30+ Cool Woodworking Projects: In 2021 – You Need to Try

The cool woodworking projects will be incredible if you could turn your woodworking skills to the next level. A few gratifying DIY projects may require extensive skillful hands. It doesn’t mean you can not create and add your instinctive flair to it.There’s some fascinating idea any novice can perform without higher knowledge and skills. We are here to share some hardwood projects for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. These amazing woodworking projects will definitely delight you and you will absolutely love.

Gratifying Woodworking Projects and Plans 2019

See our list of 30+ woodworking projects right here:

1. Wooden Sofa Bed: Woodworking Projects For Sitting And Sleeping 

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Wooden Sofa Serves You For Multiple Purposes

Have you ever think to have a wooden sofa which will serve you for three or more different woodworking solutions. A decent wooden sofa should serve as a simple sofa, a long chair with back and even you can use it as a bed also. Sometimes, you can use it as a table top too.

So, it looks great!

I’m here to share a great idea to build a nice wooden sofa which you can use as a comfy sofa bed when needed.

You can make it at home that will save you a handsome amount of bucks for buying a comfy bed, which I think is the costliest one at your home.

What you need are just a few basic woodworking tools. Hundreds of youtube videos and blog post may come to your assistance. So, let’s have a nice thing at your home.

DIY Sofa used as comfy sitting

A wooden Sofa turns into a long chair with back!

Wooden Sofa used as a comfy bed

The Comfy Sofa is now a complete sleeping bed!

Watch this YouTube video to get better understanding how it’s being prepared and how useful it is for you…

2. DIY Projects: EPOXY LED Pendant Light 

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EPOXY Light - Innovative DIY Idea!

EPOXY Lighting – Innovative Idea!

When you are pondering over renovating your home and brooding over finding some DIY ideas, just to that point, I can help you find you excellent ideas.

A Pendant Light may be an excellent option in that case. This one is exceptional and looks good!

Moreover, it’ll enlighten your room with LED lights.

You can make a DIY pendant light curving the live edge cookie slab. On the slab, make a drain to perfectly fit LED strips and pour the epoxy resin over them.

Cool down the epoxy resin, and it will look like crystal clear.

Watch here…

3. Amazing Projects – Laminated Cedar Spiral Lamp

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Laminated Cedar Lamp fills up your utter importance!

Laminated Cedar Spiral Lamp Idea

SIA Magazin has shown it in a YouTube video you’d love.

Wood bending unfolds the heart of darkness, the possible woodworking blueprints. Laminated Cedar Spiral Lamp is an origin of such wood pieces bent.

The lamp creates an ambiance of coziness and romance that brings about changes of appearance inside the room. I hope you’ll like it.

4. Japanese Woodworking Projects – Japanese Style Desk Lamp 

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One of the best woodworking projects idea

Japanese Style DIY Desk Lamp Idea

This unique Japanese lamp made with wood will create a typical ambiance at your home. Eastern culture in mind, the lamp is made from wood and LED light, or the simple electric bulb will enlighten your bedroom, office, or reading room.

This unique plan will save you almost 100 bucks if you can do it yourself.

It is not so hard and tuff job for a DIYer. The basic woodworking knowledge and tools are enough to make one. You can follow the model displayed here.

5. Carpentry Projects – DIY Epoxy Floating Coffe Table 

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DIY Floating Coffe Table With Epoxy

DIY Floating Coffe Table With Epoxy

In any drawing room, DIY epoxy furniture may add a new dimension in terms of craft-full of style. And it’s not so hard and complex to build. So, say goodbye to the manufacturer and make your own.

Today’s charm to any space is the DIY epoxy river table or floating coffee table. These tables are perfect for any short-space drawing room.

You can make it yourself without any nails or screws. A twisty slab is ideal for the job. Working with the epoxy resin is not so hard as you are thinking. Rather it’s simple, and you need only some standard tools to figure it out.

So, let’s start trying yourself today.

Before you go, watch this video once.

6. Kerf Bending Plywood Substitute To Coffee Table 

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Kerf Bending Plywood For Coffee Table

Kerf Bending Plywood As A DIY Coffee Table

If there is no room for a coffee table, kerf bending plywood may be a substitute. Imgur, a website where kerf bending plywood has been applied to cover the sofa table substitute to a coffee table. It’s an excellent DIY idea no one can disagree.

So to bring a change at your drawing room, you can try it yourself replacing your coffee table making the place simplified.

The method is quite homely but artful. When the coffee table is absent, and there’s a chance for the sofa clothing to be dirty. In that case, a piece of plywood may come to your help.

Perfect measurement and accurate curving of the plywood will cover the sofa stool that will protect from being dirty by the coffee cups.

7. DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve 

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DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve to protect coffee cup from accident.

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve And Coffee Cup Holder

DIY wooden couch sleeve with a cup holder may be another option to decorate your room. Think once! Who aren’t afraid of being subconscious while watching tv or talking over a cell phone, and by accident, the coffee you are drinking may spoil the couch. The wooden sleeve with a cupholder may save the day.

Here’s how super easy and upgraded project! This simple hack will be handy for you to set down a drink at the time of reading or watching tv.

You’ll love it because it’s portable and you can move it any time to either side of the couch. You’ll also love to use a cup holder as the sofa sleeve with a hot cup of tea.

8. Ancient Wood Project – DIY Pyramid Bow 

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Pyramid Bow as a DIY project

DIY Pyramid Bow – Handmade

Today archery is a favorite pastime for recreation, and you might love Sagittarian bowhunting like me when it was tender age. You can enjoy extraordinary pleasure in the forest from bow hunting.

Archers use traditional bows to feed them in needs. Most people like to buy them in different online shops to save their times and stamina. But if you like, you can make yourself one at your courtyard.

Instructables dot com has shared an excellent idea of how you can make your bow at home- the “Red Oak Pyramid Bow”.

The red oak is the best choice because it is available at any lumber store. So, let’s get started for the best decision.

9. Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder - DIY kitchen solution.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

Knives are the best option in the kitchen, and you toss them in the drawer when you finish the job. The smart person may get cut fingers while reaching for a spoon and feel the need for a knife holder.

Andrea loves to cook, and as a smart woman, she is always curious to keep things good and safe. As its part, she uses a magnetic knife holder at her kitchen to ensure 100% safety.

You can make such a beautiful magnetic knife holder at home and hang on a wall to keep your knife and yourself safe and secure.

10. Knife Blocks or Organizer: Excellent Project

DIY Knife Blocks or Organizer - safe and secure

DIY Knife Blocks or Organizer

A knife organizer keeps your knives organized at a short span of space, looks good, and keeps the knives safe.

Protecting your hands from being cut is not the only reason to find a knife block. Quality knife organizer is also a nice thing to protect your knife from being dull.

When it comes to your realization to have one, you might think that it’s an extra expense for your kitchen. Absolute not!

If you have experience about cutting woods at home, you can make it yourself by hand. You have to invest just a few hours at the workshop.

11. DIY Corner Shelf

DIY Corner Shelf for Woodworking Projects

DIY Handy Corner Shelf Idea

In an apartment building, space is a big concern, and a corner shelf is seemingly a modest addition with a huge impact. Small size with its multiple levels, a corner shelf fits in various tight spaces to decorate rooms and additional support to keep things on.

Corner shelves are the handy storing places to keep daily use house-hold stuff. You can use them in the office room or bedroom.

It will meet the thirst of book lovers at a great extent.

If appropriately chosen, a corner shelf may be a great addition to your drawing room to flourish the charisma of style.

12. Zigzag Shelves

Best Zigzag Shelves to decorate wall corner.

DIY Zigzag Shelves For Wall Corner

This one is another stylish DIY ideas to grasp your attention.

To fill up the gaps between the wall corners at home, people use some decorative corner shelves.

You might have noticed some ideas on the above in this blog post. But zigzag corner shelves will be an excellent option, which can grip anyone’s attention at the first look.

13. Floating Corner Shelf Ideas

Floating Corner Shelf - An Addition To Your DIY Projects

DIY Floating Corner Shelf Ideas For Woodworking Projects

When you decorate your room with very common essential furniture, you find some vacant spaces left unused at the corner. The wise people always try to fill them up with beautiful corner shelves, while most people left unused.

Some lazy person like me doesn’t bother head for such an empty corner, but a thoughtful idea may come out to make things fruitful.

A floating corner shelf will meet your necessity to be a place to keep things on it. And you have to spend not a huge sum of bucks. You can make one yourself.

14. Floating Shower Corner Shelf 

Floating Shower Corner Shelf Idea

DIY Floating Shower Corner Shelf

Inside the bathroom, there’s less space than anywhere at your home. But it’s necessary to keep things beautiful. It’s also essential to manage the small space to make everything available during shower or cleansing.

The floating shower corner shelf is a great way to keep toiletries and towels. You can transform the corner into creative displays with marble or clean glasses.

What you need is to make a perfect measurement on the wall. Then make scratches and use glues to stick with it.

The floating shelving requires no hardware or brackets. Of course, if you want, you can use brackets and clips installation too.

15. DIY Wooden Bathmat 

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DIY Wooden Bathmat Idea

DIY Wooden Bathmat Idea

You might look into the fact that plastic/fabricated cotton wool mats absorb water. Wooden bath mats made from teak wood add coziness, warmth, freshness, and comfort for woodsy material. Smart people always want to add a little coziness to their bathroom.

Explore this wooden bathmat design, which will require you a few steps to do it yourself.

An interesting fact is that you can use wood bathmat for multiple purposes. What you have to do is to keep in mind at the time of designing the mats.

DIY Bathmat For Fencing

DIY Wooden Bathmat Used As Fence

The same bathmat is seen used for fencing and gardening.

Excellent DIY Idea!

16. Floating Shelves 

DIY Floating Shelves For Tight Space

DIY Floating Shelves For Tight Space

Younghouselove.com, I visited introduces and brings an architectural interest for floating shelves on a blank wall.

If you keep your house wall free, it appears to be vacant space. Spider net might make it dirty for your unconscious carelessness.

A floating shelf with some photo frame can be a great architectural design to decorate your home. Small cactus will make your wall more decorative.

Besides, it’s easy to hang and remove, and costs you not more enough.

Ana White may be another great source of such floating shelves ideas.

This video will show you exactly how it decorates!

17. Wooden Mountain Shelves 

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Wooden Mountain Shelves For Wall

DIY Wooden Mountain Shelves

Mountain shelf with a bit functional touch might be the best fit at your living room. We have a particular DIY idea to decorate your cozy home with wood, and that is a wooden shelf with mountains on top.

Also find a mountain shelf with white pick!

DIY Wooden Mountain Shelves With White Pick

DIY Wooden Mountain Shelves With White Pick

The design is pretty popular in recent days. The cool thing is that the whole decoration seems to be natural and artistic on the wall.

18. Wooden Mobile Holder

Funny DIY Wooden Mobile Holder

DIY Wooden Mobile Holder – Cat Holding Your Mobile

The funniest thing you can make with a wood piece is a wooden mobile holder. It looks pretty funny but beautiful.

Moreover, it will carry your mobile on its neck to amuse people around.

Puppy Holding Your Mobile On Her Tail!

Puppy Holding Your Mobile On Her Tail…

  • The little puppy is also not in the back-foot of the race!
  • It holds mobile on her tail.
Amusing Structure of cat figure- DIY Wooden Mobile Holder

Amusing Structure of Cat Figure As A DIY Mobile Holder

  • Muscle man, always ready to hold something on her tail.
  • And looking back if it’s okay.

Though it looks like a funny and silly thing, it may cost you a handsome amount of bucks to buy. If you want to make it yourself, skillful woodworking knowledge is a must to furnish a mobile holder design.

However, the wooden piece of the funny mobile stand will be an excellent DIY idea to keep things the right way. At first sight, anyone would love to have one.

19. Wooden Mobile Stand 

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Wooden Mobile Stand Holds Mobile On Top With Charger

Mobile With Charger On Top Of Wood Stand

Another cool thing you can make yourself is a mobile stand.

It’s like a table lamp-stand in the corner of your bed.

This simple hack will bring you a new idea so you can keep watching on the mobile screen during your idle time, and the mobile will get charging on the stand.

Watch it… A step by step guide

20. Pen Made From Wood 

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It describes how a Pen Made From Wood.

DIY Wooden Pen Made By Turning Lathe

We buy pens from the market for general writing purpose or a kind of gift idea. Some of them may be much costly, no doubt.

DIY wood pen may be a fantastic gift idea ever!

You can roll a wood piece in a wood lathe to bring the shape like following one.

Find it watching the video here…

21. Tea Light Candle Holder 

DIY candle holder to hold tea light

DIY Tea Light Candle Holder

Tea light candle holder may be a great DIY idea at your workshop. The candle holder is a small DIY project, but essential for celebrating the birthday party or any anniversary.

The cool thing is that you have to make the simple thing in a handsome design.

The above plan may draw your attention.

22. DIY TV Stand Mobile Holder 

DIY TV Stand Mobile Holder Showing Like TV

DIY TV Stand Mobile Holder

Beautiful TV stand may be used to keep you mobile when you are very slothful mode at the bed.

Your iPhone will be in the best place to show you videos like TV at the drawing-room.

If you keep this DIY TV stand in the showcase, it will be another idea of decoration.

23. Wine Bottle Holder 

Best DIY Idea To Hold Wine Bottle

Best DIY Idea To Hold Wine Bottles

Simply the best!

A wooden bottle holder is the best place to keep wine bottles safe and nice. You can keep them in ascending or descending order from left to right, and right to left.

24. DIY Broken Piggy Bank 

Broken Piggy Bank - best place to hide coins

DIY Piggy Bank – best place to hide coins

The surprisingly impressive purple broken piggy bank maybe a cute DIY idea for your kids, when your kids might have broken the ceramic banks a few more times.

The broken piggy bank will help your kids to learn happy saving and maybe a good tool for the pastime as well.

Anyone visits your kid’s room will get astonished at the first look at the Piggy Bank. It’s because the idea is completely new and exceptional – a great DIY idea!

Broken Piggy Bank DIY

DIY Broken Piggy Bank Idea

Definitely, saves you lot of money. Great idea to amuse children as well!

25. Secret Box For The Money

DIY Secret box for money

Secret DIY Money Box

A secret money box comes up with multiple opportunities. The puzzling design will puzzle anyone’s brain from the first try.

At the first look, it seems a puzzle box toy for the kids. Kids will love to play with it.

You can also keep valuable things in it to make your boys fool.

Cool DIY Secret box for money

Cool DIY Secret Box for Money

The secret puzzle box to hide things you need to.

26. Wooden Cross Puzzle Box

DIY Handmade Wooden Cross Puzzle Box

DIY Handmade Wooden Cross Puzzle Box

The wooden puzzle box is a kind of brain teaser and fun for all ages. You will like it because of its hiding spaces inside twisted.

From the outward view, it is seemingly a decorative lunch box finding no way to open it.

When opened, it’s nothing but some segregated parts of machinery.

27. Jewelry Box

Best DIY .Jewelry Box Ever

Best DIY Jewelry Box Ever

When you intend to buy a jewelry box from any shop, it’ll be nothing but being a fool because you can do it yourself at your home. What you need is a piece of wood and some woodworking tools.

Tons of videos and online projects are available to search to find out.

Here’s a design you look at to plan for your next project.

28. Secret Jewelry Box 

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Secret DIY Jewelry Box To Hide Jewelry

Secret DIY Jewelry Box

If you search in the eCommerce websites for jewelry boxes, you’ll see that hundreds of designs are displayed for happy shopping. But nothing could make you happy at all, because what you want is far behind.

Here’s what you want from a tree trunk.

A complete tree trunk is shaped without finishing the outer portion and hiding some small storage inside.

Secret Jewelry Box When Opened

Secret Jewelry Box Keeping Small Storage Inside

Innovative Idea, no one will disagree. Wish you’d love to make one yourself.

29. DIY Oak Chest Idea

DIY Oak Chest Idea For Hobbyists.

DIY Oak Chest Idea For Hobbyists!

Readymade furniture won’t give you the same test as the handmade things provide. Oak chest is a kind of box furniture available in the different shops in multifarious designs. Some Oak chests with drawers may attract you as they might be useful at your home. If you are expert at DIY, so why to buy?

Here’s a nice DIY Oak chest idea you would love!

Box design with curved cover. Locking knob of wood, sturdy hardwood finishing that looks nice to anyone at first sight.

30. Wood Trunk Chest 

DIY Wood Trunk Chest - Sturdy and Looks Nice!

DIY Wood Trunk Chest – Sturdy & Beautiful

In my list, I have a super beautiful DIY idea of wood trunk chest here you would love. It’s absolutely a full tree trunk with bark and hardwood in the center.

The great idea is to sub-divide the whole trunk equally without peeling the bark and create vacant space inside.

Then make it like a box allowing one part as its cover.

31. DIY Wooden Stool 

DIY Wooden Stool For Workshop

DIY Wooden Stool – Simple And Comfortable

There’s nothing super easy thing on earth but to make a wooden stool. But its value is much better.

The simple hack is to collect some sturdy wood pieces, make the measurement, and connect each piece. That’s it.

It is small in size, sturdy and portable so you can carry anywhere you want to.

32. DIY Wooden Boat 

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DIY Wooden Boat - Fishing Solution

DIY Wooden Boat – Best Fishing Solution

The most striking attraction of this blog post is the DIY Wooden Boat, a great solution to fishing picks.

If you love fishing as a hobbyist, this wooden boat idea is a great solution to your Fishing Kayaks.

It may take some time and experience, but when completed, it will be a great thing happened.

33. DIY Workbench Plans 

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Most Essential DIY Workbench Plans

DIY Workbench Plans – Most Essential Part of Wood Workshop

We have almost reached the finishing!

All the woodworking projects you do at home or in a workshop, need a workbench. So, it will be unjust if we leave it.

Here’s a cool workbench idea you can glance at the plans to kickstart your journey.

It will save you money and give you an ample amount of work-space to bring about the ideas into reality.


So, these are the cool woodworking projects and ideas to share with you guys, and these DIY projects are not for schooling exactly. In this post, we tried to collect awesome ideas and some tutorials to encourage and flourish your intuitive skills. Try yourself and see what you have created at the end of the day.

And let us know if you face any difficulties curving at your workshop. Also, don’t forget to share it with FNF on facebook, twitter, or any other social media.

We’d love to have links here. Do it right now from your blog post.

We’d also love to hear from you about any suggestions. Let us know what you want us to write next.

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