Best Festool Router Reviews: In 2021 – [5 Top Picks]

When it comes to woodworking routers, Festool is considered the leading manufacturer. And from the bunch of router options, professionals like Festool; it’s because Festool is an extremely efficient router, built with the quality edifice, and works as a real workhorse. All these factors inspired me to write a Festool router review, which may ultimately be a step ladder for you, guys.

Our pick is Festool 574692 from the list of 5 Festool routers right here.

Why do we choose it?

We found its quality features, it’s well-built, and it never sacrifices quality performance. Any jobs thrown over it will be chopped into pieces without a failure.

Now, let’s have a look into the top Festool routers in the list below.

The Table: Festool Router Review

ImageProduct NameDimensionsThe Item WeightClick Here to
Festool EQ RouterFestool 574692 OF 1400 EQ15.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches

18 pounds

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Festool EQ F Plus RouterFestool 574691 OF 1010 EQ15.5 x 8.4 x 8.4 inches

13.08 pounds

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Festool Trim RouterFestool 574368 MFK 700 EQ15.5 x 11.6 x 6.4 inches

11.28 pounds

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Festool Router OF 2200 ImperialFestool 574689 OF 2200 EB15.6 x 11.6 x 12.7 inches

24.7 pounds

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Festool MFK 700 EQ RouterFestool Edge Banding Router15.6 x 11.6 x 6.5 inches

1 pound

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Festool Router Reviews

Here’s the Festool router review. See our list of 5 best Festool routers right here.


Festool 574692 OF 1400 EQ Router

Key Points
  • Festool Router Review

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    OF 1400 EQ is our top pick, and it successfully got its perfection in size, durability, and performance.

    You might get the larger or smaller routers on the market, but if you want that is light and quick in the positive movement for free-hand edge cutting, the Festool 574692 is, then, worthy because it has the viable chance of winning.

    The router has three unique collet sizes, respectively 1/4-inch (which is most common), 8mm & 1/2-inch. So, it’s easy and trouble-free to use bit shanks commonly found on the market.

    People using routers, frequently brought into being to use dovetail jigs, and 8mm collet allows router bits in the most popular jig joinery systems.

    Festool OF 1400 EQ requires no hard labor for changing bits; what it requires is a quick snap to push the shaft locking button. A single ratcheting wrench can help you causing the collet nut incremented or decremented.

    The depth adjustment is another issue for any routers, and this Festool router provides the micro-adjustability to setting up the depth gauge. The smooth plunge routing option is reliable here, and you can get predictable results repeatedly with minimal pressure. You can rely on it for 100% satisfaction.

    Keeping the workshop dust-free is a major concern for any woodworker; Festool is much more alert about not allowing dust from the bits. It comes with a two-sided mechanism to reduce the spread of the clouds of dust.

    It comes with a dust port above the base to collect dust directly produced from the bits, and the chip catcher is also ready to go below the base.

    Also, it takes not more than a second to install and remove the port from the router. The tool-free installation is easier and trouble-free. It gives you an excellent experience when the shop vacuum is connected.

    The variable speed, Festool OF 1400 router, is a versatile tool allowing you highly efficient and accurate cuts. It is a mid-range router, super-fast and pretty light weighs only less than 10 pounds.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Versatile, efficient and accurate
  • Lightweight
  • 100% accurate result
  • An amazing dust collection system
  • Cons

  • Costly compared to similar products
  • Not recommended for beginners

  • 2.

    Festool 574691 OF 1010 EQ Router

    Key Points
  • Festool 574691 Router

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    If you look at Festool’s router series, you’ll notice that Festool OF 1010 EQ is the lightest one. This router is perfect for power and maneuverability for accuracy and precision. It provides plenty of power sourcing from the 1010 watt motor.

    This lightweight and portable router is our second choice. This Festool router is perfect for those who like to have a lightweight and compact router tool for precision cuts.

    Festool is renowned for cutting efficiency of the routers, maybe on hard maple, or solid surface. It performs better with decorative edge cutting and provides exceeding results with accuracy. Undoubtedly, it outperforms any of its competitors, starting smart and resulting in endless possibilities.

    The unique design of the OF 1010 EQ has double-column plunge action, which can be operated as easily as handled by only one hand.

    With the ratcheting spindle, you can change bits so fast. It is quick and easy. You can do it with only a simple wrench to tighten the bits.

    Also, notice the groundbreaking tool weighs the test guide bushing. You can snap on/off patented chip-catcher underneath that ensures perfect cuts.

    You can use a guide rail and securely clamp with the table to demonstrate the ease and the speed of the Festool router system. The Festool guide rail and clamp system will allow you to secure the rail to the workpiece for complete clearance of the router to operate.

    You’ll also have the edge guide to attach to the router. It’ll allow you to fix the router on the guide rail and routing over the specific line on wood pieces.

    There is a micro-adjuster that allows you to fine-tune and perfectly aline to the center index of the router. It ensures to engrave flawlessly through the mark on the wood.

    You’ll have the power to router on any surface, ensuring ease, quickness, and accuracy.

    It also ensures the cleanliness of your workshop since it has included a dust port connecting to the shop vac.

    Overall, Festool 574691 is an excellent option for those who are looking for comfortable, easy to use, fast router for their workshop. It is an ideal tool so far.


  • An ergonomic design
  • Easy, quick, and accurate for routing
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • One-handed operation
  • The fine tuner allows 100% perfection on any surface
  • Cons

  • The vacuum hose is not a standard size
  • Price is a bit high compared to an ordinary router

  • 3.

    Festool 574368 MFK 700 EQ – Trim Router

    Key Points
  • Festool 574368 Trim Router

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    MFK 700 EQ comes with a modular design and is a multi-purpose and cost-saving tool. It requires no advanced option to set up the router like other ordinary tools, and you can easily change the router base tool-free. It allows you to accomplish a variety of routing applications.

    It is a versatile tool and powerful equipped with a 720-watt motor to give you a user-friendly, precision making router in your workshop.

    The base slopes at 1.5° for edge bending with a perfect finish each time. It doesn’t require anymore sanding for finishing. It also provides an adequate support area for the highest control over it. Moreover, the bearing guide and the V-shape cut out give you a quick edging around the corners.

    It also comes with micro-adjuster to ensure 1/10 millimeter depth adjustment when cutting with precision. Besides, it allows fine-tuning to provide perfect and accurate results, especially when you are making dados.

    This one is a safe option for any woodworker at home or in the workshop. It has a large base and ergonomic gripping handle to ensure controlled and safe cuts every time.

    With the detachable cord and variable speed mechanism, you can use MFK 700 for a variety of trimming and profiling with ease and accuracy.

    Overall, it is a versatile router tool that provides you ample space, easy, and comfortable handling opportunities. It may be pricey for some users, but the performance and quality results worth the price.


  • Ergonomic design, powerful and accurate
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Excellent dust extraction option
  • Fine-tuning allows more precision at work
  • Cons

  • Horizontal trimming may require expert-hands
  • Pricey compared to similar routers

  • 4.

    Festool 574689 OF 2200 EB Router

    Key Points
  • Festool 574689 Router

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    The most powerful and efficient Festool router is OF 2200 EB router. It’s a real workhorse having a 3-hp powerful motor and considered the best Festool’s production-grade router. It can smoothly pass through hardwoods creating grooves of 1/2-inch by only a single pass. The 3-hp routers are powerful, heavy, and professional-grade routers that cut anything thrown over them.

    It is completely an automatic router system having an auto tuner, locking kit, and buttons near the fingers, so it’s easy to operate.

    This router is for those who want to enjoy tedious jobs at home or workshop. The 2200 watts of power is enough to accomplish any hardwood jobs in a single tip of a button. The router is a complete set of automated equipment.

    Almost every component of the Festool 574689 EB allows quick removal and setup, which ultimately gain the advantage of not losing more times at the work station.

    The OF 2200 router comes with a double column locking mechanism with the plunger base that it doesn’t require any complex setup, rather it allows a single twist locking system. You’ll find a locking knob on the handle near the fingertips, what you need is to press the button, and it’ll automatically lock it in place.

    When it comes to changing bits, the router is one step ahead. You have full access to the ratcheting collet, and replacing bits is super easy and quick.

    The router also has a multiple plunge base system. The predefined four plunge base positions let you get in the right plunge base. Base plate change is also easy, and it is completely tool less.

    In the handle near your fingers, there’s the power switch, and you’ll find a speed control. You might also have electronic braking that works great.

    The router’s depth adjustment is also super easy, and it allows fine-tuning as well.

    This router is designed to use with guide rails, and other different routing templates. It can be plugged into the CLT 26 extractor. The dust shroud is spring-loaded and improves dust collection.

    A lot of accessories come with it. Overall, this router is a super routing system for professional-grade woodworkers.


  • A lot of accessories available
  • A complete set of automated equipment
  • Versatile & user-friendly
  • Quick and easy change of components
  • Super powerful 2200 watts of power
  • Cons

  • Recommended not for beginners
  • Also, not for light jobs at tight space

  • 5.

    Festool MFK 700 EQ Edge Banding Router

    Key Points
  • Festool Edge Banding Router

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    Among other Festool routers, MFK 700 EQ is a cost-saving tool, lightweight, versatile, and effective router tool you can rely on it for a wide range of woodworking designs.

    This trim router is super light and compact so you can carry and handle it comfortably. It looks so small and simple, but how much power it generates is out of your knowledge. It is specifically designed to give you ease at some horizontal edge cutting where sometimes large size plunge router may not reach out.

    The horizontal base can turn up to a 1.5° angle so that you can smoothly perform the task of edge bending. One of its bases is V-shaped, which allows quick trimming at the corner. It helps every time to bring you perfect results.

    Moreover, you can quickly and easily change the router base without using any tools. It is a lightweight, but still a powerful router; 720 watts of power from its motor makes it completely a versatile tool anyone will like to have in his workshop.

    It has an ergonomic handle and a large base system, which can help you control the router safely. You’ll also get an edge guide with micro-adjuster to ensure you have done your jobs perfectly.

    The most focusing point is that it takes less than a minute to change the collet and the bits.

    Overall, it’s an excellent option for trimming purpose; you’ll be one step ahead if you have it.


  • A perfect tool for edge cutting
  • Powerful, easy to handle and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cons

  • Not accurate for high-end hardwoods
  • Cost-saving, but still overpriced

  • Conclusion

    You’ll find more than a dozen quality routers on the market, and undoubtedly their performance is noticeably remarkable. But Festool is a unique and renowned brand for its quality products compared to other brands on the market.

    It is because we’ve reviewed here some specialty router tools from Festool brands so that you can easily find the top routers from the market leader as per your needs.

    We have covered here almost all the reliable Festool router reviews. I hope these 5 routers will be the right pick for the users of different levels.

    In spite, things might be missing!

    We always appreciate your valuable ideas to share with us. Leave a comment below to add value to your friends.

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