Rikon 70-100 Review: In 2021 – A Premium Mini Lathe

In-depth Rikon 70-100 review here is the result of digging deep into the web research and the professional’s practical experience. What Rikon 70-100 does is conspicuous for any woodworking hobbyists since those are comparable to any other mini lathes do.

If you are a novice and inexperienced about woodworking, first of all, you are welcome to happy woodworking, and a few things about wood lathe should be introduced to you.

Here, you’ll get a glimpse!

Wood lathes are, basically, two types- 1) full-size large wood lathe & 2) mini or midi lathe.

You might also find some gunsmith lathes.

The full-size wood lathe does some large projects like big size bowl turning from wood stumps. On the other hand, mini or midi lathe does things better with finishing wood logs to roll out making furniture, wooden pen, and many more.

Rikon 70-100 lathe machine is compact for grinding, cutting, or drilling small stock of wood which large size powerful lathe can’t. Moreover, the lathe is big in its class and capable of producing extra power (an added advantage) than the weaker lathes

That is why this lathe is an excellent option to work with, at a reasonable price. 

In-depth review of RIKON 70-100 mini lathe

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Keeping in mind to shorten your time and reducing stress- here’s a quick overview of Rikon 70-100 mini lathe: 

  • An incredibly adjustable lathe is able to add additional extensions if required. 
  • Easy access control over variable speed change that requires no tools. 
  • A self-ejecting tailstock with a ram can enlarge or reduce the bed size up to 2-1/2 inches, which ultimately reduces times. 
  • Unique 12-indexing positions help locking the spindle in place. 
  • ½ hp motor never ends up producing torque and claims to be powerful than weaker lathes. 

This mini lathe has 1/2 hp motor and has six different speed levels, which you can change by folding belts at different stages.

It has a 12-inch swing, which means that you can turn bowls up to 12-inches wide and has 16-inch gap between the center, which means you can turn things up to 16-inches long. Additionally, you can purchase a bed extension for this that increases that to 40-inches.

So, you can turn much longer spindles and tables alike.

Most people consider Rikon 70-100 as the largest mini-lathe in the Industry. Not only does the user think of it, but it is also a super performer in its class.

Let’s have a look at what it has underneath. Its features and user experience will depict what it really is!

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The Bottom Line

  • Dimensions: 33.8″ x 18″ x 11.5″
  • Weight: 88.5 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 91.4 Pounds
  • Speed: 430-3900 RPM
  • Horsepower: 1/2 hp
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Corded-electric

The Powerful Features Of Rikon 70-100 Mini-Lathe

Find here the list of features & Rikon 70-100 review

1. Powerful Motor

No one will disagree that a 1/2 hp motor is so powerful for such a mini lathe. Not only does this, but also it allows you to control its speed lower at 430 rpm and higher at 3900 rpm based on your wood stuff.

2. Quick and easy speed change option

The Rikon 70-100 mini lathe comes with an easy-access variable speed change feature and a 6-step motor installed. It lets you change the speed in six different stages. You can easily pull back to open the pop-up cover that allows you to change the belt to gear up or down.

3. The self ejecting option

The most remarkable fact is that it comes with a self ejecting tool that lets you move the center without employing the knockout bar. It makes your way easy and saves you time.

4. Adjustable extensions

It also comes with several extensions. Applying the extension at the tailstock, you can make the bed size extra-large up to 16-inches.

5. Swing Capacity, Faceplate & Multiple Indexing Positions

Rikon 70-100 comes with a 12-inch swing capacity allowing you for large bowl turning.

To customize the lathe, you can add extensions, tool rests, and faceplate.

It has 12 different indexing positions to allow you to fix the spindle lock in place.

Its features are active and effective when they are in operations. Let’s go ahead and look at the front of the lathe and disassembling, and get into the operations of this later.

The Full Functions of Ricon 70-100 Lathe and Its Step By Step Operations:

Watch this video first & read alone the detailed description below!

On the pack of this lathe, it also comes with various parts including tool rest base and tool rest, live center and post center, spindle lock, two knock-out bars, and a wrench, and a tool holder, and of course a manual

Assembly and Installations:

To install the tool rest, you need to release the lock in the tailstock first and slide the tailstock off on the bed. Slide your tool rest base on to the bed. Then slide your tailstock back on and lock it in place. Install the tool rest and make sure locking it in place in the right position.

The spindle lock is installed on the top of the headstock. You can unlock and lock the spindle so that the spindle gets locked in place. The spindle has 12 locations for indexing into the exact positions.

To install the live center, simply slide it into the headstock, and it will be attached there. To get it back out, grab your knock out bar and slide that into the other end, and simply knock it back out.

For the live center of the back, what you need is to slide that, in the same way, to slide it in. And to get it back out, you need to turn the wheel at the end of the tailstock, and all the way, it gets slide backed out.

If you want to turn this using the faceplate, simply thread it on.

First of all, engage the spindle lock on the top, and grab the wrench, go ahead, and tighten it up. Don’t forget to disengage your spindle lock when you are ready to go.

The tool rest is simply installed here in the back of the lathe using a couple of hand screws. You can keep there tools like a wrench, screwdriver to get near your hands when needed.

And finally, there are attachment points in four corners of the lathe’s basement for attaching that to your workspace.

That’s really fast to finish the assembly of this lathe.

Now we have got that all together.

Delivery and Operations:

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Jobsite you can make, how it delivers the work, and easy operations of the lathe.

You can adjust the tool rest locations in two ways:

First, the lock-in lever, which will allow you to move the tool rest in and out, and also slightly left and right. When you get that in the position where you want that to go, go ahead and lockdown.

Secondly, you can raise the tool rest high by using the lock-in lever. Unlock the lock-in lever, raise the tool rest, and go ahead to get that locked it back down.

If you look at the back of the lathe out on the way, you will find a lock-in lever out there. You can easily release the lock-in lever allowing the tailstock to move on the bed and lock it back, keeping it in place.

One thing is great about this lathe of how easy it is to change its speed. 

Simply pull back the access cover here, and the pop is open.

You’ll find a lock-in lever beside the motor out there, and different reels of speed up and down and the belt. 

To change the belt into different speeds on these reels, release the lock down toward the motor. And lift the motor to release the belt extensions.

You can move the belt to the lower and upper reels, and drop the motor down and lock the lock-in lever. Put the cover back up, and you are ready to go.

The Functions of Spindlelock:

The spring-loaded spindle lock can be engaged by simply dropping it in the down, and the spindle is locked in 12 indexing positions. When you pick it up, the spindle is free to change its position, and when dropping it down, the spindle is locked in one indexing position.

So, that is the Rikon mini-lathe.

It’s all about only 10 minutes to get it all to assemble and get ready to go

It has 12-inches width so you can make a 12″ bowl on it. And it has a 16-inches gap between centers. With the optional bed extension, you can get into doing something bigger like a table leg or things like that.

Since it is an affordable lathe, this is a great way to get into turning.


  • The largest mini lathe in its class to fill up the gap between the full-size large lathe and compact mini-lathe
  • Time reducer auto-eject tailstock allows moving the center
  • Adjustable tailstock extension provides an extra-large center
  • Budget-friendly mini lathe and similar to almost big lathes
  • A multi-purpose lathe machine for woodworkers, metalworkers, or amateur hobbyists.
  • User-friendly for its having some tool extensions like the flip-up handle for portability, attachable tool holder, a self-ejecting tail, etc.


  • The belt changing option is a bit manual process, while most lathes allow it with a speed control button.

The Final Cut

No doubt, Rikon 70-100 lathe is a masterpiece, versatile mini-lathe. Its versatile features and accessories will give you more out of your investment. It performs fast and efficiently, so no users feel any lackings a mini lathe can offer.

Rikon 70-100 review focuses on the most efficient weapons of the mini-lathe persisting every option to comply.

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