Delta 46-460 Review: In 2021 – Variable Speed Midi Lathe

Find the world’s best midi lathe delta 46-460 review right here. This one is the top pick and champion for its compact size, productivity, and the space it requires. While a full-size wood lathe fails, it does what a compact size midi lathe is capable of doing.

The producer, Delta, introduces compact size new generation midi lathes, which have defeated the full-size lathes showing their full swing performance.

Delta 46-460 Variable Speed Midi Lathes Review

Here’s the Delta 46-460 Review for the complete understanding of midi lathes for hobbyists to experts. We tried here to focus on an in-depth description of each feature and how it becomes a useful handy tool for the users.

What Makes Delta 46-460 So Powerful And Reliable Lathe Ever!

Delta Industrial 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

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For being portable and low-cost perspective, compact size lathes won instant success from the beginning. Not only did that, but they also kickstarted and flourished when they first hit the market.

The most notable point to look at Delta 46-460 is that it comes with a quite larger motor, 1-HP only, and its variable speed control system.

This one is a cast iron wood lathe. The best and improved quality in mind, the lathe is designed to give you comfort, ease of use, and efficiency.

Compared to its brother tools, Delta earns one of the highest-ranking positions for some key qualities.

The best part of your right choice here, three things are important. No 1. how easy it is to use, handle and adjust the tool rest position, no 2. the spindle speed and no 3. ​the tailstock positionposition. Delta got passed in all three aspects.

Powerful Motor With Plenty Of Torque

The extended bed bed length

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Consistent and smooth rotation of the wood lathe mostly depends on the heavy-torque power supply. Sturdy and big size materials on the bed may not work when the power supply is low. So, be conscious if the lathe machine doesn’t lack the power while turning wood chunk under heavy load.

Delta 46-460 wood lathe comes with a heavy-torque 1-HP motor that generates constant RPMs to continue full swing operations.

Besides, the variable speed control system provides favorable handling facilities. This wood lathe is famous for its powerful motor and variable speed control opportunities.

The 1-HP, 1725-rpm motor supplies plenty of torque throughout the three stages RPM range. The constant RPM level never reduces during heavy-cuts like large-size bowl turning. That’s why the lathe is most popular with the users.

It is, of course, a matter to mention that some mini or mid-size wood lathes fail to operate under heavy pressure. If the torque reduces under heavy load, two things might happen. Whether the belt can skip causing a breakdown and stall, or it may cause an accidental threshold.

Delta 46-460 never did that even when it was working with a 3-inch thick and 12-inch diameter Maple. Most people like it because of its powerful motor and what RPM it supplies.

Electric Variable Speed – The Salient Feature

Delta Industrial 46-460 Midi Lathe Head-stock

Variable Speed Control Button(left), Power Switch(red), Reverse Swing Button(on top). Click here to Check Latest Price

What Jet 1221vs did its fabulous performance with the speed control, Delta 46-460 does it for accuracy, and ease of use. It comes with a variable speed control system ranging from 250 rpm to 4000. It has the option to control it in three different easy speed changes – from 250-750 rpm(used to make bowls), 600-1800 rpm(most common) & 1350-4000 RPM(spinning for pens). So, it’s now very easy to control your lathe machine for finishing the large pieces of the wood chunk.

What Jet 1221vs did its fabulous performance with the speed control, Delta 46-460 does it for accuracy, and ease of use. It comes with a variable speed control system ranging from 250 rpm to 4000. It has the option to control it in three different easy speed changes – from 250-750 rpm(used to make bowls), 600-1800 rpm(most common) & 1350-4000 RPM(spinning for pens). So, it’s now very easy to control your lathe machine for finishing the large pieces of the wood chunk.

Unlike Jet 1221vs, it features a quick-release belt tensioning system. You might find some lathe machines where you might have experience moving belts to generate speed levels. So, if you compare a quick-release system, you’ll agree with me that the tight quarters are a pain.

Delta makes it easy. What you need to do is to pull down the lever to discharge the belt and move it to the right set of the pulley. That’s it.

Another unique feature on the Delta is its reverse switch, which you’ll find missing on most common mini and midi lathes. The reverse spinning makes a big difference for wood finishing. Spinning from the opposite direction means it lifts the same fibers from the opposite side, allowing an ultra-smooth finish.

A built-in safety lock makes the reverse switch inactive even when the power is on.

Tailstock & The Center Positioning

Delta 46-460 tailstock

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When you start doing setting up the lathe, you’ll find there a tailstock to manage blank between the centers. The tailstock crank helps the pinion movement forward and backward to adjust the spindle lock in the right position. So, a gap between the spindle locks is measured to hold the wood piece in the exact position.

It allows wood pieces rolling out in the center of the bed and ensures the accuracy of wood finishing with smooth operation.

The tailstock comes with a large secure locking handle and well-gripped. So it is safe for the fingers. Besides, the spring-loaded quill lock can be cogged off when needed.

Frequent adjustment of the tool rest is necessary, and a small size spring-loaded quill lock is also found on the tool rest banjo that allows frequent adjustment.

The Headstock

The headstock with different features

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If you keep your eyes close to the headstock, you’ll see two important features the Delta 46-460 has included.

When you drive your car, you can’t get help from the main brake always, and feel to get access to the hand brake. On the full-size lathes, though not all compact lathe machines, you’ll find a handwheel. It works like your car’s hand brake, and users consider it as a great asset.

When you need to turn off the power for a while to inspect the overall condition of work, you can use the hand brake. It allows general inspection & tool rest clearance. 

Another notable feature you’ll notice on the headstock is the indexing position. The indexing position is integrated with 24 indexing indents to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

There’s an indexing pin on the headstock that works great to fix into one of 24 indents. It allows you to twist it up to 90-degrees pulling out the knob.

The Most Impressive Feature- Faceplate

The largest swing capacity

Largest Swing Capacity                                   Click here to Check Latest Price

Delta 46-460 comes with the most impressive feature – a 3-inch faceplate. This one is a mid-size midi lathe, so large size wood chunk may be unfit on the faceplate. But when it came to the phase of the test, it was a bit surprising. A piece of wood measuring 12-inch in diameter and 3-inch thick smoothly mounted on the faceplate with no obstacles.

So, no doubt of its excellent quality. The 3-inch faceplate is capable of mounting a large piece of wood for bowl turning. You can set the belt at the lower pulley, and the speed level should be 250 rpm only. 

When you go for buying this one, try to consider the number of mounting holes. In general, you’ll find four spinning block faceplate on the market. But if you intend to use it for regular basis big size bowl turning purpose, my opinion is to buy double the number of the spinning block of 8 screws holes.

It will help you to mount the chunk sturdily and work smooth. Besides, durability will be then a major concern.

Quieter Ever Lathe Delta 46-460

As a first time user, anyone will be impressed with its being quieter. A soft but not irritating and vibration-free sound like the hum of insects is constant throughout the different speed ranges. If you proceed to cut deep holes, you’ll find no strong chattering. What you’ll get will be lower than the average lathe machine produces.

Downsides Of The Lathe

The only criticism of the Delta 46-460 is its small size post on the tool rest – only 5/8-inch diameter. As an experienced professional, you might feel it falls short in the spur center and the live center length. Sometimes, you might have flaws with its wiring system that may affect backward and forward switching.

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Some Key And Essential Features

  • Tailstock Locking Handle: A good grip locking handle is a simple addition for rotating spindle forward and backward switching right on the headstock.
  • Tailstock Wheel: A large enough wheel helps to adjust the spindle lock in the right position.
  • Tailstock Lock: A spring-loaded tailstock lock on the tool rest helps to lock it securely.
  • Tool Rest: To accelerate constant support, you’ll find a set of tool rest banjo.
  • Belt Tension: It operates the belts with just switching down.
  • Switches: You’ll also find forward/reverse switch, power switch, and the variable speed control switch on it.
  • Durability: It’s durable for its cast-iron construction.

Delta 46-460 Review Comes With Some Pros And Cons Right Here:


  • Powerful Motor: The 1-HP motor generates heavy torque to partake heavy load.
  • Small and Compact Size: Its compact size and powerful motor defeated the full-size lathes. The setup requires only a small area and can work under heavy pressure.
  • The bed and the Center: Its bed centering is large enough to work with a 12-inch diameter chunk.
  • Variable Speed: The most welcoming feature is its variable speed control system.
  • Quieter Lathe: Throughout different speed ranges, it keeps quiet compared to any other full-size lathes.


  • Some users find shortcomings with its spur and live center, though not a full-size lathe it is.
  • You might notice wobble of handwheel after a particular time.
  • You might notice wobble of handwheel after a particular time.


To conclude, I’d say that Delta 46-460 lathe is an excellent option for some woodturners looking for a lathe at a reasonable investment. An optional bed extension with some extra expense will reinforce its performance. So, you will find no huge difference between this one and Jet 1221vs. You’ll be happy to get in touch with it.

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