and the width is 18 inches wide. So, it has a nice length of 12½ inch that allows two 1/4 hp router kits; a perfect simile is Bosch 1617. On the other hand, in its extended position, it allows three 1/4 hp router; a perfect simile is Bosch 1619EVS.

Unlike other routers, Bosch RA1171 enriches with a 21 ½ inch long base, and a wide lip of about a ¾ inch. The bench is deep about 14 1/8 inches, so it’s consistent when clam it up. While users use push sticks for the safety of their hands, and it becomes mandatory if the table is concise. This table is wide enough, so users can push workpieces keeping their hands free from the bits. No urgency for push blocks though it’s safe to use.

This one is a pre-drilled workbench, so its all corners come with a ¼ Inch diameter hole to screw into them. It has an aluminum T-slot to adjust with the miter guide bar.

Tall Aluminum Fence with Face PlateThe Fencing System

The fence comes with a router table and not comes with, differentiates considerably. It’s because the fence plays a vital role in routing. Bosch RA1171 router table has a long fence included, so no obstacle to work with long wood planks.

The fencing system includes front to back a 25 inch long and 5-inch tall aluminum fence that works great. It is large, adjustable, and square, and you can remove it anytime for freehand performance.

A Rigid Mounting Base Plate

Rigid Mounting Plate

One of the highlighted options of the Bosch RA1171 is its compatibility with different wood routers. It is designed with an industry standard insert plate that is pre-drilled and adjustable with the most common routers in the market. The mounting base plate is an aluminum frame, so it’s sturdy and durable.

The precision making aluminum mounting plate keeps stable and flat providing you a surface area where you can cut your wood with an accurate range and line.

Miter Gauge and T-slots

T-slots is a very good option that allows attaching any accessory with ease and quick. Using the accessory slot, you can attach additional feather boards for every cut accurate, and some other optional accessory like miter gauge which can help you measure 3/4″ x 3/8″ depth.

Adjustable Feather Boards

Adjustable Feather Board

To provide additional support and control over the router on the table, Bosch features two adjustable feather boards with Bosch Ra1171. Two feather boards attached with the fence will enhance the support and control over routing on the table. They are completely adjustable and adjust with a wide range of workpieces.

Dust Collection System- Dual Dust Ports

Dust Collection Port

The dust collection system is a way to keep your workshop clean that ultimately becomes a great health benefit for you. So, dust port in a router table is a must, and the Bosch RA1171 doesn’t miss it. It comes with two dust collection ports for removing dust and debris. The dust ports have standard fitting sizes that can fit the vacuum hoses measuring the standard size of 2-1/2 inch. You will notice no debris during routing because the air circulation from the vacuum hose cleans up the dust all the time.

Some More Essential Features

Dual Outlet Switch with Lock

You might find there a starter pin and guard that offer support for routing curved work-pieces.

To prevent unauthorized use of your router, Bosch offers you dual outlet switch with lock in front. This lock helps prevent any unauthorized use.

Three mounting plate rings, mounting hardware, adjustable clear guard and 2 out-feed fence shims have been added to the table for your convenience.

A Quick Safety Check

Switch block is a notable feature comes with Bosch Ra1171 will help you for the safety of operating routers. A safety switch will ensure whether the router is turned on or off when needed. A removable key on the switch in place makes sure that the table is running. If blocked, the total operation is stopped. It’s an excellent substitute to unplug the power unit. So, it’s safe for the users and ensures the safety of your workshop.

An Overview of the Key Features

  • An adjustable aluminum mounting plate that’s pre-drilled to fit with versatile routers on it.
  • A long and adjustable 4-7/8″ x 25-1/8″ fence is to work with long pieces.
  • Accessory slot/ T-slot which has been featured to hold feather boards and miter gauge.
  • To ensure your hand protection and accurate cuts the table includes feather boards with the fence.
  • You will find the dust port to set up 2 1/2″ vacuum hoses to ensure dust-free workspace.
  • Besides these, there are outfeed fence shims, clear guard, 3-insert rings, starter pins, and guard.

The Quickest Possible Time to Set Up the Table from the Box

When it comes to set up a router table in a workshop or at home, it takes a while to decide where to set up and how to. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table has brought to you a complete box of pre-designed toolkits to assemble in a few moments. All the parts of the cabinet are ready to get put together. You can buy 2 offset wrenches for a small payment to get all things done quickly and efficiently.

The screw holes on the cabinet are pre-drilled, so it’s easy to find every part assembled fast and quick. The whole process is nothing but a child’s play. But a conscious attempt is necessary to set up the router plate on the table.


In the beginning, keep your router running at full speed and keep running for a moment; then start your regular work. When finished, don’t use any scrap to stop it at hard throb. Without creating any pressure, let it cool down naturally. It will ensure long-lasting productivity.

  • Most of the router tables have a custom-drilled insert plate, but it doesn’t mean that every table does have. Wise thing is to make sure you have that one.
  • Learn to use fences and feather board which will save your time ultimately.

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The Most Common Components of Any Router Table!

What you have to be conscious about any router table are its framework and structure. Closely observe whether the table is flat and flex-free. Usually, you will find tables with a steel frame, but the plastic structure won’t be the reason for your discomfort. Sometimes, it might be your better support for working in the workshop and might be more durable than the ordinary steel frame.

Consider that the table surface is smooth and supports without snagging. In that case, a low-friction laminate MDF surface will carry your work better. You can also choose the aluminum or phenolic surface.

MDF is a durable structure, and the laminate will offer a slippery surface. On the other hand, aluminum is a light and flex-free surface when the phenolic surface is super slippery.

Good router tables include a removable plate for mounting router better. You’ll find some of them are pre-drilled and some are customizable. Different diameter insert plate and rings will allow easy access to cutters for easy bit change. A variety of sizes are available to ensure a good fit for your router kit.

Fences are one of the significant components; usually, they are aluminum. You can make them yourself, but you have to ensure if they are replaceable. A precision making table surfaces will be good ones when includes quick-set guides. Quick clamping system will come to your help for easy set-up.

A Feather board is an excellent component you might see included with some top router table. It protects the router against kickback. The dust port is another addition to reducing your debris.

Reaching out underneath the router to switch off or on is a kind of hustle. So, a switch in front can be a way to make your plan easy.

Usually not required, but if you think it’s helpful, you can buy self-leveling feet. It will assist you to stand your table adjusting on the unleveled floor.

How Much Does A Good Router Table Cost?

A high price indeed reflects high quality. The low-cost router table seems to have a construction of ordinary steel or flimsy plastic. They are absolutely not sturdy and durable.

The decent piece of a router table may cost around $150, for which you’ll avail the most common essential features. This kind of woodworking tables satisfy hobbyists and the small shop owners.

Meanwhile, the benchtop model costing from $300 to $700 onwards is for the professional woodworkers. These are pro level router kits.

If you think you are a fulltime skilled professional carpenter, you can go for $1000 or more. It depends mostly on the size of your workshop and work volume.

What We Liked:

  • Affordable
  • It has a solid and sturdy design
  • MDF faceplate that’s super slippery
  • Aluminum baseplate that’s compatible with almost every router
  • Long and tall aluminum fence produces accurate cuts
  • Large and sturdy base
  • The large opening of 2-1/2″  dust port to fit with the vacuum hose
  • The feather board provides a better user experience
  • Dual outlet switches

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The only downside is a gap near the on/off switch that may produce air leakage

Final Verdict

So, it’s now clear to you why you should buy the Bosch Ra1171 router table. We tried to focus on the sound and weak sides of any routing tables and compared with Bosch. This one is structurally rigid, and the surface is smooth because of its laminate worksurface and MDF structure. Besides, the table features almost all the essential and powerful accessories a router table should have. So, if you go for the best buy, the Bosch Ra1171 router table will be the best option, and Bosch Ra1171 Review will surely short-cut your way of selection.

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